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The War Against Jonah was an effort by Runaways and PRIDE to stop the Magistrate and his family from returning to the planet Gibborim, which would have major consequences.


In prehistoric times, the Gibborim Magistrate and his family crashed on Earth, with the Magistrate being the only one able to escape while his kin remained trapped under the surface of the Earth.[1] Left with no other choice but to wait until Humanity attained sufficient technological advancement, the Magistrate possessed several hosts to survive.[2]

Forming PRIDE

While serving a prison sentence, Geoffrey Wilder and his lawyer, Catherine Henderson, were approached by Jonah, who offered him a deal in real estate that could only be fulfilled from the outside. Wilder offered his friend, Darius Davis, to share in the reward from this deal in exchange for confessing to Wilder's crimes so that Wilder can be released, and Davis accepted.[3] Jonah later gave the Wilder and Henderson, who had since married each other, a home in Brentwood.

Jonah spent some time gathering other couples throughout Los Angeles and giving them gifts of wealth. This included Leslie Dean, Frank Dean, Tina Minoru, Robert Minoru, Victor Stein, Janet Stein, Dale Yorkes, Stacey Yorkes, Gene Hernandez, and Alice Hernandez. Together, they founded a charity organization called PRIDE, which eventually proved to be a front for the real purpose of collecting these people: Jonah expected yearly sacrifices in order to remain alive in his human body, as he was actually a member of the alien Gibborim race. The first victim was Brooks Watten, who was in Leslie's church, thus starting the Ultra Project. PRIDE was horrified, yet Leslie informed them that if they didn't continue to sacrifice teenagers for Jonah, the alien would kill their children.

At one point, Frank discovered that Leslie was having an affair with Jonah, so PRIDE decided to use the Synnergy Serum to erase his memory and kick him out of PRIDE.[4]

As PRIDE held their yearly meetings downstairs, their children, Alex Wilder, Amy Minoru, Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes, and Molly Hernandez, would play together in the main parts of the house, unaware of their parents' criminal activities. This became a tradition that the children treasured, becoming close friends.[5]

Upon discovering that their parents perform a yearly sacrifice to Jonah as members of PRIDE, the children formed the Runaways in order to prove their parents guilty of murder. This led to a long conflict between the two groups.[6][7]


Attack on Jonah

Robert Minoru sneaked into the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and tried to kill Jonah using Inhibitor Pods he invented. However, Aura and Frances saved Jonah, who brought Minoru back to PRIDE angrily.

Because of this, Jonah demanded another sacrifice, so he kidnapped Geoffrey Wilder in order to use him.[8] The Runaways saved Wilder and learned from him that Jonah planned to excavate his spaceship from the ground at the PRIDE Construction Site, regardless of the negative effects it could have. Therefore, the Runaways decided to focus their efforts on Jonah rather than their parents, who were also working to stop Jonah. They designed equipment that could destroy the spaceship, the Anti-Gravity Device and the Anti-Gibborim Serum. Meanwhile, Karolina Dean discovered that the Magistrate's family was in the spaceship, so she convinced the Runaways to rescue them before destroying it.[9]

Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site

The Runaways and Geoffrey Wilder were the first to arrive at the PRIDE Construction Site. While Alex and Geoffrey took down the guards and Gert Yorkes stood watch, Karolina Dean, Nico Minoru, Molly Hernandez, and Chase Stein went into the hole that was being drilled in order to save the Gibborim in the spaceship. Chase tried to use his recently upgraded Fistigons to cut into the ship, but it kept regenerating. Leslie Dean and Jonah then arrived, and Gert failed to warn them due to bad phone reception.

Jonah instructed Karolina to leave the hole and ordered Xavin to launch the ship. Karolina brought Chase and Molly out of the hole, and Jonah tried to launch the ship with Nico still there, prompting anger from Robert. Nico left the hole on her own using the Staff of One. Gert, Alex, and Geoffrey rejoined the group, as Jonah offered Karolina a chance to leave Earth with him. Karolina refused, so Jonah told Xavin to launch faster, causing earthquakes in Los Angeles.

PRIDE and the Runaways quickly reacted. Nico and Tina both tried to use the Staff of One, but Nico passed out and Tina discovered that the Staff of One no longer works for her. Victor told Chase to use the Fistigons while Karolina protected him from Jonah. Victor used the distraction to fire an Anti-Gravity Device invented by Janet. Hernandez hit Jonah with a metal bar, incapacitating him long enough for Dale and Stacey to fire an Anti-Gibborim Serum at the ship. This sparked the destruction of the ship, which outraged Jonah. Nico dipped the Staff of One into the Anti-Gibborim Serum and stabbed Jonah with it, causing him to die. However, he left his host, leaving the host to die alone. The Runaways then returned to the Hostel, believing their fight against Jonah to be over.[9]

New Hosts

In reality, the fight was only beginning. When the spaceship was destroyed and Jonah was apparently killed, the Magistrate's family possessed new people. The Magistrate possessed Victor Stein, his wife possessed Stacey Yorkes, his daughter possessed Tina Minoru,[10] and his son possessed Alex Wilder[11] Xavin also escaped and began looking for Karolina Dean, believing herself to be the subject of a prophecy, destined to marry Karolina.[12] The Gibborim fight for control over their hosts. While PRIDE chases the Runaways throughout Los Angeles, the Magistrate, his wife, and his daughter won the fight and took complete control of their hosts.[10]

