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"If I had asked you, would you have come?"
"I guess we’ll never know. But I do know one thing."
"If I had, you’d have never been caught."
Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne[src]

Hope van Dyne is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, and a former chairwoman of the board of Pym Technologies. When Darren Cross attempted to create and sell a new weapon based on her father's Ant-Man Suit, van Dyne reunited with her father and, along with Scott Lang who succeeded Hank as Ant-Man, was able to defeat Cross. After these events, Pym found the possibility of saving his wife due to Lang's first experience in the Quantum Realm, from which van Dyne was finally being offered by her father a suit that belonged to her mother, therefore taking on the name of Wasp.

Over the course of another year, van Dyne would train alongside Lang, while forming a romantic relationship with him, until she broke up because Lang's actions during the Clash of the Avengers resulted in her and her father being wanted by the FBI. Two years later, van Dyne, Pym, and Lang successfully managed to retrieve her mother from the Quantum Realm and also faced Ava Starr when she became a threat to their plan of rescue. Van Dyne also reconciled with Lang and resumed their relationship.

Alongside her parents, van Dyne was among the random people who turned to dust following Thanos' success in assembling his Infinity Gauntlet and wiping out half the population. During the Battle of Earth, van Dyne was resurrected, along with all the other victims of the Snap in 2023, where she aided the Avengers in defeating Thanos and his army. After Thanos' army was disintegrated, van Dyne attended Tony Stark's funeral with Lang and her parents and later returned home to San Francisco to celebrate their victory with Cassie Lang.


Early Life

Daughter of Heroes

"Oh, Jellybean. Daddy and I have a last minute business trip, so Rose is going to stay with you for a few days."
"No. I don't want you to go."
―Hope and Janet van Dyne[src]

Hope Van Dyne as a baby with her parents

Hope van Dyne was born to scientists Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, who were also S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives codenamed Ant-Man and the Wasp, respectively. Van Dyne was more connected to her mother and loved playing games with her, especially hide and seek, in which van Dyne would always hide in the wardrobe. Whenever Pym and Janet had to go on missions, they would leave van Dyne at home with her nanny, Rose, while they were gone, telling their daughter they were going on business trips.[2]

Losing her Mother

Van Dyne watches her parents leave for work

"You know when my mother died, I didn’t see him for two weeks?"
"He was in grief."
"Yeah, so was I, and I was seven. And he never came back, not in any way that counted. He just sent me off to boarding school."
―Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang[src]

One night, van Dyne was awakened by her parents, who were speaking with Rose. Van Dyne called out to her mother, who informed van Dyne that she and her father were going on a business trip. However, van Dyne didn't want them to go, so Janet put her daughter at ease by saying that it was going to be boring, making her laugh by jokingly falling asleep. After her father said his goodbyes, van Dyne watched as her parents left the house.

Van Dyne learns about the loss of her mother

Later, van Dyne was reunited with her father, who returned home, but sadly not her mother, which Pym had to explain that she was never coming back, telling his daughter that her mother had died.[2] For the next two weeks, van Dyne would not see her father, as the substantial grief caused him to become lost and neglect her, not giving van Dyne the needed support. When Pym returned, he decided to send van Dyne away to boarding school.[1]

Working at Pym Tech

Voting Out Hank Pym

"I wouldn’t help him so he conspired against me and he voted me out of my own company."
"How could he do that?"
"The board’s chairman is my daughter, Hope. She was the deciding vote."
Hank Pym and Scott Lang[src]

In adulthood, van Dyne worked her way up to becoming chairperson of the board of directors at Pym Technologies, where she cast the deciding vote that ousted Hank Pym from the company. She then proceeded to work at Cross Technologies as Darren Cross' assistant. However, van Dyne discovered he was attempting to replicate her father's designs for the Ant-Man Suit, intending to sell it to HYDRA. Fearing the consequences, van Dyne contacted her father and convinced him to assist her in stopping Cross.[1]

Darren Cross' Presentation

Van Dyne at the Yellowjacket presentation

"Good morning, Hank."
"Hope. Would it kill you to call me dad?"
"Well, Doctor Cross will be so pleased that you could find the time to join us today."
―Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym[src]

When Darren Cross organized a presentation of his Yellowjacket Suit to potential investors, van Dyne attended and greeted Hank Pym when he arrived, although she refused to call him "Dad" and instead referred to him as "Doctor Pym". Van Dyne stayed close as Cross presented the armor and its abilities. Once it was over, she spoke to Pym about their plan to stop Cross, and Pym revealed that he had found a person who could assist them in their mission. Van Dyne attempted to push for Pym to allow her to complete the mission herself but he refused to allow her to take the same risks that her mother had taken.[1]

Dinner with Darren Cross

Van Dyne has dinner with Darren Cross

"His failures as a mentor, as a father, forced us to spread our wings."
"You're a success, Darren. You deserve everything coming your way."
Darren Cross and Hope van Dyne[src]

To celebrate his success, Darren Cross invited van Dyne to dinner at a restaurant. There, Cross began to rant about both of their fractured relationships with Hank Pym before van Dyne toasted to Cross' accomplishments, preaching that Cross deserved everything that was coming to him.[1]

Recreating Pym Particles

Van Dyne expresses her concerns to Cross

"I thought we were using mice?"
"What’s the difference? Commence experiment 34C, organic atomic reduction."
"Darren, maybe we should think..."
―Hope van Dyne and Darren Cross[src]

Back at Pym Technologies, van Dyne and Darren Cross continued their work to complete their version of the Pym Particles. Cross, instead of using mice as originally believed, began using lambs in his experiments. However, the tests continued to prove unsuccessful and the lambs were crushed under the pressure of shrinking in size; these failures did not stop Cross and he continued to bring out new subjects, much to van Dyne's ever-growing concern.[1]

Meeting Scott Lang

Little Faith

Van Dyne watches over Scott Lang

"Have you been standing there watching me sleep this whole time?"
"Because the last time you were here, you stole something."
Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne[src]

Hank Pym chose Scott Lang to assist them in their mission; however, van Dyne remained skeptical of whether or not they really needed outside help. In order to assess Lang, Pym set out a test in which he would give Lang the information needed to break into his home and steal the Ant-Man Suit. Lang completed the task with ease, despite not knowing he was being tested and went on to accidentally test out the suit, causing him to shrink to the size of an ant. The experience horrified Lang and he attempted to return the suit, but van Dyne used the opportunity to call San Francisco Police Department and have him arrested as he attempted to leave Pym Residence.

