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The War Against PRIDE was an attempt by the Runaways to stop their parents from killing children, after they witnessed the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez in the basement of the Wilder Mansion.


Recruiting Members

While serving a prison sentence, Geoffrey Wilder and his lawyer, Catherine Henderson, were approached by Jonah, who offered him a deal in real estate that could only be fulfilled from the outside. Wilder offered his friend, Darius Davis, to share in the reward from this deal in exchange for confessing to Wilder's crimes so that Wilder can be released, and Davis accepted.[1] Jonah later gave the Wilder and Henderson, who had since married each other, a home in Brentwood.

Jonah spent some time gathering other couples throughout Los Angeles and giving them gifts of wealth. This included Leslie Dean, Frank Dean, Tina Minoru, Robert Minoru, Victor Stein, Janet Stein, Dale Yorkes, Stacey Yorkes, Gene Hernandez, and Alice Hernandez. Together, they founded a charity organization called PRIDE, which eventually proved to be a front for the real purpose of collecting these people: Jonah expected yearly sacrifices in order to remain alive in his human body, as he was actually a member of the alien Gibborim race. The first victim was Brooks Watten, who was in Leslie's church, thus starting the Ultra Project. PRIDE was horrified, yet Leslie informed them that if they didn't continue to sacrifice teenagers for Jonah, the alien would kill their children.

At one point, Frank discovered that Leslie was having an affair with Jonah, so PRIDE decided to use the Synnergy Serum to erase his memory and kick him out of PRIDE.[2]

As PRIDE held their yearly meetings downstairs, their children, Alex Wilder, Amy Minoru, Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes, and Molly Hernandez, would play together in the main parts of the house, unaware of their parents' criminal activities. This became a tradition that the children treasured, becoming close friends.[3]

Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez

While doing research for PRIDE, Alice and Gene Hernandez studied rocks from Gibborim as well as the construction site that Jonah had PRIDE digging in, discovering that continued digging would result in earthquakes powerful enough to destroy Los Angeles. They filmed their observations on a VHS tape and hit it in a locker at a train station. They left a note for they daughter, Molly, saying "Find Elian," a reference to the time Molly had left her stuffed elephant, named Elian, on the train and her father took her to the next stop to get it. They left the note and key to the locker with Molly's cousin, Graciela Aguirre, to give to Molly in the event of their death. Leslie and found out about their discovery and thought that the Hernandezes could be a problem.

As the Hernandezes continued to study, they once took Molly to the lab with them and tried to ask the Yorkeses to talk to them in person, but soon after, Leslie set off a bomb in the lab, killing the Hernandezes. Molly's exposure to the Gibborim Rock as she played with it protected her.[4]

Assassination of Amy Minoru

As the kids got older, PRIDE continue to make their yearly sacrifice. One day, while Alex Wilder and Amy Minoru were together in Timely Coffee playing games on their computer, when Amy complained of lagging. Wilder offered to help, and discovered that her mother was tracking what she did on her computer. Amy turned this off and decided to get revenge. She hacked her mother's company, Wizard, accidentally setting off an alarm. This forced Amy to confess to Kincaid, a Wizard employee. Jonah worried that Amy had discovered the videos of all of PRIDE's sacrifices, which had been backed up to a Wizard server. Jonah went to the Minoru Mansion in order to kill Amy, and Leslie tried to warn her by sending an anonymous text. Jonah walked in on her while she was packing and killed her, making it appear to be a suicide.[5] Her corpse was discovered the next day by Nico who attempted to call 911, although Tina had stopped her. Instead, she called a dirty LAPD cop, dirty cop , who worked for PRIDE, much to Nico's confusion and dismay.[6]

When Wilder didn't attend Amy's funeral, the rest of the kids started to fight about many things, eventually ending their friendship.[3]


