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"Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. Surely you've heard the tales. Hogun the Grim, Fandral the Dashing, and I, Volstagg the Svelte."

The Warriors Three were a team of elite Asgardian warriors, composed of some of the best warriors of Asgard.



When Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun met and became good friends, they decided to form the Warriors Three, protecting the people of Asgard from whatever threat came their way.[1] The Warriors Three would join Thor, Lady Sif and Loki during their visits to Earth in the 11th century, where they witnessed the Norse people worship them as gods due to his abilities.[2]

Virtue Challenge

In 1521, when the Virtue Challenge was held after a dispute between Loki and Brunok, the Warriors Three decided that they would participate in secret just for fun. The Warriors Three were able to successfully complete the first mission, retrieving a bone from the Treasureyard of the Wolves, while fairies showed them their deepest fears.

The Warriors Three made it to the second mission, to steal an egg from a hawk who lives at the top of a tall mountain, and not letting it break throughout the rest of the challenge. They formulated a plan for Fandral to acquire the egg from the high mountain, testing his wisdom, while Volstagg provided him with advice, as Hogun distracted the hawk, luring it away from the nest.

However, both Fandral and Hogun fell, causing the egg to be dropped and cracked on Volstagg's head, as he caught Fandral, but not Hogun who landed on both of them. The Warriors Three were joined by Thor, Loki, and Sif, who were surprised to see them participating in the challenge.

While the other team went to retrieve the egg, the wolves appeared and chased the Warriors Three because Volstagg cheated, retrieving a second bone to sell when he got back to Asgard. Volstagg threw the bone back into the woods, and the wolves left. When the other team returned, Sif gave Fandral an egg, having collected two to show mercy, and they all rode to the final challenge.

When they arrived at the Old Mine, they were joined by another team led by Brunok, and they all boasted about their findings. When Loki appeared with the Cup of Glory, a fight broke out between the teams over who should have it, resulting in the mountain coming down on all of them. Later, they realized that the cup was not meant for any of them, and they managed to escape from the mountain. When they came across Haldier, he attempted to steal the cup, attacking them all, outmatching the Warriors Three.

After Thor defeated Haldier, the cup was destroyed by Odin and dispersed throughout the galaxy. The Warriors Three joined Thor, Loki, and Sif around a campfire and discussed their own status as legends.[3]

Thor's Coronation

The Warriors Three jest amongst themselves

"Remember, we are the Warriors Three."
Fandral to Hogun[src]

The Warriors Three attended Thor's coronation to become the King of Asgard. Fandral teased Volstagg about his hunger, with Volstagg jokingly threatening to hit him. Hogun remained silent despite Fandral's teasing, as Sif challenged Fandral to keep quiet.[2]

The Warriors Three during the coronation

When the ceremony began, the Warriors Three took their places besides Odin, as they watched Thor make his entrance. When Thor reached the throne, he looked over to his friends, who proudly looked to the soon-to-be King. However, the ceremony was disrupted when Frost Giants infiltrated the weapons vault, stopping Thor from becoming King.

The Warriors Three are convinced to join Thor

The Warriors Three and Sif found Thor in the dining hall, enraged by the interruption to becoming King. Thor then decided that they should go to Jotunheim to get revenge for their attack. The Warriors Three attempted to defuse Thor, but he convinced them to accompany him, reflecting on what he has done for them in the past.[1]

Attack on Jotunheim

The Warriors Three join Thor, Loki and Sif

"The Warriors Three fight together."

Along with Thor, Loki and Lady Sif, the Warriors Three prepared to head to Jotunheim collected their weapons and discussing getting past Heimdall. After traveling down the Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall allowed them to pass, transporting them to Jotunheim.

The Warriors Three retreating from Jotunheim

Upon arriving in Jotunheim, the Asgardians came across the Frost Giants, and a battle ensued. The Warriors Three managed to defeat multiple Frost Giants, however, there were too many of them, as they proceeded to get surrounded by oncoming hordes. During the fight, Fandral was severely injured by getting impaled, so the Volstagg and Hogun went to save him. Realizing that they were outmatched, they decided to retreat, but Thor insisted on staying to fight.

