"Truth is, I have no desire to keep drunks here in the office."
―Wellins to Daisy Johnson[src]

Chief C. Wellins is the head of the River's End Police Department.


Arrest of Deke Shaw

"He told us he was saving the world."
"Imagine that."
―Wellins and Daisy Johnson[src]
Wellins locked up Deke Shaw in River's End Police Station after he was arrested drunk and unable to pay for his drinks at Mike's Beer. Wellins kept casually working as Shaw continually explained how he felt amazed by everything he had seen until Daisy Johnson, posing as Shaw's social worker Sinara Smith, came to release him. Believing Johnson's speech, Wellins agreed to let Shaw walk free since his bail had been paid. He expressed relief at the idea that Shaw would no longer be his responsibility and told Johnson to better watch over him.[1]

Military Investigation

"So, what can you tell me about the man that Johnson bailed out, this Deke Shaw?"
"Drunk and disorderly. Not much there, if you know what I mean."
Hale and Wellins[src]
Hale River's End Police Station

Wellins helps Hale for her investigation

However, Kennedy had recognized Daisy Johnson as a most wanted S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and contacted the authorities. As a result, Wellins saw the arrival of Hale and Candice Lee into River's End Police Station. Wellins gave them all the information he had obtained regarding Deke Shaw who Johnson had come to release.[2]


Wellins appears as a quiet and peaceful police officer. He simply carries out his job in the peaceful town of River's End and he expressed some relief at the idea of letting Deke Shaw go free since he did not enjoy having drunk people in the police station. Wellins appears to be less astute than Kennedy as he did not recognize Daisy Johnson when she came to the police station, despite the fact that she was a most wanted by all federal agencies.







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