"And will Mr. Rand be joining us?"
"I'm afraid not Mr. Olsen he is..."
"Uh indisposed"
"Understood and call me Wayne, your father did. I learned a lot from him, he always said 'Find fruit and failure'."
"That he did."
―Wayne Olsen, Joy Meachum and Ward Meachum[src]

Wayne Olsen is an employee of the Crisis Intervention Resources.


Meeting with Rand Enterprises

"And you have more YouTube views than that incredible green guy which is its own sort of success. It's a beautiful thing. So let's build off of that, the best thing that had happened to Rand was the day Danny walked back through the door."
―Wayne Olsen to Ward Meachum and Joy Meachum[src]

Olsen was waiting to meet with Danny Rand at the Rand Enterprises Building. However Rand did not come in but instead Ward and Joy Meachum came into the room Olsen was in. Ward greets Olsen and Olsen asks where Rand was at and Ward says that Rand had died. Olsen tells Ward that he could him Wayne like his father, Harold had done Olsen tells Ward how his father had taught him a lot. Olsen then says one of Harold's quotes "Find fruit and failure" Ward and Joy were shown to have known that quote which Joy responds that their father did find it. Olsen tells Ward and Joy that they have had more views on YouTube than Hulk himself. Olsen says to Ward and Joy that the best thing that had happened to Rand Enterprises is when Rand had mysteriously returned, this had caused an awkward silence between Ward, Joy and Olsen.[1]




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