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"Hold on, you gave her wings?"
"And blasters."
Scott Lang and Hank Pym[src]

The Wasp's Stingers are a set of gauntlets integrated with the Wasp Suit.


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  • Blaster: The Stingers are capable of firing bolts of energy that are powerful enough to send a man flying backward.
  • Grappling Anchor: The Stingers are able to fire a grappling line that can anchor and tether the user to the surface she fired at, with the line then being attached to the waist.
  • Pym Particle Disk Launcher: The right Stinger can launch a Pym Particle Disk at a target.


  • In the comics, Wasp is able to harness and augment her body's natural bio-electric energy, releasing it from her hands in powerful electrical force bursts. While she originally required the gauntlets to produce the blasts, Wasp eventually was able to create them naturally.


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