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"I was so obsessed with bringing my mom back, that I never considered what I might bring back with her."
―Wasp to Bruce Banner[src]

Hope van Dyne is the daughter of Janet van Dyne and Hank Pym who brought back a Quantum Virus from the Quantum Realm when she tried to rescue her mother.


Zombie Apocalypse

Rescue of Janet van Dyne

In 2018, Hope van Dyne and her father reunited with Scott Lang after receiving word from him about a message from her mother. Having constructed a Quantum Tunnel and a Quantum Vehicle in the Mobile Laboratory with her father, she kidnapped Lang, who was under house arrest, and brought him to the Laboratory. After her father had travelled into the Quantum Realm, van Dyne and Lang waited outside for him. When the Quantum Vehicle returned, van Dyne approached it, ready to greet them and reunite with her mother after thirty years. However, to her horror, she discovered they both were zombified by a virus. Van Dyne was able to shrink in time to avoid being attacked and make an escape, but Lang was too slow to act and became infected.

Van Dyne was forced to abandon her family and Lang, as well as San Francisco, as the virus kept spreading throughout the United States of America. Before leaving the city, she found that Kurt Goreshter survived and together, they travelled to New York City and managed to find allies of the Avengers. These allies consisting of Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, and Happy Hogan. Together they camped out in a base consisting of six train cars suspended by Parker's webs above the city.[1]


Wasp kills Zombie Iron Man

Two weeks later, van Dyne and her ants came to Bruce Banner's aid. Van Dyne commanded the ants to attack and kill the zombified Stephen Strange, Ebony Maw, and Cull Obsidian. She then flew in, having shrunk down as the Wasp, and enlarged herself to confront a zombified Tony Stark. She then used her Wasp gauntlet to blast Stark's head off, while an enlarged ant ate it, much to Banner's disgust. Banner then asked van Dyne who she was, in which she responded that she was all that was left. Peter Parker then swung down, picking Banner up, and carrying him away.

Van Dyne sees the coded message

Van Dyne then regrouped with the others at the base. When Okoye arrived, they learned of a hexagonal coded message. Sharon Carter deduced that the location of the message was coming from Camp Lehigh, New Jersey. This prompted them to leave the base and make their way via shrunken vehicle to the Grand Central Terminal. Once they arrived outside the Terminal, a zombie looked down from the frontshield mirror, but Happy Hogan enlarged the van, causing the zombie to explode.

Inside the Terminal, much to Parker's frustration, the group split up. Van Dyne accompanied Banner, Parker, and Kurt Goreshter to the train. They found that the train wouldn't move and needed to be manually pushed. Parker volunteered and used his webs to pry the train moving. After the train began moving, Carter, Okoye, and Bucky Barnes joined them in the train, while the Cloak of Levitation rescued Parker from a horde of incoming zombies.

Train Mission

Van Dyne speaks with Peter Parker

Van Dyne greeted Parker when he returned to them in their train car and complimented him after noticing that the Cloak had wrapped itself around him. She told him that he would grow into it. She then watched as Okoye apologized to Parker for splitting up, which had cost Hogan his life.

Van Dyne after killing Sharon Carter

After hearing commotion in the back train car, van Dyne went to investigate and found Barnes fighting a zombified Steve Rogers, as well as a now zombified Carter. She shrunk down and flew into Carter's open mouth. Seconds later, van Dyne enlarged herself and exploded Carter, with her expressing her disgust afterwards. However, Banner then told van Dyne that she was in trouble, in which van Dyne noticed that she had recieved a cut from Carter, and was thus infected.

Van Dyne remains hopeful

Van Dyne was placed in one of the train car's seats and Banner placed a handcloth over her head. She told them to save themselves and kill her, but Okoye responded that they were too close to a potential cure to do so. She was surrounded by the group and asked Parker how he remained so hopeful, despite their current situation. He told her that due to his many losses throughout his life, he had learned how to be in order to keep living. Hopeful, van Dyne told them that she would sacrifice herself, as she was the one who wanted her badly.

Last Help

Van Dyne collapses

Subsequently, Goreshter announced that the train had just stopped at Camp Leheigh, but unfortunately, a horde of zombies was standing between them and salvation. Knowing her allies would not be able to make it past the horde, van Dyne volunteered to sacrifice herself to carry them. Despite Parker's protests, she felt that she had no time left and wanted to make amends for unleashing the zombie outbreak on the world for being so determined to bring her mother back.

Knowing she would soon get infected, van Dyne grew into giant size to carry the group in her hands across the field of zombies to Camp Lehigh. Right after leaving them, she called out to Parker telling him to smile for her as zombies climbed her body and broke her Wasp helmet, making her giant body collaspe onto the ground.[1]

A while after, when Peter Parker, T'Challa, and Scott Lang were flying away in the Quadjet, van Dyne, still in giant form and now zombified, tried to grab hold of it. However, T'Challa was able to apply to thrusters, get out of her grasp and fly away, but not before van Dyne tried to unsuccessfully throw a zombie at the jet out of anger.[1]


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Powers and Abilities


  • Zombie Physiology: Wasp was infected with an encephalopathic virus that overloaded her brain's limbic system, turning her into a zombie.
    • Infection: Like any zombies, Wasp is capable of spreading encephalopathic virus to others by biting or scratching which would turn them into zombies.

Wasp Suit Capabilities

  • Size Manipulation: Like the Ant-Man suit, the Wasp suit has the ability to alter the size of its users using the Pym Particles.
    • Superhuman Strength: To be added
    • Superhuman Durability: To be added
  • Flight: Unlike the Ant-Man suit, the Wasp suit includes a pair of wings, allowing its users to fly freely.
  • Energy Projection: The Wasp suit also includes an energy blaster on both of the user's hands.
  • Insect Manipulation: The Wasp suit also has the ability to control ants by sending electromagnetic waves to their olfactory nerve center.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Raised by Hank Pym, Hope is an expert in many fields of science. Hope seemingly carries her own father's passions in chemistry and physics.
  • Expert Scientist: To be added
  • Master Martial Artist: To be added
  • Master Acrobat: To be added


  • Wasp Suit: Hope wears the Wasp suit after Hank gave it to her.
    • Wasp's Stingers: The Wasp's Stingers allows its users to shoot energy blasts.
  • Pym Particles: The Wasp suit uses Pym Particles to shrink and grow its users to their desired size.







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