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"Since I can't touch the king, I'm going to take his queen, his knights, his rooks. I'm knocking all his pieces off the board."
Luke Cage to Bobby Fish[src]

Who's Gonna Take the Weight? is the third episode of the first season of the Netflix exclusive television series Luke Cage.


Luke Cage is pulled deeper into the fight for his neighborhood when, as a favor to an old friend, he tries to help a kid who's in trouble with Cottonmouth.


Stokes pays for Pop's funeral and warns Luke Cage to let go of the matter. Cage finds out from a regular customer, Bobby Fish, that Pop's Barber Shop is facing closure due to unpaid bills, and begins targeting Stokes' business to manipulate Stokes into transferring his assets to the Crispus Attucks Complex. Stokes has a falling out with his associate Domingo Colon, whom he blames for the attacks. Cage raids Crispus Attucks, stealing $80,000 of the $7,000,000 in cash holed up there, which he gives to Fish, and leaves the rest for the police to find. After agreeing to testify against Stokes and revealing Cage's involvement in the attacks, Chico Diaz is killed by NYPD detective Rafael Scarfe, who is on Stokes' payroll. Stokes tracks down Cage to his landlady Connie Lin's restaurant and fires a missile as Cage eats, demolishing the building.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
(Black Sabbath cover)
Charles Bradley

Luke Cage asks Chico Diaz if knows where Cottonmouth's stash houses are; Cornell drinks at his club as he watches Charles Bradley perform; Luke attacks a stash house of Cornell and Mariah Dillard's.

Bring Da Ruckus Wu-Tang Clan

Luke Cage places in his headphones then proceeds to attack Crispus Attucks Complex, attacking all thugs inside until he makes it to Cottonmouth's Fort Knox in the center of the building.

Ain't It a Sin Charles Bradley

Cottonmouth continues to watch Charles Bradley perform; the NYPD arrive at the stash house and find the cash still in the safe untouched; Luke Cage arrives at another stash house.

Enemies All Around Me Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge

Domingo Colon arrives for a meeting with Cottonmouth; Stokes accuses Colon and his gang of hitting his stash houses which he refutes then asks for money back or refill on the supply that was stolen which Stokes refuses to do; Stokes and Colon part was with Colon declaring war.


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