Two years later, Alex Wilder attempted to get everyone back together on the night of a PRIDE meeting, but they all refused. However, the plans they did have proved to be bad experiences, so they went to the Wilder Mansion anyway after he texted them a picture of the group from before Amy Minoru's death. While PRIDE prepared to sacrifice Destiny Gonzalez, the group decided to talk everything out rather than continue to fight, and Chase Stein decided that he would not have that conversation over, so he went to Geoffrey's study in order to look for alcohol. While looking, Alex insisted that Chase Stein use a cupholder, but when he tried to give him one, he accidentally triggered a secret door that lead to the basement where PRIDE performed the Rite of Blood. The kids went into the basement and witnessed Destiny Gonzalez's sacrifice. Molly Hernandez tried to take a picture of it, but the flash from her cameraphone alerted PRIDE to their presence, so they fled upstairs. Alex turned off the electricity so that their parents would think the flash was due to a power surge, and the kids pretended to be in the middle of a game of Twister so that the Wilders wouldn't suspect anything.[3]


The parents greed that Destiny Gonzalez was the hardest sacrifice yet, since all of their kids are now the same age as their sacrifices. Meanwhile, the kids looked to Molly Hernandez's picture for help, yet it was too blurry to clear anything up.[7]

Assassination of Destiny Gonzalez

After all the other parents had left, Victor Stein stayed behind to check his invention, the Dematerialization Box used to perform the sacrifices, but discovered that it had failed and Gonzalez was still alive. He killed Gonzalez and disposed of her body so as not to be discovered. However, Jonah did not get rejuvenated by her death, since it wasn't in the Dematerialization Box.[7]

Beginning the Investigation

The kids met at the beach the next day in order to form a plan, and were split about whether Destiny Gonzalez had really died the previous night, since Karolina Dean had received a text from Gonzalez talking about a trip to Europe. They decided to investigate their parents.

Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes investigated Victor Stein's laboratory, suspecting that the Dematerialization Box was there. They used a pair of x-ray glasses to find it, but Gonzalez was not inside. Meanwhile, Robert and Tina Minoru planned a date night and invited Nico Minoru, but she encouraged them to go alone, giving her the chance to investigate her mother's weapon, the Staff of One. She got it and started looking at a paper snowflake made by her sister, causing it to snow in the room.

Meanwhile, Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder thought that Molly Hernandez may have witnessed the sacrifice, so Catherine confronted Hernandez, who told her that Molly was meant to stand guard while the older kids raided the Wilder's liquor closet. Catherine believed the lie and offered to tell Molly about her birth parents.

Karolina Dean tried to call Gonzalez, but did not get an answer. Nico called Alex for help making the snow stop, but it stopped as soon as Alex touched the Staff of One. Stein and Gert Yorkes went to investigate the latter's basement, where her parents conduct experiments often, and opened the door to a deinonychus, who escapes the house. As WHiH World News reported on Gonzalez's death, PRIDE realized that they needed another sacrifice.[8]

Kidnapping of Potential Victims

After Victor Stein failed to get a new victim, PRIDE sent him out again, this time with Robert Minoru. Leslie Dean informed PRIDE that Jonah was getting increasingly unwell, and that the sacrifice needed to be soon. They found a sleeping homeless man and tried to quietly put him in their van, but the man woke up and attacked them, leading to their arrest.

Meanwhile, Nico decided to tell the police about Destiny Gonzalez's death and that she is suspicious that PRIDE may have also killed her sister, so she and Alex Wilder go to the District 27 West Side Station. While waiting for an officer, Nico saw Stein and Robert being escorted by Detective Flores, the same man who led Amy's case. Nico and Wilder concluded that PRIDE owned the police, and therefore telling them would be fruitless.[6]

Trying to Leave

Meanwhile, Stacey and Dale Yorkes searched for the deinonychus, with no avail. They discussed their backup plan to move to the Hernandez Ranch in Yucatán and escape PRIDE for good, but decided it would be impossible without warning their daughters, Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez, finding the dinosaur, and selling the Synnergy Serum.