The Warriors Three are returned to Asgard

The battle was ultimately ended when Odin arrived from the Bifrost Bridge, although a war between him and Laufey had now been started. All of the Asgardians then returned to Asgard, and Odin ordered them to take Fandral to the healing room while he spoke with Thor, and exiled him to Earth.[1]

Thor's Banishment

The Warriors Three discuss Thor's banishment

"We must find Thor."
"It's treason."
"To hell with treason, it's suicide."
Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg[src]

The Warriors Three were informed of Thor's banishment as they healed and rested from the recent fight. Along with Lady Sif and Loki, they all discussed Odin's actions, and how he came to know where they were, which Loki revealed he informed a guard before they left, to their shock. They attempted to convince Loki to change Odin's mind, but he refused, leading to Hogun to suspect him being a traitor as mentioned by Laufey.

The Warriors Three speak with King Loki

Seeking to speak with Odin about Thor's banishment, the Warriors Three and Sif were shocked to discover Loki sitting on the throne due to his father falling into the Odinsleep. With Loki acting as King of Asgard, they kneeled before him and pleaded that he end Thor's banishment. However, the new King refused, much to their irritation, although they accepted his orders to avoid angering Loki and left.

The Warriors Three discuss returning Thor

Concerned over the fate of Asgard and their friend, the Warriors Three and Sif discussed what they're next move should be. Hogun suggested that they find Thor and bring him back, although the other Warriors believed it to be incredibly risky. Volstagg stopped their discussion, believing Heimdall could be watching, only to be proven correct when a guard informed them to meet with the Gatekeeper.

The Warriors Three are called before Heimdall

Meeting Heimdall in Himinbjorg, the Gatekeeper addressed their desire to defy Loki's commands and bring Thor back to Asgard, which they admitted to. However, to their surprise, Heimdall allowed them to execute their plan, although not actually open the Bifrost Bridge for them. However, the Bifrost was activated and the Warriors Three and Sif were transported to the location Thor was sent to on Earth.

The Warriors Three and Sif arrive on Earth

Upon their arrival, Hogun immediately spotted a nearby town and headed towards it while Volstagg and Fandral discussed how to track Thor, unaware of Hogun's discovery. Sif then alerted the two of the town, so they all then made their way.[2] When the Asgardians reached the town, they received many strange looks from the locals due to their armor and weapons, including two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who reported them.

The Warriors Three reunite with Thor on Earth

After searching the town, they soon found Thor inside a building and joyfully greeted their friend. When the entered, Volstagg introduced themselves to Thor's human friends, who were amazed by their presence. Thor then told them that they should not have come, believing his father to be dead, but they revealed that he was still alive, and that Loki had lied to him.[1]

Battle of Puente Antiguo

The Warriors Three approaching the Destroyer

"Keep it distracted."
Sif to the Warriors Three[src]

Suddenly, they all noticed the Destroyer's arrival out in the desert, which they understood Loki had sent to kill them. The Warriors Three were eager to engage in the battle, although Thor informed them he was unable to help fight. As the others helped with the evacuation, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif approached the Destroyer.

The Warriors Three during the battle

Sif asked the Warriors Three to keep the Destroyer distracted, so Fandral and Hogun threw Volstagg at it, only for him to be knocked away. Fandral and Hogun went to rescue Volstagg as Sif attacked the Destroyer, although it was not effective and fired upon them. When the Warriors Three went to rescue Sif, they were then blasted away, crashing into a building.

The Warriors Three see Thor become worthy

Seeing that they were outmatched, Thor ordered the Warriors Three to retreat back to Asgard to stop Loki, so they began to leave with Sif and the Humans. However, they noticed Thor confront the Destroyer, so they stopped and watched as it killed Thor. At that moment, Mjølnir flew to Thor, reviving him, allowing him to defeat the Destroyer, to their delight.

The Warriors Three returning to Asgard

Having become worthy and regained his abilities, Thor informed his allies that they needed to go to the Bifrost site to return to Asgard and stop Loki. After Thor flew away with Jane Foster to the site, The Warriors Three were driven to the site in Foster's van. When they arrived at the site, after some delay, Heimdall opened the Bifrost Bridge, and the Asgardians were returned to Asgard.

