"The way you run this place, pretty cool shit. I mean, whoever that dude is, I'd be scared if I was him."
"You've got some serious filter issues, you know that?"
"My mom tells me that, like, all the time at home."
―Wendy and Dinah Madani[src]

Wendy is a medical examiner for the Homeland Security who was tasked by Dinah Madani to identify John Pilgrim.


Homeland Agent

Assisting Dinah Madani

"I've run them through all the databases, domestic and foreign. Even tried a few ID tools that don't officially exist. Not a single hit on your guy. Which sucks, because I really wanted to impress you."
―Wendy to Dinah Madani[src]

Wendy was tasked by Dinah Madani to examine tableware from a diner in order to identify the man who confronted her, informing her that details of her request are classified. By the way, Wendy expressed her excitement about Madani's request and proceeded to work.[1]

Wendy's efforts were not successful: although all DNA samples were identified, however, no one did not match with a man who Madani was searching. She contacted the CIA, NSA, United States Department of Defense and several foreign agencies to use their database and run the information what was not successful either. Reporting to Madani, Wendy noted that identity can be easily changed using computer access. However, Madani did not agree, saying that the past cannot be erased and decided to continue the search for herself.

Before she left, Wendy expressed respect for Madani's management of the Homeland Security, being a bit immodest. Madani noticed Wendy's filter issues what she agreed with, saying that her mother keeps telling that.[2]




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