Van Dyne remains skeptical about Lang

Pym broke Lang out of prison and brought him back to his mansion; van Dyne kept watch over Lang as he slept, having passed out while riding an ant. When Lang awoke, he questioned why van Dyne was watching him and she explained it was because last time he was there, he had stolen something. She took Lang downstairs to be introduced to Pym. They explained their mission to him, although van Dyne continued to recommend that they not use Lang and instead allow her to break into Pym Technologies and steal the Yellowjacket Suit from Cross herself, but Pym continued to refuse. He explained the details of the plan and why Lang was selected and eventually, the latter agreed to help them.[1]

Training Scott Lang

Van Dyne trains Lang in martial arts

"You're going to have to learn how to punch."
"You're going to show me how to punch? Show me how to punch."
"That's how you punch."
―Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang[src]

Van Dyne had been tasked with training Scott Lang on how to fight with the Ant-Man Suit to cause the most effective but non-lethal damage. Lang initially scoffed at the idea as he claimed that his three years in prison had taught him how to fight and to prove this he punched van Dyne but she easily blocked the attack and called him out for the poor attempt. Lang challenged her to show him how to punch, which she did by easily punching him in the face despite his attempts to block. Lang accepted van Dyne's help after this and together, they trained hard, fighting each other without holding back until van Dyne was satisfied with his abilities.

Van Dyne and Hank Pym train Lang

In a key stage of the training, Hank Pym taught Lang how to master using the Ant-Man Suit by jumping through a small key-hole and emerging large on the other side. Van Dyne stood with Pym as Lang failed time after time until he finally mastered the skill. She later joined her father outside as he introduced Lang to the many breeds of Ants which would be assisting him in his mission. They became amused as Lang would often panic at the size and scale of the ants and regrow to his original size while inside the tunnels.

Van Dyne is insulted by Pym's outburst

One skill Lang still struggled to master was communicating with the ants to get them to do his bidding. This continued until van Dyne became frustrated and stepped in, demonstrating her own skills with the communication, telling Pym that she should be the one going on the mission in Lang's place; however, she appeared to almost losing control of the ants, summoning far more than required to complete the simple task of placing a cube of sugar in a cup of tea, until her father intervened to refocus her attention.

Van Dyne helps Lang master his skills

Utterly frustrated with how her father had continued to underestimate her, van Dyne angrily left the mansion and sat in her car. Lang joined her and tried to comfort her and van Dyne explained to him how Pym had been holding her back ever since her mother's death. They discussed Lang's daughter, Cassie Lang, and how he was doing the mission for her. Van Dyne softened and taught Lang a new technique for communicating with the ants, allowing him to make them pick up and spin a coin.[1]

Learning the Truth

Van Dyne learns of her mother's sacrifice

"It's not your fault. She made her choice. But why didn't you tell me this sooner?"
" I was trying to protect you. I lost your mother. I didn't mean to lose you, too."
―Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym[src]

Returning to the house, they found Hank Pym in the Pym Residence's main room. He finally relented and told van Dyne about the day that Janet van Dyne had died, explaining that in the 1980s, they worked as a superhero team with her taking the mantle of Wasp. Pym told her how they had been sent on a mission to intercept a missile which was going to destroy a major city and Janet had sacrificed herself by shrinking into the missile. However, she became lost within the Quantum Realm, which Pym had spent the next few decades trying to understand. Van Dyne hugged her father, with the two finally rebuilding their relationship, although the moment was somewhat ruined by Lang's comments.[1]

Duel at the Avengers Facility

Van Dyne watches Ant-Man duel the Falcon

"Hi, I'm Scott."
"Did he just say "Hi, I'm Scott"?"
Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne[src]

In order to test Scott Lang's new abilities with the Ant-Man Suit, van Dyne and Hank Pym sent Lang on a mission to one of Howard Stark's old facilities to locate a small device for their heist. Lang quickly realized that the base was now the Avengers Compound and van Dyne ordered him to abort the mission. Lang chose instead to continue and was confronted by Falcon, who tried to force Lang to leave when he introduced himself, leaving van Dyne horrified at the blunder. The two engaged in a brief fight which ended with Lang managing to damage EXO-7 Falcon and escape, impressing van Dyne somewhat by displaying martial arts moves she had taught him during his brief training during the skirmish.[1]

Darren Cross Visits

Van Dyne hears Darren Cross arrive

"I just saw Hank. I still get nothing but contempt from him."
"Don’t let him rile you up, he’s just... He’s just a senile old man."
Darren Cross and Hope van Dyne[src]

While the team rested from the mission (for which van Dyne congratulated Lang for), Pym stepped into the next room only to be greeted by Cross, who had broken into the mansion. Cross claimed he had come in simply because the door was open and calmly spoke to Pym. Van Dyne and Lang realized in a panic that Cross could easily see their plans for their break-in at Pym Technologies and if he did, he would likely murder Hank. Lang managed to use the Ants to hide the plans while Cross invited Pym to come to the presentation for the Yellowjacket Suit, which Pym agreed to.

Van Dyne comforts Darren Cross

Once Cross had left, they discussed what had just happened and the risks involved; van Dyne questioned whether or not Cross had known she was in the house as if he had seen her, then her position in the company would be in danger. This question was seemingly answered when Cross phoned her and asked where she was, to which she lied and said she was at her home. Cross seemed to accept this answer and told her about his intent to increase the surveillance for the Yellowjacket Suit presentation. With this now changing the details of their plan, Lang suggested that they increase their team to include his former partners-in-crime Luis, Dave and Kurt Goreshter, but Pym disagreed.[1]

Building the Team

Van Dyne meets Luis, Dave, and Kurt Goreshter

"You know he was arrested for stealing a smoothie machine, right?"
"Two smoothie machines..."
―Hope van Dyne and Luis[src]

Despite Pym's protests, Luis, Kurt and Dave were brought into the plan and invited to the house where van Dyne brought them coffee. Luis thanked her and commented on how unusual it was for them to be invited back to a house they just robbed; van Dyne spoke to Lang and questioned if they could handle the job which Luis and Lang insisted they could. van Dyne watched, amused, as Lang demonstrated the capabilities of the Ant-Man Suit, causing Luis to flee from the room in fear when Lang jumped on his shoulder.

