"Enough with these amateurs. Time to get the band back together. Head to the Wall."

The Wall of the Chaste was the headquarters and training facility for the Chaste.


Annihilation of the Chaste

Traveling through Chinatown, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing found a hideout, in which they found a sharpened sword. After Wing commented that the blades were not to be sharpen unless it was to be used, Rand called her over to a blood trail that led to the dojo filled with deceased members of the Chaste. Alongside their confusion, Rand noted a banner that depticed K'un-Lun.

The two, soon, hid from the sound of approaching henchmen, wearing hazmat suits and spraying the corpses with acid. The duo decide to retaliate, Wing managing to knock down two, while Rand took on one and chased after another in the alleyway.[1]


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