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"Mr. Lang, with all due respect, WHiH has been covering global news in detail for the last two decades. From the recent security breach at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters to the earth-shattering events in Sokovia."
Christine Everhart to Scott Lang[src]

WHIH EXCLUSIVE: Scott Lang Interview is the fifth and final episode of the first season of the web series WHiH Newsfront.


Christine Everhart talks one-on-one with cyber-criminal Scott Lang via video interview from San Quentin.


WHiH News reporter Christine Everhart takes an interview of Scott Lang via satellite to San Quentin State Prison. More background information is given in the Mashable article: 'Confessions of a whistle blower.'[1]

News Ticker

Mashable article: Confessions of a whistle blower

  • Steve Rogers to attend updated museum exhibit dedicated to his heroic efforts in WWII.
  • California continues efforts to address issues from record drought.
  • Stark Industries announces new scholarships for promising students from urban city schools.
  • Multiple countries recovering from catastrophic damage caused by sentient robot Ultron, leaders asking for aid, and for the Avengers to be held accountable.
  • Senate hearings expected to continue into next week regarding relief efforts.
  • Tony Stark says that public concerns about Dr. Bruce Banner are "baseless" and "irresponsible" after the South Africa incident involving the Hulk.
  • Pym Technologies CEO Darren Cross says "astonishing" new venture coming this week.
  • Winning lottery ticket of $675 million still unclaimed.
  • Biography "The Life and Times of Industrialist Howard Stark" to be published later this year.
  • Efforts to recover the remaining Ultron technology continue, as components from the advanced robot are capturing large sums on the black market.










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