Van Dyne and Scott Lang discuss the plan

They worked out a new plan which involved Luis, Kurt and Dave getting Lang into Pym Technologies through the water pipes. Luis remained confident on his role as the man on the inside posing as a security guard, excitedly commenting on how beautiful van Dyne was and mistaking her for Lang's girlfriend. Despite their enthusiasm, van Dyne and Pym remained unconvinced that the plan could be pulled off due to their unprofessionalism.[1]

Stealing the Yellowjacket

Discovered by Darren Cross

Van Dyne during the heist

"Darren, what are you doing?"
"He wasn’t any more capable of caring for you than he was for me."
"This is not who you are, it’s the particles altering your brain chemistry."
―Hope van Dyne and Darren Cross[src]

On the day of the Yellowjacket Suit Presentation, van Dyne arrived first at Pym Technologies and assisted Luis in gaining access to the restricted areas. Once everything was in place for Lang to enter the facility, van Dyne went to the presentation. Along the way, she was greeted by Cross, who asked how he looked in his suit.

Van Dyne being taken hostage by Darren Cross

When Pym arrived at the building, Cross greeted him warmly and invited him and van Dyne to speak to him in private in the demonstration room. Once they were alone, Cross' guards immediately took Pym and van Dyne hostage at gunpoint. Cross revealed that he was fully aware of their plan to steal the Yellowjacket Suit and planned to kill them all for their betrayal. Cross trapped Lang within the glass enclosure and took the Yellowjacket Suit; he then welcomed Mitchell Carson into the room and introduced him as the representative from HYDRA, to whom he intended to sell the suit. Pym and van Dyne implored Cross to reconsider but he refused to listen.

Van Dyne threatens Darren Cross

Cross ordered his men to execute Pym before changing his mind and deciding to kill his mentor himself. Before Cross could exact his revenge, Lang broke out of his glass enclosure and he and van Dyne began fighting Cross' guards. In the chaos, Cross was able to shoot Pym in the shoulder before escaping with the Yellowjacket Suit. With Cross' guards defeated, van Dyne and Lang rushed to Pym's aid, as he was bleeding heavily from his wound, but van Dyne ordered Lang to chase down and stop Cross before he could get away with the Yellowjacket.[1]

Saving her Father

Van Dyne and Hank Pym prepare to escape

"The charges are set. We’ve got to find a way out of here and fast."
"Don’t worry. I’m not gonna die, and neither are you."
―Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym[src]

While Lang battled Cross, van Dyne attempted to lift Pym to safety as the entire Pym Technologies facility had been rigged to explode, but Pym knew that he would be unable to run. However, rather than accepting death and telling van Dyne to escape, Pym revealed that the tank key-ring he carried with him at all times, was not a key-ring at all, but a USSR Tank he had shrunk down years earlier. They transformed the tank to its original size and used it to escape, smashing through the side of the building at landing outdoors, much to the alarm of everyone present.

Van Dyne watches Pym Technologies explode

Van Dyne ensured that Pym was getting medical attention from a nearby ambulance before they witnessed the entire Pym Technologies building exploding due to the C4 which Lang had planted inside. While van Dyne stayed with her father as his wound was treated, Lang tracked down and fought Cross. Eventually, Lang was able to kill Cross by damaging the internal mainframe of the latter suit's, briefly teleporting him to the Quantum Realm before he was able to return to normal size.[1]

Mission Aftermath

Van Dyne is caught kissing Scott Lang

"When did this happen?"
"Nothing’s happening."
"Whoa, hold on. Something’s kind of happening."
Hank Pym, Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang[src]

With the crisis now over, van Dyne and Hank Pym spoke to Scott Lang about his experiences within the Quantum Realm, although he insisted that he had no memory of his experience and could tell them nothing. Van Dyne walked Lang out of the mansion, but before they could exit, Lang kissed her. The moment was interrupted when Pym walked through the door and caught them. Lang denied any wrongdoing and insisted it was van Dyne who had kissed him before making a speedy exit.[1]

Rescuing Her Mother

Becoming the Next Wasp

Van Dyne is given the Wasp Suit

"It's about damn time."
―Hope van Dyne to Hank Pym[src]

Hank Pym revealed to van Dyne that before her mother's disappearance into the Quantum Realm, he and Janet were working on a prototype for a new upgraded version of the Wasp Suit, which had been hidden behind a secret vault in his basement for decades. Although he had always believed it had been for her mother, Pym told van Dyne that he now knew they had in fact been designing it for her. Van Dyne accepted the suit without hesitation, noting that it was about time that she was given a suit.[4]

Looking into the Quantum Realm

Van Dyne begins to work with Hank Pym

"Dad, what are you saying?"
"I think it's possible to bring her back."
―Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym[src]

Later on, Hank Pym revealed the full story of Janet van Dyne's death, explaining how she became trapped in the Quantum Realm, and that Scott Lang recently escaping from there had given him hope to Janet could still be alive. Pym reopened his old projects, and decided to let van Dyne in on his plans to construct a way to enter and exit the Quantum Realm, so they could search for Janet, believing that it could be possible to find her and bring her back after all these years.[2]

Becoming a Fugitive

Van Dyne breaks up with Scott Lang

"What do you mean?"
"We were working together, training together, and other stuffing together."
―Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang[src]

With both possessing their own suits, van Dyne and Scott Lang proceeded to work and train together, while still maintaining a relationship.

