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"Mrs. Davis, mind if I join you?"
Tony Stark[src]

Walker's is a bar and restaurant located in Rose Hill, Tennessee.


Early History

Walker's was established in 1927 in Rose Hill, Tennessee.[1]

Chad Davis

During Tony Stark's investigation into an Extremis explosion in Rose Hill, Tennessee, he found it was related to a man named Chad Davis, whose mother was then currently in Walker's.

As Stark approached the bar, he bumped into Ellen Brandt, who had been tasked to retrieve the documents that Stark was searching for. Following the encounter, Stark walked into the bar to talk to Mrs. Davis, after which he was given Davis' file. Brandt had followed him, however, and posed as a Homeland Security officer in an attempt to arrest him. A local sheriff intervened, causing Brandt to resort to using her Extremis heat powers to kill the sheriff, and chased Stark out of the bar.[1]