WHIH Newsfront Top Stories is the second episode of the first season of the web series WHiH Newsfront.


Christine Everhart reports on the latest news of the day.


WHiH News reports that since the events at Sokovia, the issue for more government control and transparency for superheroes continues to be a important topic. The rest of the report reminds the viewers of the incident in 2012 where Scott Lang broke in at Vistacorp and stole millions of dollars. More background information is given in the Mashable article: 'Everyday hero or thief? Cyber criminal to address 2012 arrest.'

News Ticker

Mashable article: Everyday hero or thief?

  • ..has resurfaced in Eastern Europe remain unconfirmed after many thought the organization to be dissolved.
  • California braces for record drought.
  • Renowned astrophysicist Jane Foster to lecture on her experiences with interspace and dimensional travel.
  • Rogue HYDRA agent Wolfgang von Strucker confirmed dead. His body was found in its cell after a supposed raid on an eastern European detention facility.
  • Earthquake rocks Southern Africa.
  • U.N. says relief efforts..









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