In 2016, Lang went to Germany and took part in the Avengers Civil War and was arrested for breaking the Sokovia Accords and international laws. Offended by Lang's leaving them abruptly and not inviting her to help, van Dyne broke up with him. Due to Pym's tech being involved, van Dyne and her father were subsequently hunted by the FBI, forcing them to go into hiding and become fugitives. Despite this, van Dyne and her father were still able to continue with their project of building a Quantum Tunnel, working out of a shrinkable lab building, as well as monitoring any threats to them, mainly Lang. To acquire the needed parts for their machine, van Dyne would make several deals with black market arms dealer Sonny Burch.[2]

Reuniting with Scott Lang

Van Dyne kidnaps an unconscious Scott Lang

"I'm sorry! All right? I didn't think I'd get caught."
"You didn't think about a lot of things."
Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne[src]

Immediately after van Dyne and her father opened the Quantum Realm for a short period of time, they were called by Scott Lang, who said he had a dream about seeing her mother. To learn more about what he saw, van Dyne went to Lang's house, knocked him out, kidnapped him, and drove him back to the lab in a shrunken car, while he was unconscious.

Van Dyne being reunited with Scott Lang

When Lang woke up, Van Dyne, who was still bitter towards him, asked how certain he was that he saw her mother while in his dream of being in the Quantum Realm. Realizing he was away from his house, Lang freaked out and asked van Dyne to take him back, as he was still under house arrest. But, van Dyne informed him that she had taken care of it, posting a giant ant to wear Lang's Ankle Monitor and cover his daily activities, revealing that they had been monitoring him, as he was the biggest risk to her and Pym.

Van Dyne continues to stay mad at Scott Lang

Knowing it impacted van Dyne and Pym, Lang apologized for being in the Avengers' fight in Germany, which he tried to explain he didn't think he would get caught, but van Dyne noted that Lang didn't think about a lot of things by getting involved. Van Dyne updated Lang on how she and Pym have been living for the last two years, forced to be on the run, with no freedom, and she clarified with Lang that she didn't want an apology, just what he was in his head.

Van Dyne brings Scott Lang to the laboratory

Arriving at the lab, van Dyne enlarged the car to its normal size, and she and Lang entered the building. In the elevator, Lang attempted to offer van Dyne money to help, thinking they had nothing from looking at the building, but she declined, which Lang soon understood why once he entered the fully equipped lab. Van Dyne proceeded to lead Lang through the lab, bringing him to Pym, who was still working on the Quantum Tunnel.

Van Dyne informs Scott Lang of their project

Both van Dyne and Pym were unhappy to be seeing Lang again, so they decided to get straight into learning what he knew, with van Dyne explaining how they were building a tunnel into the Quantum Realm to find her mother. Van Dyne and Pym then revealed their theory that when they opened the tunnel, Janet entangled with Lang to send a message to them. So, Lang told them that the only thing he could remember in the dream was playing hide and seek with a girl, which van Dyne realized was from Janet's memory.

Van Dyne learns that her mother is still alive

This realization brought joy and relief to van Dyne and Pym, as they now had strong confirmation that Janet was definitely alive. Now determined to get the tunnel working as soon as possible, van Dyne noted that they needed one final piece to stop the tunnel from overloading, which was in the possession of Sonny Burch. So, they all left the building, promising to return Lang when they were finished, as they still needed to entanglement that was in his head.[2]

Encountering the Ghost

Van Dyne meeting up with Sonny Burch

"Dad, are you seeing this?
Hope, get out of there!"
―Wasp and Hank Pym[src]

They parked outside of Sonny Burch's resturant, and van Dyne left her father and Scott Lang in the van to go make the deal with Burch. Continuing to use her alias (Susan) for their exchanges, van Dyne asked Burch if he had the component she needed.

Sonny Burch exposes van Dyne's identity

However, Burch revealed to van Dyne that his informant in the FBI had exposed her true identity to him. Dropping the façade, van Dyne asked Burch what he wanted, which he explained that he knew she and Pym were building Quantum technology, and that he wanted in on it, seeing it as the future. Van Dyne rejected Burch's offers, but he refused to sell her the component, which van Dyne expressed would make things easier if he just honored his agreement.

Van Dyne fighting Sonny Burch's goons

Accepting Burch's refusal to cooperate, van Dyne left, and went to put on her Wasp Suit. Shrinking herself down, van Dyne proceeded to beat up Burch's goons, using a combination of her wings, stingers, and her own superior fighting ability to do so. When the goons opened fire upon van Dyne, she hid in the chandelier, until she noticed Uzman escaping with the component, so van Dyne left her position, and followed him into the kitchen.

Van Dyne swiftly runs across a knife in mid-air

To stop Uzman from getting away, van Dyne used a Pym Particles Disk to enlarge a salt shaker, knocking him out. Another goon entered, and threw three knives at van Dyne, which she dodged by shrinking down, and even ran across the last one in mid-air. With the remaining goons, van Dyne skilfully avoided their attacks, and used her smaller size and items in the kitchen to knock them all out. Having won the fight, van Dyne took the component, left the money for Burch, and went to leave.

Van Dyne prepares to fight against Ghost

But before van Dyne could get to the door, she noticed a mysterious figure appear in front of her, and then subsequently disappear, so van Dyne readied herself for another fight. Being able to become invisible and intangible, Ghost attempted to steal the component from van Dyne. Pym told his daughter to get herself away from Ghost, but she was unable to, and had to keep fighting. Lang soon arrived and helped van Dyne, but they lost Ghost.

Van Dyne learns Ghost stole the Mobile Lab

They realized that Ghost had gone after Pym, so van Dyne and Lang shrunk themselves down, and rushed back to the van. Once they got back, they found that Pym was still alive, but he told them that Ghost had stolen the miniature lab, much to their frustration, as it set back their entire project. Driving away from the scene, they discussed Ghost, not knowing what it was, and decided that they needed to find a place to regroup and figure out where to find the lab. With a shortage of option, Lang suggested that they head to the X-Con Security Consultants Office.

Van Dyne discusses finding the Mobile Lab

Once again finding themselves reunited with Luis, Dave and Kurt Goreshter, van Dyne and Pym were annoyed as the three and Lang bickered with each other, when they had bigger things to be dealing with. They all then discussed Ghost, noting its ability to phase, and van Dyne brought up the idea of tracking the lab's radiation with a quantum spectrometer. No longer having access to their equipment, Pym begrudgingly revealed that his former colleague Bill Foster could help them.[2]

Reclaiming the Mobile Laboratory

Van Dyne, Pym and Lang got to see Bill Foster

"I didn't come here to listen to you two squabble. I'm trying to save my mother."
―Hope van Dyne to Bill Foster[src]

Traveling to Berkeley University, the trio made their way through the campus, disguising themselves with hats and sunglasses, which Scott Lang noted would not stop anyone from recognizing them. They soon found Bill Foster, who was giving a lecture, but he finished when he discovered their presence.

