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"Thank you, Wilson Fisk."
―Wellers to Ray Nadeem[src]

Wellers was an FBI agent working at the FBI New York Crime Division under Tammy Hattley's command. As the FBI had begun working with Wilson Fisk in order to take down the Albanian Syndicate and other criminal groups who were working within New York City, Wellers was one of agents who was eventually coerced by Fisk into working for him. Wellers served as one of Fisk's escorts, and participated the manhunt for Karen Page. When Wellers informed Fisk that Ray Nadeem did not go through with Page's kill order as he surrendered her to the NYPD, Fisk killed him out of anger.


FBI Agent

Exposing the Albanians

"You got Mother Teresa. You actually bagged that asshole."
"Got his number one and number two, also two judges, district police cap, a freakin' deputy mayor."
"This is gonna be a messy day for City Hall. The Albanians had to be buying those guys off with more than tail."
―Wellers and Ray Nadeem[src]

Wellers compliments Ray Nadeem's actions

During his time working for the FBI, Wellers had witnessed Ray Nadeem successfully led an operation which resulted in the arrests of several high-ranking members of the Albanian Syndicate, including Mother Teresa. Once Nadeem returned, Wellers joined the other agents in applauding his accomplishments, as Nadeem listed off all of the other corrupt individuals he had arrested following Wilson Fisk's tip-offs, which had also included New York City's deputy mayor, as well as two judges and a district police captain.

Wellers discusses Wilson Fisk's information

As Wellers noted that this would become a messy day for City Hall as they dealt with all of the corruption that had been found within their own ranks, he had commented that Mother Teresa and the Albanians had to be buying all these people off with more than just the women, also Nadeem noted that Burgos would access all their computers to find out just how far the corruption had really gone. With all of these achievements for the FBI, Wellers noted how they had Fisk to thank for all this following his statement in Ryker's Island, to which Nadeem noted that Fisk would continue to be the gift that kept on giving.

Wellers giving Ray Nadeem some advice

Wellers rejoined Nadeem as he was filling out the paperwork on the arrests of the Albanian Syndicate, as Wellers threw a vegetable sub for Nadeem. However, Wellers noted that Nadeem would not want to actually eat the sub, commenting that Ramsey and Arinori were both in Tammy Hattley's office in order to get the promotion that Nadeem had earned. As Nadeem questioned what they were doing, Wellers noted that since their raid had worked, the other agents were all now looking to be put in charge of the Fisk detail from this point onwards. Hearing this, Nadeem stormed out to speak with Hattley directly.[1]

Protecting Wilson Fisk

Wellers bringing Wilson Fisk inside the hotel

"I need to talk to him."
"You want company?"
"No. I got it."
Ray Nadeem and Wellers[src]

Wellers had been sent into the Presidential Hotel in order to oversee the transport of Wilson Fisk for his own protection. However, as Fisk had arrived with all the FBI protection, Wellers learned they were ambushed by the Albanian Syndicate, resulting in the deaths of several agents. Wellers followed the agents as they led Fisk through the Hotel, passing Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee, despite Fisk calling on them to get Vanessa Marianna away to somewhere safe.[2]

Wellers tells Wilson Fisk to step backwards

During Fisk's time in the FBI's custody, he had continued to assist in their ongoing investigations, leading to him gaining several privileges, including artworks and his own suits.[3] Wellers continued to watch Fisk during this time, waiting outside his door during his meeting with his lawyers, and he ensured that Fisk still had on his Ankle Monitor. However, while Wellers was making his usual checks, he got a call to return into the New York City FBI Office as there was a situation that needed to be dealt with, as Wellers then ordered Fisk to return to his penthouse suite while Wellers went to learn what had happened.

Wellers and Ray Nadeem watch Wilson Fisk

While the FBI dealt with the aftermath of an attack on the New York Bulletin that had seemingly been carried out by an assassin who had been dressed as Daredevil, Wellers had returned to the Presidential Hotel and continued to watch Fisk. Wellers was joined by Nadeem as he questioned if Fisk was asleep, while Wellers then confirmed that according to Fisk's monitor, he had been in bed for a while. Nadeem then told Wellers that he needed to speak with Fisk about what had happened at the Bulletin, as Wellers asked if he wanted his company to do this, although Nadeem insisted that he would be alright.[4]

Karen Page's Visit

Wellers and J. Lim both greet Ray Nadeem

"Fisk and his lawyers have to sign off on all press requests. They tell all you people to screw off. You're wasting your time."
"All right. Well, why don't you call his lawyers and tell them I want to give Mr. Fisk the chance to comment on a story that I'm writing about Marlene Vistain? That's Fisk's mother."
―Wellers and Karen Page[src]

As Wellers continued guarding for Wilson Fisk, he became corrupted and even began working for Fisk directly, alongside other FBI agents. During their time watching over Fisk, Wellers had been greeted by Ray Nadeem, who also appeared to become slightly more nervous around the other agents. Later the same day, Wellers and J. Lim noticed that Karen Page had come upstairs, as they stopped her from entering into Fisk's room and then questioned how she got up there.

Wellers and J. Lim both stop Karen Page

As Page explained she worked for the New York Bulletin and simply booked herself into a room downstairs to gain access, Wellers noted that they knew who she was. Although Page requested to speak with Fisk, Wellers noted that Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee had to sign off on all press interviews and had consistently refused any and all requests, so Page would simply be wasting her time. Despite this, Page informed them that she was offering Fisk a chance to comment on the story about Marlene Vistain, noting she was Fisk's mother, as Lim had joked that he was surprised that Fisk ever had a mother.