However, Kincaid found out about the ranch and told his employer, Tina Minoru, who went to the Yorkes Residence and told them not to leave, rather to stay and continue to work for PRIDE.[6]

Finding the List

Trying to find a valid explanation, Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes went to the Dean Mansion and found Leslie's laptop, with information on the Ultra Project. However, the file was encrypted, so Yorkes uploaded it to an R2D2 flash drive gifted to her by Alex Wilder, so that Wilder can decrypt the file and see everything that was on it. He succeeds, revealing a file called "Runaways," which has a list of victims of the Rite of Blood, including Destiny Gonzalez.[6]

Sacrifice of Andre Compton

Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru planned to call their friends about their discovery, but the barista at Timely Coffee told Alex that his car alarm was going off, so he went outside to turn it off, and was kidnapped by Darius Davis, looking to settle a score with Geoffrey.[6]

Davis called Geoffrey and demanded one million dollars as ransom cash, as the children used the Staff of One to guide them to Alex. Meanwhile, Chase and Victor Stein worked together on a weapon of Chase's design called the Fistigons. Chase was too caught up in the moment of his previously abusive father working with him to notice Yorkes calling him about Alex.

While Davis and his crew, the Crips, waited for Geoffrey, Alex talked to a young boy, Andre Compton, about why he's in the crew. Compton explained that while Alex and other Brentwood kids had no shortage of money, Compton's family was desperate, and he wanted to go to college. Geoffrey showed up with a weapon and opened fire on the crew, and Compton was about to kill Geoffrey, when Alex used a gun stolen from his father's study to shoot Compton. While the children, with Chase, fought Darius using their various superpowers, Geoffrey tended to Compton.

After Darius was defeated, Alex ran back to Geoffrey's car, and found him putting Compton in the backseat. Alex wanted to call an ambulance, but Geoffrey insisted on a different plan, so Alex realized that Geoffrey intended to sacrifice Compton. He returned to Timely Coffee, where the kids discussed their newfound superpowers, and asked for help saving Compton. The group agreed, and ran into the basement of the Wilder Mansion, but did not find Compton.

Instead, Compton was being sacrificed inside Leslie's private meditation room at the Church of Gibborim, right next to Jonah's Dematerialization Box.

The children then discovered a video camera in the basement, which had recorded all of the sacrifices and uploaded the videos directly to the server at Wizard.[1]

Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters

PRIDE had a gala at Wizard Headquarters in honor of their charity work. The kids used this as an opportunity to access the server in order to obtain the videos. Wanting to learn more about her birth parents, Molly Hernandez realized there might not be much more time to talk to Catherine Wilder, so she sent her a text. Meanwhile, Gert Yorkes distracted the guard, Earl, who was reading Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, by discussing the book. As Alex and Nico Minoru went to the server room, Jonah tried to have Leslie Dean introduce him to Karolina, his daughter. Karolina had stolen a bottle a vodka and was on the roof of Wizard Headquarters, discovering her ability to fly.

Yorkes continued to distract the guard at the elevator, along with Kincaid, by playing a Star Wars themes arcade game, as Alex and Nico discover that there is no way to access the servers from the server room, so they instead go to Tina's office, where they successfully retrieve the videos of the sacrifice in an encrypted file.

In the gala, Victor Stein revealed to the public that he knew about an affair between Robert and Janet, causing Tina to return to her office out of emotional distress. Alex and Nico managed to escape and reunite with the others.

Needing information, Hernandez spoke to Catherine, accidentally revealed that she knows about the Rite of Blood and witnessed it, concerning the Catherine and Geoffrey. Hernandez opted not to tell the other kids about her slip-up.

Jonah then approached Frank and had a conversation with him, which concerned Leslie.[2]

Atlas Academy Open House

Alex Wilder was still working on decrypting the file, and Geoffrey and Catherine attempted to determine whether Alex had also witnessed Destiny Gonzalez's sacrifice. Meanwhile, Leslie Dean was delivering prayers for an elderly man, Calvin, who was dying. Frank arrived and used the Gibborim Healing Gloves gifted to him by Jonah to save the man's life. This angered Leslie, concerned that members of the Church of Gibborim might see him as a healer, something Frank wanted to happen.