Van Dyne asks Bill Foster to help find their lab

In Foster's office, they filled him in on their situation, but he was unable to help find their lab, as he didn't have the equipment to do so. When Lang and Foster got sidetracked about Lang growing to the size of a giant in Germany, van Dyne tried to get them focused on the matter at hand, but the feud between Foster and Hank Pym caused the former partners to fight. The FBI arrived, so as they went to leave, Foster gave them an idea on how to track the lab.

Van Dyne learns Scott Lang preserved the suit

As they drove away, Pym ranted about his detest towards Foster, but van Dyne was confident in his idea to modify the diffraction units on a regulator. However, Pym's upgrades to the suits eliminated the regulators, meaning they still couldn't track down the lab. Lang revealed that he didn't destroy his old suit he used when fighting with the Avengers after he was arrested, but instead kept it hidden, which he lied about to them earlier.

Van Dyne and Scott Lang fly inside the school

After checking with Luis about the suit, Lang discovered that it was no longer at his house, but soon realized it was at his daughter's school. Arriving at Cassie's school, van Dyne and Lang suited up so they could sneak into it and steal the previous Ant-Man suit that was in Lang's trophy from Cassie. After shrinking themselves down so they could stealthily fly through the school, Lang's suit began to malfunction, due to it still being worked on by Pym, and not completed, causing Lang to grow, but not to his full size.

Van Dyne teasing Scott Lang about his size

When children were coming out of their classes, Lang and van Dyne hid in the closet and she witnessed as he then grew, no longer fitting in the room, much to van Dyne's amusement. She then inspected Lang's belt, and attempted to fix it, but was only able to revert him back to his normal size for a moment, before he shrunk down again. Seeing levity in Lang's problem, van Dyne teased him about it, jokingly saying if Captain America could only see him now.

Van Dyne rejoices in tracking down the lab

Unable to fix Lang's suit, van Dyne gave Lang a hoodie to disguise him as a child, so they could proceed with the mission. Reaching Cassie's classroom, van Dyne continued to tease Lang about his current problem, as he couldn't reach the top shelf. Acquiring the suit, van Dyne and Lang made their escape, and returned to the van, where she was joined by Pym in making fun of Lang. Using the regulator's diffraction units, they were able to track down the lab.

Van Dyne and Scott Lang talk about Germany

Arriving at the location of the lab, van Dyne and Lang suited up once more so they could steal it back, and prepare for another fight to possibly occur. As they got ready, Lang happily acknowledged how he and van Dyne had teamed up twice on the same day, leading van Dyne to reflect on their former relationship and what it would be like now if Lang hadn't left her to go to Germany. Lang then asked van Dyne if she would have come with him if he had asked, which she replied that they'll never know, but she could guarantee that if she did, he wouldn't have been arrested. Van Dyne then shrunk herself down, and flew out of the van, heading for the hideout.

Van Dyne finds Ghost sleeping in a chamber

As van Dyne and Lang infiltrated the hideout, Pym informed them that he wasn't picking up anything on the monitors due to an electronic disturbance, so they had to be careful. The two discovered Ghost sleeping inside a chamber, away from her suit, so they decided to hurry while she was still asleep. They found the lab, but when they enlarged to take it, van Dyne quickly noticed that Ghost was now gone from the chamber. Before either of them could act, Ghost appeared and knocked the two out.

Van Dyne learns about Ava Starr's problem

Ghost also knocked Pym unconscious, and the three were tied up together. Van Dyne and Pym were woken up by Ghost, who was named Ava Starr, and they discovered that Foster was working with her. Starr revealed that Pym had fired her father, which resulted in not only her parent's deaths, but also rendered her in a permanently unstable state. Since then, Starr and Foster had been trying to find a cure, only to discover what they had been working on.

Van Dyne steals back the Mobile Laboratory

Foster proceeded to explain that from learning about Lang's entanglement with Janet van Dyne, they could extract quantum energy and use it to repair Starr's molecular structure. However, this would kill Janet in the process, which they could not allow Starr and Foster to do, so Pym faked a heart attack to stop them. Van Dyne was in on it, so she begged Foster to open the Altoids tin, allowing giant ants to burst out and free them. Van Dyne defeated Starr with her stingers and stole the lab back, and the three made their escape.[2]

Locating her Mother

Van Dyne helps repair the Quantum Tunnel

"You'd think with all this time to prepare I'd be more ready."
"Oh, going subatomic isn't something you can prepare for. It kind of melts your mind."
"I mean seeing my mom again."
―Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang[src]

Heading to the Muir Woods, the three enlarged the Mobile Laboratory and began fixing the Quantum Tunnel, so they could be ready to open it up again.

Van Dyne is comforted about her mother

As van Dyne and Scott Lang adjusted the relays, van Dyne expressed her nervousness about not being ready, which Lang thought was about going subatomic. However, van Dyne corrected him in that it was about seeing her mother again after all this time. Van Dyne worried if her mother was going to be a different person, or worse, not even remember her, but Lang comforted her, revealing how he never forgot about his daughter when in prison.

Van Dyne and Hank Pym open the Tunnel

Once they were ready, van Dyne and Hank Pym activated the Tunnel, telling Lang to be ready for any sort of message Janet may send him. Unfortunately their celebration was cut short when the Tunnel suddenly stopped, so van Dyne and Pym tried to find the problem. They noticed Lang using the computer, but soon realized it was actually Janet possessing his body. Shocked to be reunited with her mother, van Dyne watched as Janet began fixing the Tunnel.

