The Whip & Fiddle was a famous pub in London among the Allied troops fighting during World War II.


Steve Rogers went to the Whip & Fiddle pub in order to talk to some of the prisoners he liberated in Austria and enlisted the help of Dum Dum Dugan, Gabe Jones, Jim Morita, James Montgomery Falsworth, and Jacques Dernier as his Howling Commandos. Bucky Barnes also agreed to help, not Captain America, but his friend Steve Rogers from Brooklyn.

Peggy Carter, wearing a red dress, entered the pub to inform Rogers that Howard Stark wanted him to test new equipment. Carter started flirting with Rogers, inviting him to a dancing date in a veiled way.

Rogers visited again the pub, in ruins after the bombings over London, to grieve the loss of Barnes. Carter found Rogers there, unsuccessfully trying to get drunk, as the Super Soldier Serum provoked his cells to regenerate fast enough to avoid the effects of alcohol.

Carter told Rogers that Barnes' death was not his fault, as Barnes believed in Rogers, and assumed the risks of their mission for him. Rogers used Barnes' death as a motivation to go after Johann Schmidt without stopping until every HYDRA member was dead or behind bars.[1]



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