The Wall of the Vanished is a memorial to fallen citizens located in San Francisco, who turned to dust or went missing after the events of Snap.


The Wall of the Vanished was erected in San Francisco sometime between 2018 and 2023, consisting of a large number of marble slabs engraved with the names of people who died or disappeared as a result of the Snap.

In 2023, Scott Lang was freed from the Quantum Realm and eventually made his way towards the city's Wall of the Vanished, and, realizing what had happened to the people whose names endowed the slabs, rushed around it in a panic hoping not to find his daughter Cassie's name engraved, only to realize he himself was believed dead when he found his own name.[1]

Known Names

San Francisco Memorial

  • Deana Dandan
  • Alistair Darby
  • Wendie Deavers
  • Gia DeBose
  • Emily Denker
  • Erika Denton
  • Maria Denton
  • Thomas Denton
  • Paul Detlefston
  • Eric DeYoung
  • Geoff Diamond
  • Federico Domingeuz
  • Paz Drimer
  • Ben Duncan
  • Adrianne Laber
  • Randolph Labeff
  • Elijah Label
  • Skye Labellarte
  • Theo Labianco
  • Romeo Labine
  • Dustin Labissiere
  • Jeremy Lablanc
  • Cole Laboda
  • Mac Labon
  • Sarai Labonty
  • Lakesha Laboon
  • Deidra Laborie
  • Vin Laborin
  • Joanna Laborte
  • Shiloh Labow
  • Katlyn Laboy
  • Freeman Labrash
  • Truman Labre
  • Giorgio Lafrata
  • LaGraff
  • Ruben Lahn
  • Lydia Lam
  • Lula Lambrose
  • Lucina Lamfers
  • Jordon Lami
  • Norbert Lamey
  • Scott Lang (erroneously)
  • Emily Langley
  • Young Lannie
  • Ginette Lannin
  • Deneen Lanno
  • Boris Lannom
  • Adaline Lannon
  • Emeline Lano
  • Ena Lanser
  • Mårten Larsson
  • Marco La Torre
  • Luana Lazio
  • Arlene Lazoff
  • Leon Lazorchak
  • Etienne Leclerc
  • Charlotte Lee
  • Talia Leone
  • Sungmin Lim
  • Mary Livanos
  • Lara Lom
  • Hannah Long
  • Susana Lou

Behind the Scenes

  • While only the Wall of the Vanished was seen on San Francisco, in the early draft of Avengers: Endgame different memorials like the Wall of the Vanished were present in every city in the world.[2]
  • Some of the names that appear on the Wall of the Vanished are the names of crew members that have contributed to previous films and television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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