The Mark IV War Machine Armor was the fourth armor used by James Rhodes during the Battle of Wakanda. It was created sometime after the Avengers Civil War, as a replacement to the Mark III War Machine Armor, which was damaged by Vision at the Clash of the Avengers.



The armor was built by Tony Stark sometime after the Avengers Civil War. As a result of the injuries James Rhodes had suffered during the conflict, the Mark IV armor was significantly more armored around the torso and lower back than its predecessor so as to allow its pilot to walk and better protect the Arc Reactor.[1]

Battle of Wakanda

When Thanos began collecting all of the Infinity Stones, Heimdall sent Bruce Banner back to Earth so as to warn the planet. After Doctor Strange had been abducted for the Time Stone, Banner went to the New Avengers Facility to warn Rhodes before a wounded Vision arrived in tow with the rogue Avengers. Needing to safely separate the Mind Stone from Vision, the group made their way to Wakanda for Princess Shuri's aid. Though Shuri confirmed she was capable of doing so, the intricacy of its connection to Vision's body meant that the process would take a significant amount of time.

War Machine in battle at Wakanda

War Machine fighting the armies of Outriders

When the Black Order arrived with an army, Rhodes donned his armor and served as a frontline aerial soldier performing bombing raids on the Outriders and unleashing his artillery on the troop transports. Bolstered by the arrival of Thor, the Earth forces began beating back the invaders and slay the Black Order. The concurrent Battle of Titan however had gone poorly with Thanos managing to claim the Time Stone and soon arriving to claim the last stone. War Machine unleashed his weapons at the warlord only to have his projectiles vaporized by the Space Stone's energy field before the same stone created powerful compression forces around the armor, grounding it.

After Thanos used all six stones to wipe out half of all life in the universe, Rhodes had recovered enough to rejoin his fellows in shock at the scope of their failure.[1]


  • Superhuman Durability: The War Machine Mk.IV gives its user an enhanced durability, which appears to have been further enhanced from its predecessor as a response to the near-crippling injuries its pilot suffered when that armor fell to Earth due to a friendly fire accident. During the Battle of Wakanda, the Mark IV armor was durable enough to withstand the tremendous force of Cull Obsidian's hammer, melee attacks from the Outriders, and a crash landing with no damage to the pilot. Its durability was best exemplified however when it remained operational following being subjected to the power of the Space Stone.
  • Superhuman Strength: The armor amplifies its pilot's strength to superhuman levels.
  • Flight: Standard since the second Iron Man armor, the Mark IV War Machine armor possesses advanced flight capabilities capable of outpacing both the EXO-7 Falcon and the Wakandan hover boats.
  • Built-In Walking Aid: Allows for the semi-paralyzed James Rhodes to walk.


  • Repulsors: The War Machine Armor MK IV has repulsors in the palms.
  • Unibeam: A more powerful version of the hand repulsors mounted on the chest.
  • Bomb Dispensers: The War Machine Armor MK IV has two bomb dispensers in the back of the armor.
Infinity War 182

War Machine shooting at multiple Outriders

  • Machine Guns: The War Machine Armor MK IV also has multiple machine guns in the armor's gauntlets, and one in the back.
  • Missile Launchers: The War Machine Armor MK IV has multiple missile launchers in the armor's back and chest.


  • The War Machine MK IV Armor bears an insignia of the United States Air Force on the legs of the armor.
  • Similar to the models before it, the Mark IV has its numerical designation painted onto the right arm.


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