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WHiH News Front
"Be sure to follow us online for those stories and more."
Christine Everhart[src]

WHiH Newsfront is a online news platform hosted by Christine Everhart from the WHiH World News network, informing about major events in the world with on political, scientific, and entertainment news.


In 2015, WHiH World News started the crossmedia online program WHiH Newsfront. Presented by Christine Everhart, the program consists of videos supported by posts on Twitter and Google+.[1]


Report Image Description
July 2, 2015 Christine Everhart WHiH 1 Christine Everhart talks about next weeks news where they are going to discuss the Avengers and the Battle of Sokovia and the former criminal Scott Lang.[1]
July 7, 2015 Ce2 Christine Everhart discussed about the Avengers conflict, the Battle of Sokovia, and a story on criminal Scott Lang.[2]
July 16, 2015 Screenshot 2015-07-16-13-40-56(1) Christine Everhart interviews Scott Lang.[3]
April 22, 2016 WHIH201-04 Christine Everhart discuss with political correspondent Will Adams about the collateral damages caused by the Avengers.[4]
April 26, 2016 WHiH The Cost of Saving the World Christine Everhart and political correspondent Will Adams ask viewers who should be responsible for all of the cost associated with the clean up and rebuilding process.[5]
April 28, 2016 WHiH Position White House Christine Everhart and political correspondent Will Adams debate about the Avengers and the role that the White House and President Matthew Ellis should play.[6]
May 3, 2016 Ellis and Everhart President Matthew Ellis discusses his nomination of Thaddeus Ross for Secretary of State.[7]
May 3, 2016 WHiH 03-05-2016 LIVE Newsfront reports LIVE on the scene in Lagos after a devastating incident.[8]


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