That day, Atlas Academy held an open house for parents to attend. All of the members of PRIDE attended with their kids, who got into a fight after Molly Hernandez revealed what happened when she spoke to Catherine. Meanwhile, Frank was setting a new office, when he found a desk originally belonging to David Ellerh, Leslie's father. In one of the drawers, he discovered a photo of Leslie in eighth grade, standing next to Jonah, appearing the same as he does in the present day. Frank went to the open house and confronted Leslie about this, and she confessed to her affair with Jonah and that he was the deity worshipped by the Church of Gibborim.

Also during the open house, the Wilders approached Stacey and Dale Yorkes about Hernandez witnessing the sacrifice, and convince them to force her to move to Montebello, where she can stay with her cousin, Graciela Aguirre. Hernandez wasn't happy about it, but the Yorkeses forced her to do it anyway.[9]

Trying to save Victor Stein

Later that night, Chase Stein continued working on the Fistigons, but Victor had returned to his abusive ways and used them to attack Chase, sending him flying through the window. Victor was about to kill Chase, when Janet shot him in the chest.[9] PRIDE united to help him, and the children comforted Chase, while Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru waited for the data gathered from the Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters to decrypt. Jonah arrived at the Stein Mansion and demanded somebody in PRIDE sacrifice themself in order to save Victor, and Robert was about to do it when Tina used the Staff of One to destroy the second Dematerialization Box. Jonah then resurrected Victor by closing his box and putting him into a Healing Algorithm, where his mind could survive while his body healed.[5]

Finding Evidence

While Molly Hernandez was with Graciela Aguirre, Aguirre gave her a key and note that said "Find Elian," claiming that they were from her parents Gene and Alice. Although Hernandez had Elian, her stuffed elephant, with her, she recalled a time when she lost Elian on a train, and her father drove them to the next train station in order to find it.

Inspired by this memory, she asked Aguirre to take her to the nearest train station, but Aguirre refused, saying that it was too late and would do it in the morning. However, Hernandez left through her bedroom window and went anyway, taking the key. She found the corresponding locker and took out a VHS tape. Nico Minoru went through Amy's bedroom and found her cell phone, which she plugged in. It later revealed a text which read: "He found out. LEAVE THE HOUSE NOW!!!".

Meanwhile, as Alex Wilder finished decrypting the file from Wizard's server and discovered videos of all of their parents sacrifices over the years, which provided the proof needed to put PRIDE in jail. However, since PRIDE was the only thing keeping Victor Stein alive, Chase didn't want the videos getting out, so he destroyed the laptop.[5]

Karolina then decided that it was time to fill in Frank Dean, who said that it was time to let him, an adult, take over the fight against PRIDE.

The next day, Molly found the other kids at Atlas Academy, and they all watched the VHS tape together. In it, the Hernandezes warn Molly that the PRIDE Construction Site is digging in such a place that could cause earthquakes powerful enough to destroy Los Angeles.[4]

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

The Runaways, as Alex Wilder decided to name them after the sacrifice victims despite the others deeming it too dark, decided to use the Atlas Academy dance as a cover to go to the PRIDE Construction Site and stop the drilling. Jonah turned on the drill as Darius Davis watched from outside.

At the Church of Gibborim, Frank Dean told Jonah that the Runaways knew about PRIDE's sacrifices and their plan to stop the drilling. As the Runaways arrived at the dance and then headed towards the construction site, Jonah told PRIDE about what the kids were doing. When the Runaways arrived, they discovered that Jonah had fired Geoffrey's security in favor of Church of Gibborim security, so Karolina had the guard, Carl, confirm with Frank that their presence is allowed. Frank confirms it while sitting right next to Jonah, driving him to the construction site.

As Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes shut down the drill and Molly Hernandez and Nico Minoru worked on filling the hole, PRIDE arrived.[4] The two groups fought, including the dinosaur, which Yorkes named Old Lace. Jonah arrived and fought Karolina, resulting in her abduction.[10]

On the Run

After the Runaways escaped the PRIDE Construction Site, they decided to rescue Karolina Dean, who was being held at the Church of Gibborim. They regrouped in the woods, and Alex Wilder called Darius Davis in order to ask for money, which Davis lent him. Meanwhile, PRIDE talked about their unhappiness at all of the secrets they had kept from each other. Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder determined that, in order to protect their children, they would frame the kids for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez. This forced them to run away, despite their plans to flee the state.[10]

The kids became wanted, but the LAPD failed to find them, rather finding kids who vaguely resembled them. The actual Runaways ended up in a chase after Mike on a Bike, as they struggled to get money. Alex offered to work with Davis in order to get more money, and Davis had Wilder paint his unborn child's bedroom.[11]

Assassination of Graciela Aguirre

The Runaways watched a WHiH World News report, in which Graciela Aguirre stated that PRIDE was full of horrible people, revealing that she had the tape made by Alice and Gene Hernandez. Stacey and Dale Yorkes went to Aguirre's house to recover the tape, intending to use the Synnergy Serum on her immediately after, but Aguirre destroyed the tape and continually shot at the Yorkses, until Tina Minoru arrived and killed her.

The Runaways arrived to warn her shortly after, but quickly discovered they were too late. They took her money and fled. That night, Nico led a Wiccan funeral for her, which the entire encampment participated in.[11]

Discovering the Hostel

The Runaways eventually found Mike on a Bike and chased him again, this time recovering the Fistigons with Old Lace's help. During this chase, they discovered an abandoned mansion, which they named the Hostel and made their home. As PRIDE confirmed that Jonah was dangerous and Tina Minoru and Geoffrey Wilder became leaders, the Runaways made themselves at home.[11]

Infiltration into the Minoru Mansion

Deciding that they need to arm themselves against their parents, the Runaways worked on getting weapons. Karolina Dean and Molly Hernandez accompanied Nico Minoru to the Minoru Mansion, where she recovered the Staff of One after fighting with Tina. However, this permanently damaged the relationship between the two.[12]

Rescue of Alex Wilder

As Alex Wilder continued to work for Darius Davis he started to develop a romantic relationship with his employer's sister-in-law, Livvie. Davis called Geoffrey, offering him Alex in return for partial ownership of the PRIDE Construction Site.[12] Davis and Geoffrey both delivered on their end of the deal, much to Alex's anger. Alex called Nico Minoru on his phone, as the Runaways intercepted the Wilders at the Van Nuys Airport, stopping them from leaving with Alex. Meanwhile, Davis went to a Gordon Hotel room that Geoffrey had booked for him, where Catherine was waiting for Davis behind Geoffrey's back. In order to clear the Runaways' names, she killed Davis and framed him for Destiny Gonzalez's murder.[13]

Infiltration into Atlas Academy

As Topher arrived at the Hostel, Alex Wilder decided to use him to help steal a supercomputer that he needs in order to make a plan to stop the drilling. Topher began following Alex's instructions and retrieved the supercomputer as an earthquake caused an evacuation at Atlas Academy. Gert Yorkes tried to get anxiety medication from the school nurse, Wilson, but the nurse called the Yorkeses to confirm, making PRIDE aware of the Runaways' presence at school. The Runaways managed to escape and return to the Hostel.[14]

Infiltration into the Church of Gibborim Executive Office

Jonah needed a new sacrifice for Victor Stein, so he attacked Geoffrey Wilder and put him in the Dematerialization Box. The Runaways heard about Jonah's need of a new sacrifice from Janet. They went to the Church of Gibborim to stop the sacrifice, taking Geoffrey prisoner themselves. Chase wanted to also save Victor, but Alex concluded that the container keeping him in the Healing Algorithm appeared to be the only thing keeping Victor alive, so they decided against it.[15] Geoffrey told the Runaways that Jonah planned to launch his spaceship regardless of the danger and gave them a timeline, so the group decided to shift their focus to defeating Jonah, rather than their parents.[16]


This permanently damaged the relationship between the Runaways and all of their parents, despite connections that still existed. As the Runaways shifted focus away from their parents, Nico Minoru killed Jonah, although the alien that was possessing Jonah's body fled before it could be killed and instead possessed Victor Stein.[16]


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