"I can't promise that. Not with the way, uh, things are playing out now."
"How's it playing out?"
"Turn on WJBP News."
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]

WJBP-TV is a television news channel reporting on events in New York City.


In 2015, Megan McLaren reported about Councilwoman Mariah Dillard and her project New Harlem Renaissance.[1]


Thembi Wallace interviewed Mariah Dillard about her political point for Harlem. However, Wallace then questions her about her ties with Cornell Stokes and his illicit activity and asks her to comment Arrest of Cottonmouth.[2]


WJBP-TV broadcasted Mariah Dillard's statement about NYPD's actions and threat of Luke Cage.[3]

The channel broadcasted Dillard's interview about confrontation between Luke Cage and Diamondback.[4]

By 2016, WJBP-TV attended the press conference organized by Rand Enterprises in the wake of return of Danny Rand.[5]


Wallace reported about scandal with Rand Enterprises Chemical Plant and Danny Rand's apologies to victims.[6]

Wallace covered drug traffic controlled by Danny Rand and DEA hunt for him.[7]

In 2017, Wallace interviewed Dorothy Walker in front of Riverbank Medical Center about Trish Walker's current condition.[8]


WJBP-TV reported tragedy in the Shirley Chisholm Complex where were found heads of Mark Higgins, Dontrell Hamilton and Andre Jackson.[9]

Wallace interviewed Jelani Cobb about crime wave in Harlem following arrest of Dillard.[10]


The channel reported about attack on armored truck in Chinatown.[11]

WJBP-TV covered the Attack on the New York Bulletin Building[12]

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