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"He has a War Dog tattoo."

The War Dogs Tattoo is a tattoo given to select Wakandans on their inner lower lip to mark them as members of the War Dogs.


Key to Wakanda

"I gave you a key hoping that you might see it someday."
N'Jobu to Erik Killmonger[src]

Prince N'Jobu of Wakanda, who was on a War Dog mission in Oakland, California, eventually met and fell in love with an American woman, with whom he sired a son, Erik Stevens. Giving him the Wakandan name N'Jadaka, N'Jobu wished to bring Stevens to Wakanda; however, fearing that he would not be able to, N'Jobu gave his son a War Dog tattoo so that he could use it to gain safe passage into Wakanda someday.[1]

Zuri's Secret

"Prove to me you are one of us."
Dora Milaje to N'Jobu[src]

In 1992, King T'Chaka visited his brother N'Jobu in Oakland. His Dora Milaje asked N'Jobu to prove that he was a Wakandan, and N'Jobu showed them his War Dogs tattoo. After N'Jobu was revealed to have conspired with Ulysses Klaue to steal a quarter ton of vibranium, N'Jobu's friend James revealed his War Dog tattoo, announcing himself as Zuri, a fellow Wakandan.[1]

Killmonger's Reveal

"An outsider?"
"No, a Wakandan."
Shuri and Okoye[src]

After Ulysses Klaue worked with N'Jobu's son Erik Killmonger, Killmonger eventually betrayed him and tried to kill him. After he mortally wounded Klaue, Klaue taunted, telling him he would never be accepted into Wakanda. However, Killmonger then revealed his War Dog Tattoo. Klaue was stunned, and mentioned to Killmonger that he thought that he was just another dumb American before Killmonger shot him.

Killmonger then made his way to Wakanda, dragging Klaue's body. After encountering the Border Tribe, Killmonger relinquished Klaue's corpse to W'Kabi, who asked Killmonger who he was. Killmonger then revealed his War Dog Tattoo, and gaining passage into the country, was brought in front of the Tribal Council as they were stunned that an outsider possessed a Wakandan tattoo.[1]

Alternate Universe Versions

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