"Get back, get back for the Big Chief! Wild Red Hawks about to meet! We gonna step real high on white folks' street! Wild Red Hawks about to meet!"
Otis Johnson[src]

The Wild Red Hawks is a Mardi Gras tribe in New Orleans. The group focuses on making originally made costumes and clothing meant for the annual Mardi Gras festival.


"Every year, you a new person, son. So, we spend that time working on a new suit. Some give up and never finish. There's a room over there full of failure stories. It can drive a man crazy. But not the man with patience diligence and of grace."
Otis Johnson to Tyrone Johnson[src]

The Wild Red Hawks were a New Orleans Mardi Gras tribe founded in 1872. Under Roland Duplantier, the tribe counted Otis Johnson and his son Billy among their members. During his time with the Wild Red Hawks, Billy started elaborating a cloak he never got the chance to finish before he died.

The death of Billy pushed Otis away from the Wild Red Hawks for a long time. Years later however, in order to give his second son Tyrone some focus, Otis returned to the Wild Red Hawks. Although they initially seem to coldly see his return, the Wild Red Hawks warmly welcomed Otis back among them after he showed that he was still the reliable Spy Boy of the group. The Wild Red Hawks thus took Otis and Tyrone with them, and Otis taught his son about the making of their Mardi Gras' costumes. While reviewing unfinished works, Tyrone found the cloak started by Billy and, despite his father's reluctance, decided to finish it in memory of his brother.[1]

On the eighth anniversary of Billy's death, the Wild Red Hawks were invited to the Johnson Residence to finish their costumes. They were pleased to see the place where Otis lived, gently mocking the wealthiness of his home and furniture. They then proceeded to work on their costumes so they could be ready for the Mardi Gras parade.[2]

On the day of Mardi Gras, the Wild Red Hawks were visited by the NOPD, who were looking for Tyrone as he was accused of the death of Officer Kenneth Fuchs. Duplantier and the other Wild Red Hawks remained calm upon hearing the racist comments made by the policemen and explained that Tyrone was not with them at the moment. Later, the Wild Red Hawks joined the Mardi Gras parade.[3]



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