"Wings and blasters. I take it you didn't have that tech available for me?"
"No, I did."
Scott Lang and Hank Pym[src]

The Wasp's Stingers are a set of gauntlets integrated with the Wasp Suit, capable of multiple functions, including firing bolts of energy.


Struggle against Ghost

The new suit used by the Wasp featured specialized gauntlets with several capabilities. During the Battle at the Oui, Wasp used the blasters to take down two of Sonny Burch's henchmen, and later fired a Pym Particles Disk at a salt shaker, causing it to significantly increase in size to block Uzman and knock him unconscious. However, Wasp's stingers later proved to be uneffective against Ghost, as the blasts simply went through her.

Wasp did manage to hit Ghost with her blaster during a successful attempt to escape from Ghost's Hideout.

Wasp once again used her blasters against Burch's men during the Chase for the Mobile Laboratory. She launched a Pym Particle Disk at a bike used by one of the henchmen to shrink it, causing him to fall, but she failed to hit a second a target due to Ant-Man's unsure driving and accidentally hit the Watcher Informant's car with it. She then fired a disk to inflate Luis' candy dispenser, incapacitating another of the pursuers.

The blasters were later used with mixed results against Ghost, as Wasp was able to hit her on several occasions but also sometimes missed her when her chaotic phasing caused her to become intangible.[1]

Battle of Earth

Wasp used her stingers' blasters with proficiency during the final confrontation between the great alliance formed to defend Earth and the armies of Thanos. She notably fired them alongside Rescue's blasters and Shuri's Vibranium Gauntlets to subdue Thanos and stop him from attacking Captain Marvel as she attempted to return the Infinity Stones through a Quantum Tunnel.[2]


  • Blaster: The Stingers are capable of firing bolts of energy that are powerful enough to send a hostile flying backward.
  • Grappling Anchor: The Stingers are able to fire a grappling line that can anchor and tether the user to the surface she fired at, with the line then being attached to the waist.
  • Pym Particle Disk Launcher: The right Stinger can launch a Pym Particle Disk at a target.


  • In the comics, Wasp is able to harness and augment her body's natural bio-electric energy, releasing it from her hands in powerful electrical force bursts. While she originally required the gauntlets to produce the blasts, Wasp eventually was able to create them naturally.


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