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WHiH Newsfront is a online news platform developed by WHiH World News and hosted by Christine Everhart, informing about major events in the world with on political, scientific, and entertainment news.


Christine Everhart interviews Scott Lang

WHiH Newsfront was released in 2015 by WHiH World News. Christine Everhart joined the news program as anchor.[1] For the first programs, Everhart discussed about the Avengers, the Battle of Sokovia, and interviewed Scott Lang via video interview from San Quentin State Prison. They discussed the reason behind Lang's heist at Vistacorp.[2][3]

By 2016, the news program also featured Will Adams as political correspondent. Everhart and Adams discussed about the collateral damages caused by the Avengers.[4] Additionally, Newsfront asked viewers who should be responsible for all of the cost associated with the clean up and rebuilding process.[5]

Christine Everhart and Will Adams interview President Ellis

Everhart and Adams discussed about the Avengers and the role that the White House and President Matthew Ellis should play.[6] They also interviewed Ellis about the Avengers. During the interview, Ellis also commented on his nomination of Thaddeus Ross for Secretary of State.[7] Later, Newsfront reported about the Attack on the IFID Headquarters.[8]


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