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"We are the Watchdogs. You will obey."
Watchdog Alpha[src]

Watchdogs' Campaign was the attempt by the Watchdogs to track down and kill all of the Inhumans.


Inhuman Outbreak

"Aliens invading our world. Everything changed that day. The Inhuman epidemic was the next phase. The aliens were now here, contaminating us, changing us to be like them."
Ellen Nadeer[src]

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Attack on the ATCU Storage Facility

"The government is keeping secrets, things we don't know until cities fall out of the sky. The Avengers, more like them every day, protected, hidden. Not anymore! We want this information released, a list of who they are, where they are or you will have war on your hands."
Watchdog Alpha[src]

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Raid on Easterling Farms

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Attack on Alphonso Mackenzie

"Looks like the Watchdogs followed us. I guess now we're the ones being hunted."
"But we're not..."
"Inhumans? It doesn't matter. Your new heroes will still kill us."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Ruben Mackenzie[src]

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Capture of the Watchdogs

"End of the line, Inhuman! There's nowhere left to run."
"I suppose there's always hell. Well, look at that, a real hotdog. But serious, who follows a stranger down a dark alley dressed as pups? I mean, on principle alone, I can't let this end well for ya."
Pete Boggs and Hellfire[src]

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Collapse of the Edison Bridge

"When Watchdogs targeted the Edison Bridge, Agent Johnson held off the collapse until everyone was evacuated."
Jeffrey Mace[src]

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Chase of Victor Ramon

"I don't know what kind of deal you think this is. So why don't you just open the damn case?"
"Patience. If you want to win your war on Inhumans, you will need the right weapon."
Alpha Dog and Victor Ramon[src]

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Blackout Attack

"The blackout in Miami was just the first. We will continue to attack you, city by city, hour by hour until our voices are heard."
Mysterious Figure[src]

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Ambush at Primed and Ready Fireworks

"The Watchdogs have the right idea, so I struck a deal with them. Help them hunt and kill every Inhuman. Hunted like the animals that we are. And I'm gonna be the last one to go."
Hellfire to Quake[src]

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Ambush on Vijay Nadeer

"Your brother has been in a husk for seven months."
"Fighting the disease."
"For which there is no cure. We've both read the reports, this isn't something you just will your way out of."
Tucker Shockley and Ellen Nadeer[src]

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Attack on Jeffrey Mace

"Whoever came after us anticipated the protocols, knew we'd fly to safety. The sniper was just their first move. Sabotaging the Quinjet was Plan B."
Phil Coulson to Jeffrey Mace[src]

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Kidnapping of Billy Koenig

"I'm told you refuse to talk and that you welcome pain. I, too, love pain. And I love to make others feel it using the old ways."
Superior to Billy Koenig[src]

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Attack on Ellen Nadeer

"That gene passes on and on and on. Maybe even skips a generation, maybe not. But everyone that carries it is part of the plague."
"How dare you. I want you out of my office."
"Superior knows it's not your fault. And you'll play a role in this no matter what happens."
Tucker Shockley and Ellen Nadeer[src]

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Kidnapping of Jeffrey Mace

"There is something lower than scum, that which strives to be it, like you. You allow S.H.I.E.L.D. to fill your veins with poison and parade you around as an example, of what? S.H.I.E.L.D. claims to be a beacon for humanity, what it really is is a safe haven for Inhumanity."
Superior to Jeffrey Mace[src]

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