Van Dyne is briefly reunited with her mother

Van Dyne figured out that Janet had put an antenna in Lang's head, and she continued to watch as her mother helped her family track her down in the Quantum Realm. They were soon able to successfully locate Janet, and she told her family to find her within the next two hours, otherwise she'll be lost for an entire century. Van Dyne promised her mother that she would find her, and they prepared to enter the Quantum Realm.[2]


Van Dyne and Hank Pym arrested by the FBI

"What're you two just standing around for? We gotta go find that lab."
―Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang[src]

Before they could enter the Quantum Realm, Scott Lang informed van Dyne and Hank Pym that Ghost and the FBI knew their location and were coming soon, forcing them to shut down the Quantum Tunnel. As van Dyne and Pym were doing so, Lang, who they were mad at, had to leave and return to his house.

The FBI arrest van Dyne and Hank Pym

Once they shut everything down, van Dyne and Pym exited the Mobile Laboratory and went to relocate. But, when Pym shrunk the lab down, they found themselves surrounded by FBI agents, and the father and daughter were then arrested. Before they were driven away, van Dyne and Pym overheard agents mention that an agent was killed and that the lab was missing, which they realized was Ghost. The two were then taken into FBI custody, where they were told they'd have to wait an hour, which they did not have.

Van Dyne is impressed by Scott Lang's rescue

Fortunately, van Dyne had hidden a hairpin in her mouth, which she used to free her and Pym from their handcuffs. Van Dyne had also snuck a Pym Particles Disk, which she intended to use to shrink a wall and make their escape, despite their bad odds. But before they could, van Dyne's Wasp Suit appeared, which was because Lang had come to rescue them. Van Dyne suited up, and she and Pym managed to escape the FBI's custody, joining Lang in their van.[2]

Chase for the Mobile Laboratory

Van Dyne, Pym and Lang formulate a plan

"In case I don't make it back..."
"Don't. Don't say that. I can't lose you, too."
"I love you, Hope."
Hank Pym and Wasp[src]

As they drove away, Hank Pym revealed that he had put a new tracker on the Mobile Laboratory, and he communicated with Ants to guide them to its location. Finding the lab, the three discussed the plan, noting that they didn't have long before Janet van Dyne's location would shift. As Scott Lang attempted to make a plan, Pym said he would be the one entering the Quantum Realm, so van Dyne and Lang could fight Ghost and protect him.

Wasp is complimented on her suit by Luis

The three were joined by Luis, who was stationed with Wasp in the van, as they waited for the ants to disable the Quantum Tunnel. Luis complimented Wasp's suit, expressing how he wished he had one. They were then notified by Pym that Ghost and Bill Foster had been drawn away from the lab, allowing him to enter the Quantum Realm. Before Pym went in, he told Wasp he loved her, in case he didn't make it back, and she then shrunk the lab and drove away with it.

Wasp tactically defeats Sonny Burch's fleet

Having retrieved the lab, Wasp and Luis went to meet up with Ant-Man at the rendezvous point, but were stopped when Sonny Burch and his goons pulled up in front of them. With their plans changed, Wasp engaged in a chase with Burch, using the van's shrinking capabilities to maneuver and take out his fleet of cars. Leading Burch's goons to Lombard Street, Wasp was able to take out the remainder of the cars.

Wasp fires disks upon Sonny Burch's goons

Ant-Man joined them in the van, but when more goons approached on motorbikes, Wasp decided to deal with them herself. Wasp fired a Pym Particles Disk from her stingers to shrink one of the goon's bike, but was unable to get the others due to the van's unsteadiness. So, Wasp threw Luis' Pez dispenser out and enlarged it, knocking out the remaining goons on bikes. But, Ghost had found them, and she phased inside the van, kicking Wasp out and stealing the lab.

Wasp and Ant-Man fighting against Ghost

Wasp managed to follow Ghost, who had stolen a truck, so she flew down to her, and entered the vehicle. Growing full size, Wasp and Ghost fought each other, both using their own abilities to avoid each other's attacks, until they were joined by Ant-Man, who grew himself, and punched Ghost in the face. This caused her to lose the lab, which Wasp went after, but Ghost followed her. Before the two went to continue fighting, Burch drove up behind them, knocking Wasp backwards, allowing Burch to steal the lab and drive away.

Wasp fighting against Sonny Burch's goons

Burch and his goons began chasing Luis, as he had the remote for the lab, so Wasp pursued them to save Luis. Breaking into the car that was going after Luis, Wasp once again used her superior skills to fight and knock out each of the goons in the car, causing it to crash. Running out of time, Wasp then joined up again with Luis in his car, and they went to meet up with Ant-Man, who went to steal back the lab from Burch, who was attempting to get away.

Wasp trying to save Ant-Man from drowning

Arriving at the docks, Wasp and Luis discovered Ant-Man in his giant form, which she realized was making him exhausted, as they witnessed him pass out and fall into the ocean. Wasp told Luis to get the lab somewhere safe, as she went to save Ant-Man before he drowned, due to the suit not having enough air. Wasp dove into the water and attempted to wake Ant-Man up, but failed, so she repaired his regulator, causing him to shrink.

Wasp passionately kissing Ant-Man

Desperately searching through in the water, Wasp managed to locate Ant-Man, grabbed him, and carried him out of the water, so he could get some air. Wasp then brought the unconscious Ant-Man to the surface and grew him back to his normal size. Soon, Ant-Man awoke, much to Wasp's relief, as she then immediately and passionately kissed him.[2]

Reunited with her Mother

Wasp and Ant-Man arrive to stop Ghost

"We found you. I missed you so much."
"I missed you too, Jellybean."
―Wasp and Janet van Dyne[src]

Wasp and Ant-Man then rushed into the Mobile Laboratory, which had been enlarged to stop Ghost from disrupting their plans. Reaching the Quantum Tunnel, the two noticed that Ghost had already started to extract the energy from the Quantum Realm, so they disabled her Quantum Energy Chamber so that Janet van Dyne wouldn't be torn apart.

