The War Machine Armor: Mark VII was the seventh armor used by James Rhodes, created as a replacement to the War Machine Armor: Mark VI.


Battle of Earth

Rocket Raccoon & War Machine

War Machine and Rocket Raccoon join forces

War Machine Armor: Mark VII was larger and bulkier than its predecessors, and also had a more unique color scheme, using more blue and red tones reminiscent of the Iron Patriot armor.

The Mark VII armor was constructed before 2023, and stored at the New Avengers Facility. During the Attack on the New Avengers Facility, James Rhodes was trapped underground with the damaged Mark VI armor. Ant-Man found the suit before responding to his comrades' cries for help. After Ant-Man saved Rhodes, he gave him the Mark VII armor, which Rhodes used during the Battle of Earth.[1]


  • Superhuman Durability: The War Machine Armor Mark VII gives its user enhanced durability.
  • Superhuman Strength: The armor amplifies the pilot's strength to superhuman levels.
  • Flight: Standard since the Iron Man Armor: Mark II, the Mark VII War Machine armor possesses advanced flight capabilities.
  • Built-In Walking Aid: The War Machine Armor Mark VII allows for the semi-paralyzed James Rhodes to walk.


  • Repulsors: The Armor has repulsors in the palms as is standard with all suits.
  • Unibeam: A more powerful version of the hand repulsors mounted on the chest.
  • Bomb Dispensers/Missile Launchers: Similar to the Mk IV, the armor contains dual collapsible miniature bomb and missile dispenser stored on the shoulders and back on either side.
  • Dual double barreled back cannons: The armor contains two red double barreled, possibly drum fed, cannons stored on its back, an upgrade from the standard singular machine gun.
  • Forearm Guns: The armor contains a smaller version of the back cannon on either forearm, as well as the standard Mk III and Mk IV forearm gun on the opposing side.
  • Missile Launchers: The armor contains four-five miniature missiles on the anterior and posterior forearms.
  • Thigh Bomb Dispensers: The armor contains micro bombs similar to the Iron Man Armor: Mark VII explosives stored on each thigh.


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