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"My father, Wendell Rand, instilled in me a love and respect for this company that has never faded."
Danny Rand[src]

Wendell Rand was the co-founder and the former CEO of Rand Enterprises and the father of Danny Rand. When Rand's own business partner and friend Harold Meachum was forced to make a deal with the Hand to prolong his life, he soon feared Rand would discover him so he caused a plane crash which killed Rand and his wife, while also stranding their son in the mountains.


Early Life

Meeting Harold Meachum

"My father went to Columbia. He used to bring me here all the time."
Danny Rand to Luke Cage[src]

Wendell Rand was born on December 19, 1965.[1] In his youth, he attended Columbia University, where he met his future business partner, friend, and eventual killer, Harold Meachum. After they graduated, they decided to start a business together.[3]

Rand Enterprises

Partnership with Meachum

"We came up here and looked down at New York. We had the world at our feet. We were standing on that little ledge over there. And here's the funny part. I had this overwhelming urge to push Wendell over. No reason. He was my friend."
Harold Meachum to Danny Rand[src]

Meachum and Rand incorporated Rand Enterprises as a science company in chemicals, cybernetics, and pharmaceuticals. Although it started out small, the company grew under Rand's leadership, and both Rand's and Meachum's families amassed a large fortune. Sometime after he founded his business, Wendell met and married a woman named Heather, and they had a child they named Danny. Meanwhile, Meachum had two children of his own, named Ward and Joy. Both Danny and the Meachum children were spoiled and groomed to lead the company sometime in the future.

As Rand Enterprises grew more and more successful, Rand and Meachum had their corporate headquarters built, and as they stood at the top of the structure, Meachum felt a desire to push Rand off, but he decided not to.[3]

Working with the Hand

Wendell was found by Chodak and Tashi

Meachum was diagnosed with cancer, and, facing the fear of death, allowed an organization known as the Hand treat him if he built them facility in China to operate their drug ring from, lead by Madame Gao. Wendell, who had disapproved of the deal Gao had proposed, was targeted. He later took his wife and son on an assumed business trip to Anzhou, where facility was located, while he planned to expose the Hand's operations. However, Meachum had poisoned the plane's pilots. As the plane began to crash, Wendell managed to reach Danny and told him he loved him before he was killed by the impulse of the plane crashing.[3] His body was later found in the Himalayas.[4]


Rand's Survival

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  • Expert Businessman: Wendell was an accomplished CEO, who formed a thriving partnership, and ran a successful company.









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  • In the comics, Wendell Rand is a businessman and a friend of Jeryn Hogarth who traveled to and trained in K'un-Lun, but did not attend the ceremony to become an Iron Fist.



Preceded by:
CEO of Rand Enterprises
Wendell Rand
Unknown - 2001
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