Meanwhile, Xavin showed up in the Hostel and revealed herself, explaining her backstory to the Karolina. She stayed at the Hostel with Leslie while the Runaways were being chased, but joined the fight when she realized the Magistrate was there. The Magistrate quickly knocked her unconscious and then took Karolina. He also took Janet and Chase and put all three of them in the Healing Algorithm, planning to sacrifice them if necessary. The Magistrate's Wife scared Dale, so he took Gert and Old Lace to a cabin.[10] Dale trained her in using Old Lace and then let her return to the Runaways, but first they had to incapacitate the Magistrate's Wife, who had found them when Stacey took control back.[13][14]

Infiltration into the Stein Mansion

While Xavin and Molly Hernandez distracted the Magistrate's family, Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder ran into the Stein Mansion, where the Gibborim have been living and keeping Chase Stein, Karolina Dean, and Janet Stein. Minoru entered Dean's Healing Algorithm world and Wilder enter Janet's where she and Chase have figured out that they're in the algorithm thanks to various glitches in the algorithm.[15]

When the Magistrate and his family returned, Wilder and Minoru had to hide in the closet. Minoru had dropped the Staff of One, however, which the Magistrate picked up.

Janet, Chase, and Dean managed to reunite in the Healing Algorithm and tried to find a way to escape. When the Magistrate realized this, he started lowering the oxygen in Chase's tank, which started to kill him. Dean used her powers to effect the real world, restoring the oxygen, and Minoru left the closet and began to fight the Magistrate, who destroyed the Staff of One. While Minoru and the Magistrate started physically fighting, Wilder worked on breaking the prisoners out of the Healing Algorithm.

Gert Yorkes, Old Lace, Xavin, and Molly Hernandez arrived and helped in the fight. The Magistrate was eventually trapped using Inhibitor Pods. Wilder successfully rescued Dean and Chase, but did not have enough time to rescue Janet, who sacrificed herself and became part of the Healing Algorithm.

The Runaways left the Magistrate to die, and he was later saved by his daughter. The Magistrate's family then activated a beacon to their home planet.[11]

Search for the Magistrate's Son

While Alex Wilder talked to his mother and Leslie Dean rested, Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes, Molly Hernandez, Nico Minoru, and Xavin went to the Minoru Mansion in order to get more Inhibitor Pods, so they could determine which one of them was the Magistrate's Son. After recovering the technology, Gert insisted that they wait to all take the test at the same time. However, the group was fighting, so they took it in a public park where no-one could kill anybody, and determined that none of them were the Magistrate's son, meaning it must have been either Wilder or Leslie.

The Runaways returned to the Hostel in order to give Leslie and Wilder the test, but both were missing, so Stein checked the security camera he set up, and discovered that the Magistrate's son had possessed Alex Wilder and taken Leslie Dean.[11]

Chase of the Magistrate's Son

The Magistrate's Son stopped at Randy's Donuts and called his father, offering him Leslie Dean's unborn child in return for his own freedom.[11] The Magistrate accepted the offer, and his son killed the clerk in the donut store for fun as he took the donuts. Dean's water broke, and the Magistrate's son took her to Tamar's house, since the hospital would take too long.

Leslie told Tamar that she didn't trust Alex Wilder, so she had Tamar call text Karolina and tell her where she was. Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes created weapons which could be used to kill a Gibborim, and they went to Tamar's house. While the Magistrate's son attempted to kill Tamar, the Runaways showed up, resulting in a chase between him, Minoru, and Karolina. Minoru cornered him, but the son manipulated her into letting him go.[16]

Battle at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant

Xavin looked through the Abstract and discovered that the Magistrate and his family had activated a beacon to be picked up. While Molly Hernandez thought this was a good thing, Xavin explained that if the Magistrate's family returned, the Gibborim would send a team to kill everyone the Magistrate and his family had contact with. Leslie Dean read through her father's journal and found that the prophecy Xavin was fulfilling was about motherly love, rather than romantic love. So, she instructed Xavin to take her child to her home planet using the Gibborim's portal. The Magistrate's son then stole the child and brought it to his family.

The Runaways arrived at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant, where the Magistrate and his family started the portal. They scattered in order to separate the Runaways, leading to various fights. Gert Yorkes and Hernandez fought the Magistrate's Wife, Chase Stein fought the Magistrate, and Nico Minoru fought the daughter. Xavin disguised herself as the Magistrate in order to recover the child and left through the portal.

The Magistrate's family all attacked the Runaways at once, overwhelming their defense. Morgan le Fay then spoke to Minoru, telling her that the only way to save them was to use the Staff of One. She recovered a fully formed version which came out of her chest, and used a spell to send everybody their to the Dark Dimension, including the hosts of the Gibborim, defeating the aliens once and for all.[16][17]


By sending everybody to the Dark Dimension,[17] Nico Minoru opened the door between worlds and allowed Morgan le Fay to come to Earth and being her plan to take over both worlds.[18]


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