"Where do you people get your information, huh? What kind of news organization is this?! Oh yeah, one that's owned by Vistacorp."
"Mr. Lang, with all due respect, WHiH has been covering global news in detail for the last two decades."
Scott Lang and Christine Everhart[src]

WHiH World News is a television network and a subsidiary of Vistacorp specializing in world news and reports on political, scientific, and entertainment news.


WHiH World News is a television station that has been reporting news about many major events that take place for the rest of the world to see since the 1990s. They reported major events like the HYDRA Uprising and the Battle of Sokovia,[1] but also several local items.

WHiH is trying to help the society after major conflicts. So on November 12, 2012, the station held a ten-kilometer race to support reconstructing buildings lost during the Battle of New York. The company raised millions of dollars.[2]

In July 2015, WHiH World News started a crossmedia online program called WHiH Newsfront, with Christine Everhart as the presenter.[3] They supported the program with a Twitter and Google+ account.[2][4]

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World News

Report Image Description
WHiH-Black Panther Prelude WHiH reports the "Incident at Stark Industries". Tony Stark tells to the world he is Iron Man.[5]
2010 WHiH-IM2PI WHiH sent one of its news crew to cover insurgent attacks in the area of Al-Kut in Iraq, knowing that Iron Man would appear in the area as soon as he had knowledge of the situation via the broadcasting of the attacks. Later on, Stark asked the home office in Atlanta permission to upload the footage of his intervention defeating the insurgent to Stark Industries public relations department.[6]
2010 WHiH-IM2 Live report from Chess Roberts at the Stark Expo opening ceremonies.[7]
2010 Iron Man 2 - Adaptation - WHiH Tony Stark's hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee was broadcast.[8]
2010 Pepper-Potts-Natalie-Rushman-Phones Ivan Vanko's attack on Tony Stark during the Grand Prix De Monaco.[7]
2010 WHiH World News screen 1 The Battle at Stark Expo is partly filmed.[9]
2010 WHiH-TIH Live report from the aftermath of the Battle at Culver University and interviews with Culver University students Jack McGee and Jim Wilson about what they saw during the incident. McGee called the creature he saw "an incredible Hulk" and the name stuck.[10]
2010 WHiH World News screen 2 Thor is caught on live television near the end of the Battle of Puente Antiguo.[9]
July 1, 2011 Whihgoogle01 An interview with Tony Stark about publicly announcing himself as Iron Man is broadcasted.[2]
November 12, 2012 Whihgoogle02 WHiH reports about the 10-kilometer race to support reconstructing buildings lost during the Battle of New York.[2]
2014 WHiH Providence WHiH spoke about the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. while standing in front of the White House, showing footage of the fall of the Triskelion.[11][12]
December 23, 2014 Whihgoogle03 The connection between S.H.I.E.L.D. and government conspiracies is discussed.[2]
January 23, 2015 Whihgoogle04 The person to thank for the recent decline in the crime rate in New York City is discussed.[2]
2015 WHiH-Daredevil1.06 NYPD officer held hostage in aftermath of the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen.[13]
2015 JWesleyLOwlsleyWFiskVMarianna-Speech Wilson Fisk offers a press conference announcing his intention of building a better tomorrow for New York City.[14]
2015 Wilson-Fisk-WHiH-Cardenas-Death Wilson Fisk is interviewed due to the assassination of Elena Cardenas, a tenant in one of the buildings he owned. Fisk seizes the opportunity to send a covert message challenging the man with the black mask.[15]
February 10, 2015 Whihgoogle05 A look at some of the brilliant minds that helped shape the world, including Howard Stark and Dr. Abraham Erskine.[2]
2015 Daredevil S01E13 - WHiH - Senator taken into custody Senator Randolph Cherryh is arrested due to his affiliation to Wilson Fisk's criminal activities.[16]
March 8, 2015 Whihgoogle06 Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts to speak at annual NYC Tech convention.[2]
2015 Agents of SHIELD S02E06 - WHiH - United Nations Building Attacked Attack on the United Nations in New York City perpetrated by mercenaries claiming to be S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.[17]
2015 BeckersWard-AFH Senator Christian Ward of Massachusetts and Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Julien Beckers had a televised debate on WHiH about S.H.I.E.L.D. being a terrorist organization. Beckers defended the organization and Ward said that S.H.I.E.L.D. should go to his country for asylum.[17]
2015 Ward-Home-Fire-Murder The alleged murder-suicide of Christian Ward and his parents.[18][19]
April 2, 2015 Whihgoogle07 Military professionals along with renowned scientists speak about future of the modern military.[2]
2015 WHiH-JJ108 Hostage situation in New York City, where a man holds his own family hostage.[20]
May 2015 WHiH-News-Sokovia Crisis averted in Sokovia, explaining the recent battle between the Avengers and Ultron.[21]
May 14, 2015 Whihgoogle08 Questioning if the Hulk is a monster or a savior.[2]
June 1, 2015 Whihgoogle09 Report of a missing Thor.[2]
June 25, 2015 The possibility of San Francisco becoming "new home of future technological advances" is discussed.[2]
July 4, 2015 Whih twitter post 4 july WHiH reports a firework display at the Avengers Tower.[4]
July 10, 2015 Scott-Lang-CCTV-Footage WHiH shows exclusive footage of the 2012 break-in at Vistacorp involving cyber-criminal Scott Lang.[22]
July 13, 2015 Screenshot 2015-07-15-00-51-22(1) WHiH releases a WIRED Insider interview with Pym Technologies CEO Darren Cross who speaks about the future of his company.[23]
2015 Matthew-Ellis-WHiH-Speech-AoS President of the United States of America, Matthew Ellis, gave a press conference announcing the creation of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit.[24]
2015 WHiH AoS 303 Alien Threat Suspect Wanted.[25]
2016 WardDannyJoy-IF104 Rand Enterprises hold a press conference to welcome Danny Rand to the world after being presumed dead for 15 years.[26]
April 22, 2016 Intellicrop WHiH reports that Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts celebrates Earth Day with intellicrop technology.[4]
