The Warsong was a spaceship used by Valkyrie on Sakaar. It was destroyed when the Revengers escaped from Sakaar and were chased by the Sakaaran Guards.


Capture of Thor

Warsong Valkyrie

Valkyrie kills the Sakaaran Scrappers with the Warsong

After Thor fell on Sakaar, he was found by a group of Sakaaran Scrappers who intended to take him as food. However, Valkyrie arrived with the Warsong and demanded that Thor to be delivered to her. When the Scrappers refused and intended to attack, Valkyrie remotely activated the weapons systems of the spacecraft and killed the Scrappers. She then brought Thor aboard the spaceship and took him away to sell him to the Grandmaster.

Later, Valkyrie flew the Warsong above the Grand Arena to watch the duel between Thor and Hulk.[1]

Escape from Sakaar

Warsong Damaged

The Warsong ship being damaged by Topaz

After joining the newly founded team of the Revengers, Valkyrie agreed to come back to Asgard to fight Hela. Valkyrie took Bruce Banner aboard the Warsong and flew the spacecraft while the Sakaaran Guards were chasing the Commodore piloted by Thor. Valkyrie put the Warsong right under the Commodore and ejected Banner out of her ship so he could join Thor on the Commodore. Meanwhile, the Warsong was pursued by Topaz, who managed to damage one of the reactor, prompting Valkyrie to leave the ship before it was destroyed. The Warsong then exploded, although Valkyrie managed to escape the blast.[1]


  • The name of the spaceship is a reference to an ancient Norse poem about the Valkyries.[2]
  • The colors of the Warsong are a reference to the National Maori Flag.[2]



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