A collection of quotes from the villainous physicist Ivan Vanko, also known as Whiplash.


Iron Man 2

Spoken by Ivan Vanko

"You'll lose!"
―Ivan Vanko to Tony Stark[src]
"If you can make God bleed, people will cease to believe in him, and there will be blood in the water and the sharks will come. All I have to do is sit here and watch as the world will consume you."
―Ivan Vanko to Tony Stark[src]
"You lose."
―Ivan Vanko's final words to Iron Man[src]


"You come from a family of thieves and butchers, and like all guilty men, you try to rewrite your history, to forget all the lives the Stark family has destroyed."
"Speaking of thieves, where'd you get this design?"
―Ivan Vanko and Tony Stark[src]
"I want my bird."
"A bird? You want a bird--"
"I want my bird."
"I can get you a bird. I can get you ten birds."
"I want my bird!"
"Well, OK. Nothing's impossible. Are you talking about... Is this a bird back in Russia?"
―Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer[src]
"That's not a helmet; it's a head. I need to put a guy in there. I need to put a person in that... in that suit."
"Drone better."What? Drone better? Why is drone better? Why is drone better"
"People make problem. Trust me; drone better."
Justin Hammer and Ivan Vanko[src]
"You sound pretty spry for a dead guy."
"You too. I double cycle."
"You what?"
"You told me double cycles more power. Good advice."
Tony Stark and Ivan Vanko[src]
"The true history of Stark name will be written. What your father did to my family over 40 years, I will do to you in 40 minutes."
"Sounds good. Let's get together and hash it out."
"I hope you're ready."
―Ivan Vanko and Tony Stark[src]
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