Wilcox was a man captured and tortured by Mazur's gang.


Wilcox was interrogated by Mazur after he killed a man and threatened Wilcox that if he screamed he would meet the same fate. Before Mazur reveals his intentions he heard something and called for one of his henchmen but Frank Castle appeared and says that Gabi wasn't coming back. After Castle throws a fake grenade, Mazur kicks the grenade to the side, Wilcox sees the fake grenade and screams in terror and urinates on the fake grenade, the grenade starts a spark but immediately went out. After Castle kills Mazur and his two henchmen, Micro comes in and asks what they would do about Wilcox. Castle told Micro that Wilcox is not their problem, Wilcox pleads for mercy but Castle covers Wilcox's mouth and leaves with Micro, leaving Wilcox for the police.[1]





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