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"I don't want to celebrate something that was built by slaves."
"I'm sure the Washington Monument wasn't built by... Okay. Enjoy your book."
Michelle Jones and Roger Harrington[src]

The Washington Monument is an obelisk on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., built to commemorate George Washington.


Morning Jogging

Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson jogging

In 2014, while residing in Washington, D.C. as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve Rogers often went for a morning run around the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool. During one of his runs, he met Sam Wilson, who was also going for a morning jog, and teased Wilson every time he passed him.[1]

Rescue at the Washington Monument

The decathlon teams heads to the Monument

"If I'm seen like this in Europe, after the Washington Monument, my whole class will figure out who I am."
Spider-Man to Talos[src]

In 2016, following the Decathlon, Roger Harrington took Ned Leeds, Flash Thompson, Liz Toomes, and other students to the Washington Monument. Michelle Jones, however, refused to go up to the top, not wanting to visit a building that had been built by slaves. Harrington did not agree with her but once a security guard somewhat affirmed Jones' words, he left her outside.

A Chitauri Energy Core explodes inside

Before they entered the elevator, Leeds was called by Peter Parker who told him to get rid of the Chitauri Energy Core only to have his phone snatched up by Toomes to question Parker why he missed the Decathlon. At the top of the Monument, the Core exploded, damaging part of the building and elevator support system, trapping several of the Academic Decathlon team members inside the elevator.

Spider-Man ascends to the top the Monument

Wearing the Spider-Man Suit, Parker arrived at the Monument to save them and leaped up to scale the monument. As Spider-Man was halfway up, Karen notified him that he had less than two minutes to save them as the support system would fail, thereby putting all of the elevator's occupant in fatal danger. Spider-Man asked Karen how to get into the Monument, and she activated the Spider-Drone to scan the Monument and notifying him that the southwest window was the optimal entry point.

The Metropolitan Police Department respond to the crisis

Spider-Man then reached the window and tried to kick the window open, only for Karen to alert him that the window was comprised of ballistic glass. Spider-Man then shot a web and tried to swing himself into the window, although he only managed to crack the glass. His efforts to save his classmates were hindered when the Metropolitan Police Department showed up in a helicopter, warning him to return to the ground immediately and threatening to open fire.

Spider-Man reaches the tip of the Monument

Spider-Man responded by climbing to the very tip of the Monument and then leaped off, gliding over the helicopter, and then fired a web to the tail of the helicopter and used his newfound accelerated momentum to crash through the glass. As he entered the monument, the elevator's cables snapped and began to plummet down the shaft; however, Spider-Man shot a ricochet web that snagged the elevator and briefly managed to stop the elevator from falling by bracing himself against the elevator doors. When the doors gave in, Spider-Man fell down the shaft and landed on the elevator, but quickly used his Web-Shooters to keep himself, and everyone inside the elevator from danger.

Spider-Man saves the elevator's occupants

Using his webs as a pulley, Spider-Man pulled the elevator back to the top, allowing Harrington and Leeds to escape. However, the webs supporting the elevator broke free, sending Toomes plummeting before Spider-Man caught her with his web. As he brought her back to the top, he asked if everyone was okay while Karen advised Spider-Man to take the opportunity to kiss Toomes. However, the web supporting Spider-Man snapped and he fell down the elevator shaft.[2]



  • In the comics, the Washington Monument was destroyed in a series of terrorist attacks.


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