April 22, 2016 Culveruniversity WHiH reports that Culver University is celebrating a record-breaking year in athletics.[4]
April 23, 2016 Whih thor 2 WHiH reports that Thor crater in New Mexico draws crowds.[4]
April 23, 2016 Potomac cleanup WHiH reports that the Potomac River finishes getting cleaned up from the S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltration.[4]
April 24, 2016 Pym at WHIH WHiH reports that questions are asked about Avengers whereabouts during the incident at Pym Technologies Headquarters.[4]
April 24, 2016 Captain America Exhibit Tour WHiH reports that an exhibit of Captain America will begin touring the country.[4]
April 25, 2016 WHiH War Machine WHiH discusses if War Machine's position as an Avenger and an Officer will pose a conflict of interest.[4]
April 25, 2016 WHiH Sciense conference WHiH reports that the annual science conference in Bern is drawing an international crowd.[4]
April 27, 2016 WHiH Hearings Project Insight With the progress in the cleanup of the damage done in Washington, D.C., WHiH revisits Natasha Romanoff testimony on Project Insight.[4]
April 27, 2016 WHiH Maglev technology WHiH reports of a high-speed train with maglev technology making his first trip from New York City to Los Angeles.[4]
April 27, 2016 Whih Sakovia WHiH reports of college students who spend their spring break to help clean up in Sokovia.[4]
April 28, 2016 Whih dc cleanup Cleanup from the Washington incident is complete.[4]
April 28, 2016 Ellis Whih President Matthew Ellis calls cleanup a day for celebration.[4]
April 28, 2016 Ross Whih Thaddeus Ross gives thanks to citizens for rebuilding Washington, D.C.[4]
April 28, 2016 WHiH Ross meets with president Thaddeus Ross meets privately with President Matthew Ellis.[4]
April 29, 2016 WHiH Hulk M.I.A International governments want to know where the Hulk is currently located.[4]
April 29, 2016 WHiH Lottery no winner Still no winner in the National Lottery.[4]
April 29, 2016 WHiH Vision WHiH is investigating the very nature of Vision.[4]
April 29, 2016 WHiH Pym Tech Pym Technologies has to downsize to get back into business.[4]
April 30, 2016 WHiH Pepper Potts Avengers Tower Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts leaves no comment about consuming application of the Arc Reactor Technology.[4]
April 30, 2016 WHiH Costa Rica A protected area for rare birds is opened to the public in Costa Rica.[4]
April 30, 2016 WHiH Comic Captain America A comic of Captain America #1 signed by Steve Rogers is sold for $1.5 million at a charity auction.[4]
April 30, 2016 Ross Debate Rumors of Thaddeus Ross' shift into politics.[4]
April 30, 2016 International concern International demand for supervision of the Avengers increases.[4]
May 1, 2016 WHiH Rumlow WHiH investigates on wanted mercenary Brock Rumlow.[4]
May 1, 2016 WHiH Roxxon Roxxon Corporation is illegally drilling in the Arctic.[4]
May 1, 2016 WHiH Iron Man Suit It is once again discussed if Iron Man's armor should be in control of the government.[4]
May 1, 2016 Hockey whih Hockey Championship gears up for an ultimate showdown.[4]
May 1, 2016 Polls Whih Polls demand regulations for super-heroes.[4]
May 2, 2016 WHiH Arc reactor in cars Stark Industries plans to build Arc Reactor into cars.[4]
May 2, 2016 Grafitti Hydra Graffiti of HYDRA symbols on the streets create concerns between the population.[4]
May 3, 2016 WHiH Strange Interview with New York City's Top Surgeon Stephen Strange.[4]
May 3, 2016 WHiH Raft Details about a government funded prison for superpowered individuals emerges.[4]
May 3, 2016 WHiH President and Ross President Matthew Ellis nominates Lt. Gen. Thaddeus Ross as Secretary of State.[4]
May 3, 2016 WHiH Scott Lang vindicated Scott Lang no longer accused of overcharging customers while working at Vistacorp.[4]
May 3, 2016 WHiH SoKovia Accords Sokovia Accords released.[4]
May 5, 2016 WHiH SoKovia Accords 3 Tony Stark signs the Sokovia Accords.[4]
June 2016 Sokovia Accords Controversy Steve Rogers is still missing after his feud with Tony Stark over the Sokovia Accords.[27]
2016 WHiH-ThePunisher1.09 A series of terrorist attacks in New York City; The Punisher returns.[28]
2016 WHiH-ThePunisher1.11 Anvil Security CEO Billy Russo is interviewed about Frank Castle.[29]
2017 SenatorNadeer-WHIHInterview-Uprising Senator Ellen Nadeer discusses the Inhumans and the Blackout Attack.[30]
2017 Mace SHIELD 2 S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Jeffrey Mace reveals that human terrorists caused the Blackout Attack and that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been reformed.[30]
2017 WHiH May 2017 Brigadier General Glenn Talbot announces the destruction of the Playground and the disappearance of many agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.[31]
2017 WHiH-LC211 NYPD detective Misty Knight talks about the Rum Punch Massacre.[32]
2017 DDS3-E7-News Daredevil is accused of attacking the New York Bulletin. The FBI and the NYPD are on the hunt for the vigilante.[33]
2017 KingpinSpeech-S3E11 Wilson Fisk holds a press conference about his release.[34]
2017 DD312-00144877 Karen Page reveals that the man who was wearing the Daredevil suit is an impostor working for Wilson Fisk.[35]
2017 DD312-144587952 District Attorney Blake Tower speaks out against Wilson Fisk's takeover of the FBI.[35]
2017 WHiH-Runaways1.03 LAPD investigate the mysterious death of a local girl, Destiny Gonzalez, whose corpse was found on the beach.[36]
2017 SteinInterview-Runaways1x09 Janet Stein is interviewed about the absence of her husband and CEO of Nemo, Victor Stein.[37]
2017 WHiH-Runaways1.10 A group of LA teenagers suspected of kidnapping Molly Hernandez, as well as involvement in the death of Destiny Gonzalez.[38]
2017 R201-00148 Church of Gibborim leader Frank Dean thanks the city of Los Angeles for the support in the search for PRIDE's missing children.[39]
2017 R201-01489 Graciela Aguirre speaks out against PRIDE.[39]
2018 WHiH - Runaways 202 A magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits Los Angeles.[40]
2018 R208-001759963 Report about another earthquake and the return of Nemo CEO Victor Stein.[40]
2018 TP204-12478963 NYPD searching for Billy Russo who escaped from custody.[41]
2018 8-AIW in AoS WHiH reports "Destruction and panic in New York City".[42]