The Warriors Three during the celebration

When they entered Himinbjorg, they found Heimdall in a weakened state, so the Warriors Three took him to the healing room as Thor dealt with Loki. With Odin having awoken from his Odinsleep and reclaimed the throne of Asgard, the Warriors Three, and Sif attended a celebration for Thor's return. During the celebration, the Warriors Three told the guests of their battle against the Destroyer and jesting with each other.[1]

Protecting the Nine Realms

"To our left, savage beasts with fangs like knives! To our right, soldiers of fortune, their blades dripping with blood. And who was there to face the horde but Fandral the Dashing."
"I was."
"Hogun the Grim, and Volstagg the..."
Volstagg, Fandral and an Asgardian woman[src]

When Thor brought Loki back to Asgard after he invaded Earth, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif were members of Odin's retinue. With the Rainbow Bridge still destroyed, Marauders took advantage of this, and chaos ensued within the Nine Realms. To protect the Nine Realms, the Rainbow Bridge was repaired and the Warriors Three listened as Thor gave a speech before the upcoming battles.[4] During one battle, the Warriors Three found themselves surrounded by a massive horde of enemies, but were able to come out victorious.[5]

Battle of Vanaheim

Fandral and Hogun fighting the Marauders

"Do we have a plan here?"
"Stand and fight!"
"Have you considered turn and run?"
Fandral and Hogun[src]

Vanaheim was the final realm still affected by the war, so the Warriors Three, along with Lady Sif went to bring an end to the ongoing battle.

Thor allowing Hogun to stay on Vanaheim

The Warriors Three fought valiantly against the Marauders, killing many of them, although the battle proved to be incredibly strenuous. The Warriors Three continued to fight, being led by Hogun's strong determination to protect his home planet. They were soon joined by Thor, who helped them win the battle after defeating the Kronan Marauder. With the battle over, the Nine Realms were nearly at peace, so Thor allowed Hogun to stay with his people on Vanaheim.[6]

Second Dark Elf Conflict

Volstagg and Fandral fighting the prisoners

"It's as if they resent being imprisoned!"
"There's no pleasing some creatures."
Fandral and Volstagg[src]

Volstagg and Fandral returned to Asgard with Thor, and attended a celebration, where Volstagg told tales of the Warriors Three's battles. Later Volstagg and Fandral would defend the Asgardian Dungeons during the Sacking of Asgard, and go on to help Thor break Loki out of Asgard to defeat Malekith.[6]

The Arrival of Hela

Volstagg and Fandral are killed by Hela

"Who are you? What have you done with Thor?"
Volstagg to Hela[src]

Following Odin's death, Hela sought to rule Asgard and arrived in Himinbjorg after travelling through the Bifrost Bridge. Hela was met by Volstagg and Fandral, who were stationed there, in which they demanded to know where Thor was. However, Hela immediately stabbed Volstagg and stopped Fandral from attacking by stabbing him too. Hela then introduced herself and finished the two off.

Hogun is ultimately impaled and killed by Hela

Leading a company of Einherjar, Hogun confronted Hela upon her arrival to arrest her. Hela introduced herself to the Asgardians, expressing her plan to reclaim the throne of Asgard, however Hogun warned her to surrender. Instead, Hela engaged in a massive battle with Hogun and the Einherjar, defeating all of them. Hogun was the last one alive, and he attempted to kill Hela, but she impaled him, killing him, thus putting an end to the Warriors Three.[7]


Deceased Members

Volstagg the Svelte

  • Name: Volstagg
  • Species: Asgardian
  • Activity: 1521 - 2017
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: To be added

Fandral the Dashing

Fandral profile.jpg
  • Name: Fandral
  • Species: Asgardian
  • Activity: 1521 - 2017
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: To be added

Hogun the Grim

  • Name: Hogun
  • Species: Vanir
  • Activity: 1521 - 2017
  • Status: Deceased
  • Description: To be added



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