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"The government is keeping secrets, things we don't know until cities fall out of the sky. The Avengers, more like them every day, protected, hidden. Not anymore! We want this information released, a list of who they are, where they are or you will have war on your hands. We are the Watchdogs. You will obey."
―Watchdog Alpha[src]

Alpha was one of the members of the Watchdogs, a terrorist organization founded by Felix Blake. Alpha took charge of an attack on an Advanced Threat Containment Unit Facility using Nitramene before he led a man hunt for Alphonso Mackenzie, a suspected Inhuman, only to then get killed by his target.


Watchdogs' Campaign

Attack on the ATCU Facility

"Nice work out there boys. Gentlemen, I've got a new plan of attack, and it's a good one."
Felix Blake to Watchdog Alpha[src]

Watchdog Alpha attacking the ATCU Facility

Alpha had joined the Watchdogs following his own deep hatred towards the Inhumans. In 2016, he and his team sent a message to WZTM News from South Bend, Indiana, where they threatened the government and the Advanced Threat Containment Unit for not sharing with the world information about the Inhumans, using the examples of how the Avengers had secretly made Ultron and threatened the safety of the world. To prove that their warnings were not to be taken lightly, Alpha then destroyed the ATCU Storage Facility with a Nitramene-filled rifle before escaping with his men.


Alpha and the Watchdogs greeting Felix Blake

With the destruction of the facility having been aired across the country and their message of hate spreading, Alpha and his team then withdrew to their headquarters in Easterling Farms. Upon arriving, the Watchdogs were greeted by and got new orders from their leader Felix Blake, who complimented them on their recent successful mission before explaining that he had a new plan of attack against the Inhumans, noting that this was a good one. Alpha brought together a team, inviting Dallas Wyatt who decided not to get involved due to fearing the Inhumans.

Watchdogs Alpha

Alpha hunting down all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

As Alpha continued getting his new orders from Blake, they were all suddenly interrupted by the sound of Ruben Mackenzie arriving outside the barn on a motorbike. Alpha sent out the Watchdogs to intercept the visitor, leading to a shoot out against the S.H.I.E.L.D. who had been spying on them. Alpha sent all of his men out, with Oscar seemingly witnessing Alphonso Mackenzie using a shockwave to take out some of their men. During the battle, Alpha ordered Oscar to shoot Leo Fitz with one of their Nitramene grenades in the hopes of killing him, while Alpha took his own team to follow Mackenzie, mistakenly believing him to be an Inhuman.[1]

Attack on Alphonso Mackenzie


Alpha tracking down Alphonso Mackenzie

"All right, let's kill this freak!"
―Watchdog Alpha[src]

As part of Felix Blake's plan, Watchdog Alpha and his team followed the Mackenzie's back to their home and, while the two brothers had continued to argue inside, set fire to their motorbikes to ensure they could not get away. The Watchdogs then stormed inside, with Alpha giving them to order to kill the Inhuman freak inside. Alpha had their men all split up and explore the whole house to find their targets and then execute Alphonso Mackenzie, with their weapons loaded and aimed, before long, however, all of their lights were cut and the Mackenzie brothers prepared to fight back, all still unaware he was not actually an Inhuman.


Alpha getting killed by Alphonso Mackenzie

Before long, one shot was heard and Alpha witnessed the Mackenzie brothers fighting his men, leading to the brief shot out. Upon learning that they had found their way into their kitchen, Alpha and his other man charged inside and attacked him. Alpha was able to knock back Ruben Mackenzie and shoot Mackenzie in the arm, however he was then shot with the newly built Shotgun-Axe, which sent Alpha flying backwards, killing him. Mackeznie had then survived the attack due to the arrival of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., who then took him into the hospital, as Damage Control cleaned the remains of the scene.[1]


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Other Equipment


  • Easterling Farms: As a farming compound in Illinois, the Watchdog Alpha and his team lived in these headquarters to get new orders from their leader Felix Blake, who recent their recent successful mission had a new plan for them on another attack against the Inhumans.





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