Wasp being saved by Ant-Man from being hit

While Wasp was fixing the Tunnel, Ghost knocked away Ant-Man, and was heading for her, so Wasp attempted to fire her stingers at Ghost to keep her away, but she phased through them. Wasp then engaged Ghost in hand-to-hand, soon joined by Ant-Man, and the two partners overpowered their opponent using teamwork. But, Wasp was soon knocked down by Ghost, right as Quantum Vehicle returned, which was going to drive through Wasp and Ghost. So, Ant-Man grew himself and saved Wasp before she would be hit.

van Dyne is finally reunited with her mother

The Quantum Vehicle crashed, knocking Ghost away, and van Dyne and Lang witnessed as Janet stepped out of it. The mother and daughter became overwhelmed with emotions and hugged each other upon finally being reunited. Van Dyne told her mother that she missed her so much, which she reciprocated, calling her by her nickname, Jellybean. Hank Pym came out of the wreckage, so Wasp went to hug him, being glad that he was safe, too.

Van Dyne and her allies make their escape

Suddenly, Ghost got back up, so van Dyne went to deal with her, but was stopped by her mother. They all watched as Janet approached Ghost and held her face, using her powers to temporarily heal her. Luis then entered the lab, revealing that the police were on their way to their location. To distract the FBI, Lang planted his suit in its giant form to lead them away, and van Dyne recovered it, once they were able to shrink the lab. and they escaped in Luis' Van.[2]

Thanos' War

Partners Again

Van Dyne meets Cassie Lang

"I wanted to be his partner. But he said he wants you."
"Is that so?"
Cassie Lang and Hope van Dyne[src]

With Scott Lang no longer under house arrest, and her feelings about him being changed, van Dyne decided to resume her relationship with him. One night, van Dyne joined Lang and his daughter, Cassie Lang in a shrunken car to watch a movie from a laptop, and she asked Cassie what she wanted to be when she grew up, which she responded that she wanted to help people like her father. Cassie then revealed that Lang wanted van Dyne to be his partner, which made her happy.[2]


Van Dyne prepares Scott Lang for his task

"Preparing for re-entry in five... four... three-"
―Hope Van Dyne to Scott Lang[src]

Van Dyne and her family kept their promise to Ava Starr and they built a smaller Quantum Tunnel in Luis' Van, where they planned to harvest Quantum energy to make a cure. Lang was set to enter the Quantum Realm, so van Dyne gave him the Quantum Energy Collector she had been working on, and informed him how it worked.

Van Dyne is a victim of the Snap

She joined her parents as they stood by and counted down Lang’s entry. Once he finished collecting, he notified van Dyne who began to count down his re-entry, when suddenly she, along with her parents, disintegrated.[5]

Battle of Earth

Wasp joining the battle

"Get it started, we'll get the stones to you."
"We're on it, Cap."
Captain America and Wasp[src]

Five years later, as a result of the Blip, van Dyne was restored to life. She was then contacted by the Masters of the Mystic Arts to help fight in the battle against an alternate Thanos and his army. She suited up as the Wasp and flew through a portal opened up for her, teleporting her to the ruins of the Avengers Compound.

Wasp stands alongside the assembled heroes

She then stood alongside the assembled heroes as Steve Rogers proceeded to lead the charge. She shrunk down and flew at the alien army, using her stingers to take them out, as well as her combat abilities when resuming normal size.

Wasp with Ant-Man

Eventually, van Dyne met with Lang, but was unable to have a real reunion with him, as Rogers told them they would bring the Nano Gauntlet to them. Van Dyne confirmed they'd get it done, calling him "Cap," just like Lang and they shared a smile with each other.

Wasp assists Captain Marvel during the battle

Van Dyne and Lang shrunk themselves down, and van Dyne carried Lang to Luis' van. Once they arrived at the van, they sat in the front seats, and began activating the Quantum Tunnel, which required Lang to hot-wire the van. Afterwards, van Dyne returned to the battle and joined Captain Marvel, who was tasked with carrying the Gauntlet, and other female heroes as they faced off against a horde of the army.

Wasp, Pepper Potts, and Shuri fight alternate Thanos

As Danvers neared the van, alternate Thanos charged her, but was stopped by the combined blasts from van Dyne, Pepper Potts, and Shuri, knocking him down. However, alternate Thanos used his sword to destroy the van. The battle concluded when Tony Stark stole the Infinity Stones and used them to wipe out alternate Thanos and his army, which cost him his own life.[6]

Van Dyne reunites with Scott and Cassie Lang

All the heroes, including van Dyne, knelt before Stark, out of respect for his sacrifice.[7] After the battle, van Dyne and Lang returned to San Francisco and went to Maggie Lang's House to have a real reunion together with Cassie, who was now five years older. The three sat outside together and watched the fireworks going off to celebrate the return of people following the Blip.

Van Dyne attending the funeral for Tony Stark

A few days later, despite only just meeting him as an ally in battle, van Dyne, along with her restored parents and Lang, attended Stark’s funeral at his home. The four stood together and watched Potts and her daughter walk to the lake, where they placed Stark's Arc Reactor, sending it adrift.[6]

Renowned Hero

Following her role in the Battle of Earth, van Dyne became known to the world as the superhero Wasp. Thus, she garnered fans who dressed as her in cosplay.[8]


"You know, the honest truth is, I actually went from despising you to almost liking you."
"You really should write poetry."
―Hope van Dyne and Scott Lang[src]

Hope van Dyne demonstrated a focused and determined personality when she was able to utilize the EMP Communication Device to control the Ants with ease and proved herself a hyper-competent hero when compared to Scott Lang. Van Dyne is also very snarky, as shown when she mocked Lang by calling him "princess" or "useless" when he acted incompetent. Van Dyne is generally self-assured and blunt, being brutally honest about Lang's poor hero skills and his friends' unimpressive thieving reputation. In spite of her candid demeanor, she does try to motivate Lang by encouraging him, tutoring him and telling him that he's not that much of a failure when he did eventually improve. Van Dyne even grew to respect Lang and becomes proud of him when he demonstrates that he learned what she has been teaching him. She eventually became romantically affectionate towards Lang but showed slight embarrassment for it.

Van Dyne had a strained relationship with her father following her mother's apparent death, but after he revealed the truth, reconciled with him and even during the strain asked his help in stopping Darren Cross from enacting his plans. She was very much closer to her mother than her father during her childhood, but she loved both of them as she resented Pym for keeping her away after her mother seemingly died.

