WZTM News is a television news channel reporting on events in the United States of America.


WZTM News broadcasted Mariah Dillard's speech outside of the 29th Precinct Police Station. In front of reporters and cameras, Dillard demanded more accountability from the New York City Police Department, pointing that young person of Harlem, such as Lonnie Wilson was beaten by the police while they searched for Luke Cage.[1]

ATCU Attack 2

ATCU headquarters is destroyed by the Watchdogs

WZTM broadcasted the footage of the Watchdogs who used the Nitramene to destroy the headquarters of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit in South Bend, Indiana. Also, the report mentioned current gang war in Hell's Kitchen.[2]


Wilson Fisk's speech about his release

WZTM broadcasted Wilson Fisk's public speech in front of the Presidential Hotel about overturns of the conviction against him. Fisk then claimed that they had all been lied to and manipulated, accusing news like the New York Bulletin of planting fake stories that he was a criminal and the real public enemy is Daredevil.[3]


Blake Tower's speech about the grand jury

Blake Tower made a statement to WZTM and other news channels in front of New York State Supreme Court Building. Tower informed the press that grand jury not to indict Fisk, despite Ray Nadeem's testimony. Tower stated that Office of the District Attorney will check all leads and evidence that could put Fisk behind the bars.[4]


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