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"A device on my wrists like a bracelet with a trigger pad in the palm of my hand activated by my middle-most fingers? That way I can slice it off or keep it connected as needed."
Peter Parker[src]

The Web-Shooters are a pair of wrist-mounted mechanical devices developed and used by Spider-Man to project Synthetic Webbing.


Created by Peter Parker

"Wait, could I swing from it? PSI would have to be pretty high to get the webbing to the distances that I'm thinking. 10,000 PSI? Whoa, that might be too much for my wrist to handle. Half that? But what's the source? What if I throw some CO2 into the web cartridges? Give it a little extra 100 PSI push? Every little bit would help."
Peter Parker[src]

Peter Parker's first Web-Shooter

The Web-Shooters and web formula were designed and built by Peter Parker himself using homemade materials and chemicals found in typical high school level chemistry classes.[1] Shortly after he gained his powers, Parker then started using them to fight crime in New York City. When Tony Stark met Parker to recruit him for the Clash of the Avengers, Parker used the web-shooter to web Stark's hand to the door handle before awkwardly helping him remove the webbing.[2]

Upgraded by Tony Stark

Clash of the Avengers

"Is this stuff coming out of you?"
Falcon to Spider-Man[src]

Spider-Man shooting his webs

In 2016, Tony Stark created new Web-Shooters for Peter Parker after the web-slinger been recruited to help him. A holographic Spider-Signal was added to the shooters along with communication options. Spider-Man used them during the Clash of the Avengers at the Leipzig-Halle Airport in Germany, most notably to snatch away Captain America's Shield. He then employed them against Falcon and Winter Soldier, webbing them to the floor of the airport terminal. As he dueled with Captain America, he used the Web-Shooters to keep him off balance until Captain America broke out of the webbing. When Ant-Man used the Pym Particles to become Giant-Man, Spider-Man used the Web-Shooters to save War Machine from crashing into a fuel tank. He then used them to tangle Ant-Man's legs, allowing Iron Man and War Machine to knock him down.[2]

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Spider-Man shoots his webs to hold the ferry

"Would you like to see more options? You have 576 possible web-shooter combinations."
Karen to Spider-Man[src]

Months later, Parker used the Web-Shooters to stop a robbery from the Criminal Avengers and in an attempt to apprehend them. He then used them to try and apprehend Vulture, but was unsuccessful in doing so. He then used them when he was stuck at the Damage Control Deep Storage Vault and to rescue Liz Toomes at the Washington Monument after the elevator had fallen due to a Chitauri Energy Core burst. After the Staten Island Ferry was cut in half due to Vulture's intervention, Parker used his Web-Shooters to hold both sides upwards, but was aided by Iron Man. After this incident, Stark confiscated the Web-Shooters along with the suit.[1]

Return to Basics

After Tony Stark confiscated the upgraded Web-Shooters, Peter Parker reverted to using his original homemade ones. After attempting to equip them, he was blindsided by Shocker, and struggled to defend himself without his webs. However, Ned Leeds was able to recover the Web-Shooter and used it to restrain Shocker, allowing Spider-Man to recover his Web-Shooter and defeat Shocker. Using the old Web-Shooters, he attempted to thwart's Vulture's hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane and then to save Vulture from his exploding suit.[1]

Infinity War

Spider-Man shoots his webs to restrain Thanos

After successfully capturing Vulture, Tony Stark returned the Web-Shooters he had created to Peter Parker.[1] Two years later, the Web-Shooters were used by Parker to open up his school bus's window in order to investigate the arrival of a Q-Ship in Greenwich Village. He then used them to combat Cull Obsidian and throw a destroyed car at him. Parker then used them to help him chase after Ebony Maw who had captured Doctor Strange.

After Parker and Tony Stark had infiltrated the Q-Ship, Parker used them to rescue Strange after he and Stark had devised a plan to rescue him from Maw. After landing on Titan, Parker used them to defend himself against Mantis, who he thought was a threat. He then used them against Thanos to pull him down in order to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet, and later to rescue an unconscious Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, and Nebula.[3]

Battle of Earth

Spider-Man shoots his webs at Outriders

In 2023, when Parker was resurrected, he used the Web-Shooters to fight in the battle at the destroyed Avengers Compound. He used them to swing from Giant-Man, pull back an alternate Cull Obsidian from attacking Iron Man, and to combat the Outriders.[4]

Quentin Beck's Campaign

European Vacation

Spider-Man uses his webs to stop a drone

In 2024, Parker used the Web-Shooters in Venice, Italy to attack the Hydro-Man illusion. He tried to fire a web at Hydro-Man, but it passed right through him. Therefore, Parker decided to instead focus on preventing as much damage to the city as possible. A bell tower then collapsed due to Hydro-Man's destruction, so he utilized his Web-Shooters to keep the bell tower from falling and hurting many civilians.

