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"Time. Space. Reality. It's more than a linear path. It's a prism of endless possibility, where a single choice can branch out into infinite realities, and where a simple change in perspective can turn enemies into allies, sacrifice into hope. I am The Watcher. I am your guide through these vast new realities but I cannot interfere, that's where you come in."
―"The Watcher" to the Hero of the Multiverse

What If...? – An Immersive Story is an animated mixed-reality video game based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. The game is a spin-off of the television series What If...?.

The game is produced by Marvel Studios and ILM Immersive in collaboration with Apple. It released exclusively for Apple Vision Pro on May 30, 2024 for a limited time.


Time. Space. Reality. And You!

You have been chosen! Step inside the limitless possibilities of Marvel StudiosWhat If...? universe in this immersive Disney+ Original story exclusively on Apple Vision Pro, where you’ll be transported to different worlds. Come face-to-face with variants of your favorite characters and learn to harness the power of the Infinity Stones. But, …everything may not be all that it seems.

  • Seamlessly transition between mixed-reality and virtual reality as you travel through the Multiverse to new and iconic worlds from the What If…? Series with the Watcher as your guide.
  • Fight alongside heroes from the animated series and encounter variants from across the Multiverse, featuring 3D stereoscopic videos of all-new original animatics that put you in the center of the action.
  • Harness the power of the Infinity Stones!
  • Cast mystic spells, defend your allies, and battle against villains using custom hand gestures and eye gaze.

Welcome, Hero of the Multiverse, to a story with limitless possibilities![1]


The Watcher recruits a person to help capture multiversal villains who had strayed from their destiny, dubbing them the Hero of the Multiverse. To help, The Watcher has Wong teach the hero how to use the Hand of Agamotto, which is a spell to use the Infinity Stones across universes. Although reluctant, Wong brings the hero to Timeline 724, which houses a destroyed world due to the power of the Space Stone.

Wong teaches the hero how to use the Hand of Agamotto as well as the Tao Mandalas. He also shows them how to use the sealing spell, which would trap the villains in the Soulworld forever. To practice, Wong brings out a statue of himself, with Agamotto's spell book. The hero then seals the statue and book away.

Having completed training, The Watcher shows the hero Timeline 351 where Thanos faces judgment by the Council of Titan for his actions in trying to eradicate Xandar in hopes of saving Titan. Starfox tries to save his brother by talking to Magistrate while Centurion Carol Danvers watches. However, Thanos doubles down on his decision.

Thanos then is able to break free and grab the Reality Stone to use to his advantage. The Watcher claims that Thanos is not meant to win the battle, so he sends the hero in to save the day. With the help of Centurion Danvers, the hero does just that, sealing Thanos away in the soulworld and grabbing the reality stone.

The Watcher then sends the hero on their next mission to Timeline 926 where a Bandaged Man is trying to obtain the Power Stone from the HYDRA Siberian Facility only to run into Red Guardian. The hero helps Red Guardian defeat the Bandaged Man, who gets distracted when he sees Bucky Barnes in a Cryostasis Chamber.

Wong then appears, telling the hero that the Time Stone had been stolen from Timeline 657. Then duo arrives on Knowhere and watch as Hela strikes a deal with the Collector to give him the time stone so she can get Fenris, who was in Collector's Museum. Collector then gets the stone and turns on Hela when he sees Wong.

Although Hela manages to defeat everyone herself, Fenris is gravely injured. Wong then appears, having beaten Collector, making him drop the time stone at the hero's feet. With the time stone, Hela urges the hero to use it to save Fenris, but Wong disagrees heavily. The hero decides to save Fenris. Suddenly, The Watcher appears, making Wong angry as he did not think The Watcher would stand for what just happened.

The Watcher than reveals himself to be Scarlet Witch in disguise. Scarlet Witch explains how she manipulated everyone. She then traps everyone in the Soulworld and takes the Infinity Stones for herself. In the Soulworld, the hero is met by Vision, Maximoff's husband. He urges the hero to take another perspective. He shows the hero Hela's past. In this past, Odin had banished Fenris, which caused Hela to run away and go save him. Next the hero sees Thanos' past and how he pleaded with the Council to take his idea even with the power of the reality stone, but they did not allow it.

The hero then sees the Bandaged Man, who explains that he is Steve Rogers and signed up for Project Rebirth. However, the project failed, turning Rogers' skin red and disfigured. With the public not wanting a disfigured captain, Captain America was never born, therefore, HYDRA took the tide of the war. Rogers then went to get the Power Stone to help the allies.

Vision then takes his turn, explaining that the Mind Stone started dying and despite Maximoff's efforts, Vision's death was an absolute point in time. Therefore, Maximoff scowered the Multiverse and decided to disguise herself as The Watcher in order to get the stones and make her own Multiverse. He realizes that the four are quite alike in how their devotions have been twisted into obsession. Wong then arrives and summons the statue from practice on Timeline 724. He reveals that he was suspicious of the Watcher from the beginning and so took precautions. In the statue is the book of Agamotto's spells. Wong then explains that there is a spell to get them out of the Soulworld, which they use.

Now out, they see Maximoff making a new Multiverse. All the heroes fight Maximoff, but Maximoff manages to capture all but the Hero of the Multiverse. As the real Uatu watches, the hero uses the Infinity Stones against Maximoff, defeating her as she collapses into Vision's arms. Vision then sacrifices himself and gives the last stone, the mind stone, to the hero as he and Maximoff decide to go to the Soulworld forever and stay there so he would not die.

With the threat gone, The Watcher arrives and explains he cannot intervene with what happens next, so he gives the hero a decision, either destroy the stones and allow the Multiverse to continue its natural course, or use the Infinity Stones to control your own destiny and allow the Multiverse to branch.

In choosing the natural course, the allies are returned to their worlds. Thanos arrives in his world without the Reality Stone and learns to face challenges that can't be solved through power, becoming a leader for his people as they settle on another world. Captain America arrives in his world and is able to recruit Red Guardian and his best friend Winter Soldier to form the Tri-Musketeers, a secret team of heroes owned by no nation, in order to defeat HYDRA. Hela arrives in her world with a dead Fenris, but learns the value of life. With this lesson, she becomes the Goddess of Life and a caring sister to Thor and Loki.

The hero is then brought to The Watcher, who has them meet Captain Carter, who recruits the hero for help.

In choosing to let the multiverse branch, Hela returns to her world with new vengeance, becoming the daughter Odin had wanted as she soon becomes a tyrant. Captain America returns and is able to obtain the Power Stone which he hands over to Howard Stark. Stark then uses the stone to create many super soldiers, much to a possible horrible fate. Thanos returns home and is able to revive Titan, only to realize how much power he has, so he shifts his focus to doing the same to the rest of the universe.

The hero is then interrupted by Miss Minutes, who does not like the choice the hero made. Therefore, she decides to prune the hero. However, she eventually changes her mind and recruits the hero to work at the Time Variance Authority. She opens a Chrono Monitor and shows the hero's new colleague, Deadpool, who is elated to see the hero.








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