WHiH Newsfront is a news program broadcast by WHiH World News. It debuted in July 2015 and is presented by Christine Everhart.[3]

Report Image Description
July 2, 2015 Christine Everhart WHiH 1 Christine Everhart talks about next weeks news where they are going to discuss the Avengers and the Battle of Sokovia and the former criminal Scott Lang.[3]
July 7, 2015 Ce2 Christine Everhart discusses the Avengers conflict, the Battle of Sokovia, and a story on criminal Scott Lang.[43]
July 16, 2015 Screenshot 2015-07-16-13-40-56(1) Christine Everhart interviews Scott Lang.[1]
April 22, 2016 WHIH201-04 Christine Everhart discuss with political correspondent Will Adams about the collateral damages caused by the Avengers.[44]
April 26, 2016 WHiH The Cost of Saving the World Christine Everhart and political correspondent Will Adams ask viewers who should be responsible for all of the cost associated with the cleanup and rebuilding process.[45]
April 28, 2016 WHiH Position White House Christine Everhart and political correspondent Will Adams debate about the Avengers and the role that the White House and President Matthew Ellis should play.[46]
May 3, 2016 Ellis and Everhart President Matthew Ellis discusses his nomination of Thaddeus Ross for Secretary of State.[47]
May 3, 2016 WHiH 03-05-2016 LIVE Newsfront reports LIVE on the scene in Lagos after a devastating incident.[48]



Appearances for WHiH World News

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  • WHiH World News was going to appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming, as shown in the second trailer for the film. However, it was replaced by NY1 in the final film.


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