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"New York is next. And the only thing keeping Manhattan from crumbling to a pile of dust... is the four of you."
Stick to the Defenders[src]

The War for New York was a conflict between the Defenders and the Hand for the fate of New York City.


"Believe it or don't, the fact remains that the city you're sworn to protect is ground zero in a war it doesn't even know is happening, that hole is just the start. So you can kill, die or sit on your ass and watch Hell's Kitchen burn but this war is bigger than you or me or any of our problems."
Stick to Matt Murdock[src]

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Duel of Phnom Penh

"We've been chasing the Hand for months. We finally get a lead on a guy who can supposedly help us, and we get there just in time to watch him die."
"It is not your fault."
"I let that woman escape."
Iron Fist and Colleen Wing[src]

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New York City Earthquake

"Those tremors that shook up the place, they're nothing compared to what comes next. The Hand's done it before. Pompeii, Chernobyl. Events the history books like to call catastrophes, just cover-ups. 'Cause New York is next. And the only thing keeping Manhattan from crumbling to a pile of dust... is the four of you."
Stick to Defenders[src]

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Attack on John Raymond

"I know damn well what is happening here; I know too much. And next, they'll come after my family."
"Who's "they"? Who do you think is after you?"
"I can't tell you, I... This... this is not me. I'm a good man. Make sure you tell her that."
John Raymond and Jessica Jones[src]

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Attack on the Wall of the Chaste

"The Chaste is my army?"
"Was. They're all dead now."
Iron Fist and Stick[src]

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Ambush at the Wall of the Chaste

"I got clocked."
"By White Hat?"
"No. I don't know who he was. But when he hit me, it felt like a sledgehammer. He had this hand. I think it glowed."
Luke Cage and Claire Temple[src]

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Escape from Midland Circle

"I tried being a one-man army, and it failed. But this... This feels like something else is at work here. The four of us show up to fight a criminal organization at the same moment? How obvious does it have to be? This... This cannot be an accident."
Iron Fist to Defenders[src]

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Ambush at the Royal Dragon

"We work together, we walk out of here alive."
Stick to Defenders[src]

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Rescue of Trish Walker

"The Iron Fist has a new partner in his fight. Daredevil."
"Are you sure? Daredevil has not been active in this city for a while."
"I saw him with my own eyes."
Murakami and Madame Gao[src]

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Kidnapping of Iron Fist

"You can't have him, girl."
"You no longer get to tell me what to do."
Stick and Elektra[src]

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Assassination of Alexandra Reid

"Well, this may come as a bit of a shock, but I don't care about the Hand. I care about the substance. Because from now on, nothing will stand in my way. Not even death."
Elektra to Bakuto[src]

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Destruction of Midland Circle

"I know what you want, but you're not gonna get it. Because unlike you, my master taught me loyalty."
"Ah, that's why you're still chained to your master. You're gonna fail here, just as you failed K'un-Lun. You should've heard the way they screamed when I killed them."
Iron Fist and Elektra[src]

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Daredevil's Recovery

"He had no intention of making it out alive. Matt said something before he told us to leave. He said “Protect my city.”"
Iron Fist to Defenders[src]

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