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"Get this man a shield."
Black Panther[src]

Wakandan Shields are collapsible Vibranium shields used by Captain America during the Battle of Wakanda.


Battle of Wakanda

Captain America arms his Wakandan Shields

In prevision for the arrival of Thanos' troops in Wakanda, and due to having left his usual shield with Iron Man, Captain America was provided with a pair of Vibranium-made Wakandan Shields by T'Challa. Captain America wore these new shields on the battlefield as he fought against countless Outriders sent by the Black Order. During the whole battle against the fearsome creatures, Captain America used the shields with proficiency, both to block their assaults and to kill many of them.

Captain America then fought against Corvus Glaive, who had attacked Vision in order to seize the Mind Stone. Despite managing to land a few strikes and to deflect some of Corvus Glaive's blows from his scythe, Captain America was defeated and only survived because of Vision stabbing Corvus Glaive from behind.

Captain America prepares to battle Thanos

While the battle was seemingly over, Captain America reactivated his Wakandan Shields against Thanos once the Mad Titan arrived in Wakanda. Although Captain America was able to hit Thanos a couple of times with the Wakandan Shields, Thanos remained mostly unaffected by the blows and easily fought back, causing Captain America to lose one of his shields.[1]


Made from vibranium, the shields are able to absorb and reflect kinetic energy, enabling it to withstand impacts that would break a shield made of any other material. The shields' points are incredibly sharp and are able to pierce the skin of Outriders, making them efficient weapons for stabbing.


  • Promotional art for the shields show them glowing purple, similar to the Panther Habit when charged with kinetic energy.


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