"We're basically changing the world. All because of your parents and the PRIDE board. They're so inspiring. Um, what, does it sound like I've been hitting the Kool-Aid a little too hard?"
―Wendy to Chase Stein[src]

Wendy is a millennial employee working at PRIDE Headquarters.


Tutoring Chase Stein

"Uh, you were hazing me, right?"
"Oh, I absolutely was hazing you. But now I feel guilty."
Chase Stein and Wendy[src]

Wendy welcomed Chase Stein in the PRIDE Headquarters after he agreed to return home and to leave the Runaways. However, while she detailed several of PRIDE humanitarian projects founded by Stein's parents and the other PRIDE members, whom she spoke highly about, Wendy could not help but notice that Stein did not seem really interested, which annoyed her as internship spots in PRIDE were highly wanted, and that she felt that Stein did not really deserve the job. Accepting Stein's apology, Wendy decided to put him into a test and gave him the menial task of sorting out paperwork between trash and recycling.

At the end of the day, Wendy went to check on Stein, and admitted that she felt guilty over giving such an assignment. She then informed him that she and a group of millenial employees would go to a gallery show and invited him to join them. As Stein politely declined, Wendy wrote her phone number on a piece of paper and asked him to call her should he change his mind.[1]




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