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"These train things, that's magnetic levitation, right?"
"Obviously, but I've never seen it this efficient."
Everett Ross and Shuri[src]

The Wakandan Maglev Train is a highly advanced magnetic levitation train used in Wakanda. It is used both for public transportation in the Golden City and for carrying Vibranium at high speed inside the Great Mound.


"Turn on the train on the bottom track."
"The stabilizers will deactivate your suit! You won't have protection!'
"Neither will he."
Black Panther and Shuri[src]

In order to carry raw Vibranium at high speed once it was extracted from the deposits within Mount Bashenga, Shuri and the Wakandan Design Group developed this Maglev Train associated with sonic stabilizers which ensured that the Vibranium would not become unstable. Several lines of Wakandan Maglev Train were built in the Great Mound. The Wakandan Maglev Train was also used as a means of public transportation in the Golden City.

When Black Panther and Erik Killmonger fell into the Great Mound while fighting each other, Black Panther ordered Shuri to activate the Maglev Train as the sonic stabilizers would deactivate both their Panther Habits, making them vulnerable to each other's assaults. The train a first time rushed between Black Panther and Killmonger as they argued and none of them really took advantage of its effects. However, on the second time the train came, Black Panther managed to stab Killmonger right before the nanites of his suit were reactivated, thus dealing a deadly blow.[1]

Design and Capabilities[]

Sonic Stabilizer

A sonic stabilizer for the transportation of Vibranium

"The light panels, what are they?"
"Sonic stabilizers."
"Sonic what?"
"In its raw form, Vibranium is too dangerous to be transported at that speed, so I developed a way to temporarily deactivate it."
Everett Ross and Shuri[src]

The Wakandan Maglev Trains used in the Great Mound are of tapered shape. They are able to circulate on dedicated tracks at very high speed, despite the raw Vibranium being unstable at such velocities, thanks to sonic stabilizers scattered from each side of the train tracks. The trains can be remotely activated with Kimoyo Beads. Everett Ross described the Wakandan Maglev Trains as the most efficient magnetic levitation trains he ever saw.