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"You got one more drone incoming. This one looks different. The repulsor signature is significantly higher."
Black Widow to Iron Man and War Machine[src]

The Whiplash Mark II Armor was created by Ivan Vanko as part of his second attempt to kill Tony Stark as revenge for Tony's father, Howard, discrediting his father Anton.


"What your father did to my family over forty years, I will do to you in forty minutes."
"Sounds good. Let’s get together and hash it out."
Ivan Vanko and Tony Stark[src]

Ivan Vanko secretly built the Whiplash Armor: Mark II during the time he was hired by Justin Hammer to build armored suits. Instead of cooperating, Vanko betrayed Hammer and sent the Hammer Drones he built to attack the Stark Expo, primarily targeting Tony Stark.

Ivan Vanko fighting against Iron Man

Seeing that the drones were failing to kill Stark, and that Black Widow was storming Hammer Industries Headquarters, where the drones were being operated, Vanko used the Whiplash Mark II armor to fight War Machine and Tony Stark in his Mark VI armor.

While initially outmatched, Iron Man and War Machine defeated Vanko by created an explosion with their repulsors that heavily damaged Vanko's armor. Knowing that he was defeated, Vanko set his suit and all the Hammer Drones to self-destruct, killing himself in the process.[1]


"Hey, Tony, how you doing? I double cycle."
"You what?"
"You told me double cycle's more power. Good advice."
Ivan Vanko and Tony Stark[src]

Ivan Vanko working on the armor's whips

The Whiplash Mark II armor was designed as a combination of both the Arc Reactor and energy cable technology that Vanko designed for the previous version, and the armor suit technology that Vanko worked on while building the Hammer Drones. The armor suit granted Vanko superhuman strength, durability, and enhanced his movement speed, reflexes, and endurance. The suit also granted Vanko flight capability. This armor demonstrated a higher level of durability than that the Hammer Drones as its armor plating was shown to easily withstand munitions from both Iron Man and War Machine. Even the "ex-wife" bunker buster that Colonel Rhodes had installed in his suit was proven ineffective against Vanko's improved armor.

Ivan Vanko's upgraded energy whips

Vanko greatly upgraded the suit's energy whips, creating two thicker whips with a larger bundle of cable fibers that gave a higher energy output. Due to the armor's strength, Vanko could swing the whips faster, and with more power, causing much more damage with them than before. The whips in this armor are now housed in the forearms of the suit and are attached to a motorized pulley system that extends the whips and can rapidly retract them, allowing Vanko to knock an enemy off its feet and bring them in to attack up close. The suit also had a set of drop down panels on its feet that could be used to anchor the suit to the ground, giving it leverage when attacking or trying to reel in an enemy.

Like the Hammer Drones, the Whiplash Armor Mark II had a self destruct feature as a last resort attack.


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