Some of Pym's cynical nature rubbed onto van Dyne as well. Her relationship with Lang had gotten strained following the latter using their technology to help Captain America violate the Sokovia Accords and seemingly "destroyed" the Ant-Man Suit. She was initially still angry at him and gave him cold responses up until the point where Lang revealed he had in fact saved it. The two soon mended their relationship, with Lang even wanting her as a partner.

Powers and Abilities


"You go low, I go high."
"I have wings; why would I go low?"
Ant-Man and Wasp[src]
  • Wasp Suit Capabilities: van Dyne had been gifted the Wasp Suit by her father, Hank Pym, who had finally decided to tell her the truth about her mother and former Wasp, Janet van Dyne. Wasp then worked together with Pym to create weapons and an upgraded suit fit to her liking.
    • Size Manipulation:

      Wasp increasing in size to attack a goon

      Similar to the Ant-Man's suit, van Dyne is able to reduce herself to the size of an insect by using Pym Particles in the belt of the suit to distance her atoms, effectively compacting her physical structure and allowing her to shrink down whenever necessary. She still maintains her regular sized strength and durability while in a reduced scale as the process amplifies the amount of force she can generate and increases her density. Additionally, the process of altering size compresses force and energy, manifesting as brief shockwaves of vibration around the target, which briefly augments her force and momentum as she returns to normal size.
      • Superhuman Strength: When decreased in size, van Dyne possesses a certain degree of superhuman strength, able to easily overpower enemies when shrunken down. The momentum of her attacks also appears to be increased. As she shrinks and regrows in an instant, the power behind her attacks, combined with her already superhuman strength and combat skills, allow for her to defeat the most skilled of combatants within a fraction of a second.
      • Superhuman Durability: When decreased in size, van Dyne's body is hyper-compressed, and is much resistant to injury, enough to survive falls from great heights and other impacts that would injure or kill even normal sized humans. She was notably capable of taking blows from the extremely dangerous Ghost.
    • Superhuman Speed: While wearing her suit, van Dyne can fly 125 miles per hour.[9]
    • Enhanced Reflexes: The suit improves van Dyne's reflexes to avoid faster attacks.[9]
    • Flight:

      Wasp flying in the air

      By utilizing four artificial insect-like wings, van Dyne can fly at impressive speeds and maneuver with great agility with ease, as evidenced when a knife was thrown at her while she was shrunken down. She was able to fly from the center of San Francisco to Fisherman's Wharf in a matter of minutes. She can also use the wings at full-size as blunt-force weapons.
    • Energy Blast: van Dyne can fire bolts of energy from the wrists of her gauntlets. They are powerful enough to blast burning holes in reinforced materials, incapacitate the Ghost mid-phase, and knock a man unconscious. Her gauntlets were later upgraded before the Snap, now able to fire constant streams of concussive energy, powerful enough to push back the likes of Thanos during the Battle of Earth alongside Shuri and Pepper Potts.
    • Insect Manipulation: Through the use of the EMP Communication Device given to her by her father, van Dyne can use electromagnetic waves to communicate and control insects, primarily ants. The device uses electromagnetic waves to mimic pheromones and stimulate the olfactory nerve center of insect-sized organisms.


"It wasn't a message you put in Scott's head. It was an antenna."
"Clever girl. I'm so proud of you."
Hope van Dyne and Janet van Dyne[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect:

    van Dyne working on the Quantum Tunnel

    Raised by Hank Pym, van Dyne is an expert in many fields of science. Hope seemingly carries her own father's passions in chemistry and physics, which explains why she seemed confident in her understanding of the Ant-Man Suit to the point that she thought she could wear it to take down Darren Cross.
"So, while you were relaxing at home... we were building this. It's a tunnel. To the quantum realm."
―Hope van Dyne to Scott Lang[src]
  • Expert Scientist: Van Dyne is a highly skilled scientist, specializing in physics and chemistry.
  • Expert Businesswoman: Van Dyne's business acumen has risen to the point she was able to secure for herself a stable position in Pym Technologies' board. She possessed enough power in the company to have the deciding vote to remove Hank Pym, the company's founder and CEO, from the company.
"Hope trained in martial arts at a difficult time."
―Hank Pym to Scott Lang[src]
  • Master Martial Artist:

    Wasp fighting against Ghost

    Van Dyne has trained in martial arts since she was a child, training Scott Lang in combat skills and fighting techniques, enabling him to become Ant-Man. Her martial arts prowess came in handy when she finally took the mantle of the Wasp. Van Dyne employs a mixed martial art including elements of muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Judo, kickboxing, and aikido.
  • Master Acrobat: Van Dyne incorporates gymnastics and acrobatics into her fighting style as she battles opponents, notably dodging a knife thrown at her while shrunken, then using it as a platform to continue her assault.



  • Glock 17:

    Van Dyne aiming her gun at Darren Cross

    Van Dyne took one of these guns from one of the security guards holding both her and her father Hank Pym at gunpoint. Van Dyne tried to dissuade Darren Cross from killing her father, but she was disarmed by one of the guards when Ant-Man stormed into the room and disabled the rest of the guards. Despite van Dyne disabled another guard herself, she could not prevent Cross from shooting Pym in the shoulder.

Other Equipment

  • EMP Communication Device: Earpieces made by Hank Pym that allow Hope to control insects, which she and Pym trained Scott Lang to do.
  • Wasp Suit: A prototype for an upgraded version of her mother's shrinking suit was given to her by her father so that she could become the new Wasp. Like the Ant Man suit, it can manipulate its wearer's size while simultaneously enhance both the wearer’s density and strength, allowing for her to gain superhuman strength and near-invulnerability when shrunk.



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Appearances for Hope van Dyne

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  • In the comics, Hope Pym appears in the MC2 continuity, set in the future of the classic Marvel Universe, and is known as the supervillain Red Queen.
    • She was later adapted into the main comics continuity as Nadia Pym, daughter of Hank Pym and his first wife, Maria Trovaya, who was taken to the Red Room by the Winter Soldier (at time when he was brainwashed) and raised to become a Soviet agent, ultimately becoming the new iteration of the Wasp after managing to escape from that Room. In Russian, the name Nadia translates to "hope."
  • Hope van Dyne is the third character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have taken over the mantle of a former superhero, preceded by Scott Lang and Robbie Reyes.

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