"My superhero name? The kids in school used to call me the Whizzer."
"I bet they did. Why don't you take a lap around the block? I'll time you."
"No, I can only speed when I'm scared. I'm a fear-based hero."
―Robert Coleman and Jessica Jones[src]

Robert Coleman was a man who was experimented on by IGH, giving him super speed.



"Maybe you think I'm crazy, but... but I was normal once. It was my 18th birthday. I... I got drunk and I dove off the roof and missed the pool, then woke up in the hospital and they changed me. I was fast before, but now I'm so fast, I think it'll kill me. And it hurts. And... and the dreams. I wake up screaming."
―Robert Coleman[src]

Whizzer sends messages to Trish Walker

Robert Coleman was fascinated with mongooses and owned a pet named Emil. On his eighteenth birthday, Coleman was intoxicated and went onto the roof of his apartment, then slipped over the roof to the ground next to the apartment. He was then taken to IGH where he was experimented on by using genetic editing. Coleman was granted superhuman speed but only when he succumbs to fear. Coleman escaped from a hospital and fears for his life on account of the possibility that IGH might go after him for being an enhanced individual.

On his laptop, Coleman recorded himself about his situation and how he got his powers, and how he believes his powers are killing him and can cause mental illness. Coleman tried to contact Trish Walker about having individuals like Jessica Jones to speak about their powers is a good thing and sent in a link about how his powers have negative side effects.[2]

Alias Investigations

"Someone is trying to kill me, I need you to protect me. There's something out there and it is strong and it is fast and it won't stop."
―Robert Coleman to Jessica Jones[src]

Coleman visited Alias Investigations Office one morning, requesting to hire Jessica Jones to protect him. During the first visit, he explained that he had reason to believe someone was following him and were plotting to kill him. However, he was dismissed by Jones and Malcolm Ducasse. The next day, he attempted to get their attention once more but was quickly rejected. Another day, he visited the office and held a gun to Jones, repeating that he knew someone was after him and therefore, he was in need of protection.

Whizzer is murdered by Alisa Jones

Though Jones tried to subdue him with a chair, Coleman dropped the gun and began trailing around the office, tossing objects at her, including the box containing Brian Jones and Phillip Jones' ashes, before sprinting out of the building. He tried to escape Jones but was soon halted by the collapsing scaffold. Ultimately, Alisa made another one over Coleman's head fall and he was killed by the rubble.[1]


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"With great power comes great mental illness."
―Robert Coleman[src]

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"Someone’s trying to kill me because I have powers, but they haven’t caught up to me yet, thanks to my super speed."
―Robert Coleman[src]

Whizzer running at high speeds

  • Superhuman Speed: When experiencing fear, Whizzer was able to run at extremely high speeds, flashing between different areas within seconds, appearing as a blur. He was able to travel at velocities far superior to regular humans’ and even faster than individuals with enhanced speed, like Jessica Jones.


  • Clozapine Pills: Carried around in his backpack, Whizzer possessed a bottle of antipsychotic pills that suppressed his superhuman speed. Jessica had noted that the dosage was 1200 milligrams, which would be enough to keep normal people from even being able to walk, much less run.
  • Revolver: Coleman took a gun in his last visit to Jessica Jones in order to convince her of protecting him, as she had not believed him the first time. Coleman then held Jones at gunpoint while he tried to explain again what was happening, but Jones threw him a chair to disarm and knock him down.






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  • In the comics, Robert Frank was a speedster and the ally of Captain America during World War II against the Third Reich. Following the war, he was also the adoptive father of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
    • Coleman's yellow fleece is a reference to Frank's costume in the comics.
    • Emil, his pet mongoose, is a reference to the former source of his powers, having a blood transfusion from a mongoose after being bitten by a cobra, which activated his latent mutant abilities. "Emil" is also the name of Robert's father in the comics as well.
    • In the opening animated credits of WandaVision's Episode 2, a figure of the iconic Whizzer suit from the comics can be spotted in the background.[3]

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