Wellers takes Karen Page away from Kingpin

Having informed Fisk, Donovan and Lee of Page's intention to write her story about Fisk's mother, Page was given permission to speak with Fisk directly, as Wellers opened the door for her and invited her inside so she could have her one on one talk with Fisk, with Wellers noting that they would still be watching. However, the meeting was interrupted when Foggy Nelson came upstairs and claimed that Page was intending to kill Fisk, forcing Wellers and all the other agents to storm into the Penthouse just as Fisk was exploding with rage over what Page had been saying, while Wellers put Page in handcuffs and dragged her out of the Penthouse, removing her from the hotel.[5]

Corruption Exposed

Wellers gets his orders from Tammy Hattley

"I don't believe it. Fisk's got something on all of you? Arinori?"
"Better we don't talk about it. And in here, we don't even say his name."
Ray Nadeem and Arinori[src]

Wellers was called to a meeting at the New York City FBI Office with all the agents who were now working for Wilson Fisk. As the meeting began, Tammy Hattley announced that Ray Nadeem would be joining them, as he had just been forced into working for Fisk in order to protect his family. As Nadeem expressed his shock at seeing so many of them, Wellers remained silent while Arinori and Benjamin Poindexter explained that it would be better for them if they did not talk about it.

Wellers and Ben Poindexter return to hotel

While Hattley had ordered Nadeem to join Arinori and Poindexter on a mission to arrest Rosalie Carbone of the Carbone Crime Family, as well as John Hammer and Everett Starr in order to bring them for a meeting with Fisk, Wellers was ordered to return to the Presidential Hotel with Poindexter and Ramsey was this was done, informing the agents already there to leave, including Alvarez, as they did not work for Fisk yet. Wellers then took his seat and remained stationed at the Presidential Hotel to maintain their cover, while Fisk had left with the other agents in order to secretly meet with the criminal bosses.[6]

Wellers walking Kingpin outside of the hotel

Once Fisk was prepared, Wellers had joined him alongside Benjamin Donovan and Nicholas Lee as they stepped outside of the Hotel in order to greet the people of New York City who had been protesting for Fisk to be returned to Ryker's Island. Wellers stood silently as he guarded Fisk from any potential attacks from his enraged protesters, as he watched closely while Fisk gave a speech to them in which he proclaimed his innocence as he claimed that Daredevil was the true public enemy. Eventually, Fisk's words had their desired effect as the people accepted that Fisk had been falsely accused of his crimes.

Weller leaves to get Wilson Fisk's painting

Wellers then joined Fisk as he returned into his penthouse suite and was updated on his current legal situation by Hattley. Once Hattley had been dismissed, Wellers stayed alongside Johnson as they had listened on while Fisk had gotten his updates from Donovan and Lee about where Vanessa Marianna currently was, learning that she was on her way back to New York to reunite with Fisk. Hearing this, Fisk then decided to personally demand that Esther Falb sell the Rabbit in a Snowstorm back to him before Marianna returned, as Wellers and Johnson had followed Fisk to his car in order to take him to Falb.

Wellers brings Kingpin to meet Esther Falb

Wellers and Johnson personally drove Fisk into Falb's Residence, as Wellers opened the door for Fisk and walked him up to Falb's home. When Falb opened the door, Wellers was quietly amused as she then explained that she already knew exactly who Fisk was and insisted that all of them remove their shoes before coming inside. Wellers and Johnson stayed close by while Fisk and Falb discussed the Rabbit in the Snowstorm painting that Fisk wanted to be returned to him, although he had eventually he made the decision that Falb was more deserving of the painting as he left with Wellers and Johnson.[7]

Killed by the Kingpin

Wellers tells Kingpin of Nadeem's betrayal

"Karen Page has been found. NYPD took her into custody."
"The police? How?"
"It was Agent Nadeem's call."
"Your jacket... Give me your jacket."
―Wellers and Kingpin[src]

As they left Esther Falb's Residence, Wellers had then received a call informing him that Karen Page had been arrested by Brett Mahoney, rather than being taken into custody by their corrupt FBI agents and then assassinated. Having learned this, Wellers then updated Wilson Fisk on the situation, who had immediately questioned how this could have possibly happened, as Wellers had then noted that this had been Ray Nadeem's decision, which had indicated that Nadeem had decided to betray Fisk in order to protect Page for his wrath.

Wellers is beaten to death by the Kingpin

Clearly enraged that Nadeem had just betrayed him and had allowed Page to escape with Mahoney, Fisk requested that Wellers hand over his jacket. Despite being highly confused by the unexpected request, Wellers did as instructed and removed his jacket, handing it to Fisk. Without another word, Fisk then wrapped the jacket around Wellers' head to blind him and began furiously punching Wellers in the head, until Wellers was beaten to death and was left as the bloodied mess. Throwing his body to the ground, Fisk then ordered Johnson to stop their car and then dump Wellers' corpse out into the streets.[7]


"When you see how Ramsey and Arinori are kissing Hattley's ass, you're gonna lose your appetite. They're in her office right now."
"Doing what?"
"Hattley gave you this raid. But now that it worked, well, somebody's got to run Fisk full time."
―Wellers and Ray Nadeem[src]
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