After accidentally calling a drone strike while in Austria on Brad Davis, Parker had to use the Web-Shooters to disarm the Stark Industries Combat Drones and prevent it from harming Davis. When Molten Man attacked the Prague Carnival, Parker had to employ his Web-Shooters to defeat Molten-Man, which eventually succeeded. During the Ambush in Berlin, the Web-Shooters were used by Parker as he tried, but failed, to attack Mysterio within the never-ending illusions.[5]

Battle of London

Using a Stark Industries Fabricator, Peter Parker created two new Web-Shooters with increased taser voltage that were integrated into his new Upgraded Spider-Man Suit. During the Battle of London, Spider-Man used these Web-Shooters to fight Mysterio and his drones, which were used to destroy Tower Bridge. Spider-Man utilized his Web-Shooters to swing around and avoid the drones that were chasing him, and also used them to web up the drones and destroy them.[5]

Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis

To be added[6]

Alternate Universe Versions

Zombie Apocalypse

Spider-Man uses his Web-Shooters

In an alternate universe, Peter Parker used the Web-Shooters to make a base of six vehicles suspended by high rise buildings above New York City. Parker then used them to get the train moving at the Grand Central Terminal and to fight against Wanda Maximoff in Camp Lehigh, New Jersey.[7]

Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man's Web-Shooter

In an alternate universe, Peter Parker built two wrist-mounted Web-Shooters to use while operating as the Amazing Spider-Man. After being transported through the Multiverse into the main universe, he met two other Spider-Men and used his Web-Shooters to fight Electro and Lizard during the battle on the Statue of Liberty.[6]


Original Web-Shooters

  • Synthetic Webbing Projection: The web-shooters are capable of shooting thin strands of extremely durable and elastic web-like substance. The high tensile strength of the synthetic webbing is sufficient to support the weight of large vehicles such as buses and trucks. Spider-Man is able to use the web-shooters offensively by "webbing" his opponents, and can also use them for transport by swinging on web-lines. The web-fluid impressed Tony Stark who exclaimed the tensile strength was "off the charts". The amount of force that the web-fluid can be fired at is enough to send a person flying off the ground, as Peter demonstrated when he knocked Herman Schultz off his feet while webbing him against a bus.

Stark Web-Shooters

Spider-Man's Web-Shooter combinations

Web Selection: The upgraded Web-Shooters provided by Tony Stark are capable of dialing different web profiles at Peter Parker's command. The different combinations can be activated either by voice command or by a gesture, and each web-shooter can seemingly utilize different selections at a time.

  • Sticky Web: This webbing profile allows the web-shooters to release a strand of extremely durable and elastic Synthetic Webbing much like Parker's original design.
  • Ricochet Web: The Ricochet Web profile fires a condensed mass of webbing that bounces off an initial obstacle and sticks to a target.
  • Splitter Web: The Splitter Web profile allows the web-shooters to fire more than several strands of webbing at a time, ensnaring multiple targets at once.
  • Web Grenade: The Web Grenade profile ejects a cartridge of web-fluid at a target that releases webbing after a timed delay, spraying around the target or in a concentrated stream.
  • Taser Web: The Taser Web profile enables the Spider-Man Suit to send out an electric current through a web line, electrocuting the target. This profile can be selected before firing or activated before the line is severed.
  • Stun Web: The default profile of webbing when the Spider-Man Suit is in 'advanced combat mode', the Stun Web consists of rapidly fired condensed webbing capable of dazing enemies.
  • Spider-Tracers: This version of the web-shooters demonstrates the ability to launch small GPS trackers, which Peter can track via his suit's systems.
  • Spider-Signal: The Spider-Signal is a light emitted from Spider-Man's upgraded web-shooters, projecting an interface onto a nearby surface. Parker discovered this function accidentally while scratching his wrist beneath the web-shooter, projecting the signal onto his ceiling.

Iron Spider Web-Shooters

  • Synthetic Webbing: Parker's Iron Spider Armor is equipped with a pair of metallic Web-Shooters. They function similarly to the other models, but are much more durable.
    • Materialization: Being made of nanites, these Web-Shooters can self-assemble on Parker's wrists along with the rest of the armor.

Upgraded Web-Shooters

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  • Synthetic Webbing: The Upgraded Suit has a pair of custom web-shooters that function very much like the Stark-manufactured version. The main difference is that they were integrated into it's sleeves, with only the spout hole visible.
    • Web Storage Alert: These Web-Shooters emit red flashes once the web content is used up.
  • Taser Web: When creating his new suit in the Stark Industries Private Jet with Happy Hogan, Peter Parker decided to upgrade the taser webs to be more controllable. He amplified their voltage to a factor of 25% and turned the suit's chest symbol into a trigger button. This feature enabled him to electrocute several holographic projection drones at once.

Classic Web-Shooters

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Amazing Web-Shooters

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  • Peter Parker has web cartridges attached to the waistline of his suit, allowing him to easily refill his web-shooters whenever he runs out.
  • According to Peter Parker, the web fluid lasts about 2 hours before it dissolves.
  • The web grenade's ability to fire ordinary webbing on a target before reacting and quickly ensnaring the target is a similar concept to the "impact webbing", which was first used by Peter's clone Ben Reilly, aka the Scarlet Spider.
  • The Web-Shooters, as seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, borrow traits from the most recent version in the Amazing Spider-Man comics from the All-New All-Different Marvel event, in which they are equipped with different settings utilized by vocal commands.
    • Additionally, concept art for the Web-Shooters revealed an alternate design for their holographic interface that was similar in style to smartphone applications and internet search engines.
  • Web-Shooter combinations featured but not showcased in Spider-Man: Homecoming include the Hook Web, Timer Web, Spear Web, Venom Web, Arrow Web, Shield Web, Grap Web, and Net Web.
    • The Venom Web is a possible callback to Miles Morales' ability in the comics to deliver a bio-electrical shock to his enemies, which is an ability dubbed his "Venom Blast".
  • The upgraded Web-Shooters are capable of self-assembling onto Peter's wrist.[3] Also, the trigger for activating the firing mechanism is able to retract into the main body of the Web-Shooters, allowing Peter to wear them inconspicuously with his normal clothes.


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