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"Your wingsuit's gonna explode!"
Spider-Man to Vulture[src]

Vulture's Exo-Suit is a specialized flying mechanical suit used by Vulture. It was created by Phineas Mason by using salvaged Chitauri technology and used by Vulture for his criminal and vengeful purposes. It consists of a metallic body armor, outfitted with a pair of talons and a winged, detachable steel harness that allows him to fly.


First Version[]


Adrian Toomes donning his Vulture suit

Between 2012 and 2016, the first Vulture Exo-Suit was built by the Tinkerer out of salvaged Chitauri equipment reclaimed in the debris caused by the Battle of New York. Adrian Toomes, gaining the moniker of Vulture, used this advanced exo-suit to commit heists in the framework of his illegal activities.

In 2016, Toomes was alerted that Spider-Man disturbed a deal between his crew and Aaron Davis. As a result, Vulture took his exo-suit and flew to the location. He then grabbed Spider-Man with his talons and took him up in the air to drop him. However, Spider-Man survived the fall thanks to his parachute. Having disposed of the interference, Vulture returned to his headquarters with the exo-suit.

Spider-Man vs. Vulture (D.O.D.C

Vulture fights against Spider-Man again

Vulture later used his exo-suit while attempting to steal from a Damage Control convoy. Vulture then fired anchors from his wings so that he could get closer to the truck and momentarily leave his wings in the air while he infiltrated the truck with Matter Phase Shifters. He then exited the truck and was confronted by Spider-Man, who attempted to stop him. Vulture attacked Spider-Man with his talons, causing him to fall and end trapped inside the truck, with Vulture unable to reach him due to the Matter Phase Sifters being deactivated. Enraged by his failure, Vulture returned to his headquarters empty-handed.

SMH EW Vulture1

Vulture attempting to kill Spider-Man

Vulture was once again forced to use his exo-suit when Spider-Man tried to stop a deal with Mac Gargan on the Staten Island ferry. Using the exo-suit, Vulture attacked both Spider-Man and the FBI. While Spider-Man tried to restrain him with his web, Vulture used his feather blades to cut the strings. Vulture then lost his Chitauri Gun to Spider-Man, which caused massive damage in the ferry. Figuring out that there was nothing he could do to ensure the deal, Vulture took the Shocker on his wings and the two of them left the ship.[1]

Upgraded Version[]

Following the failed deal on the Staten Island Ferry, Vulture decided to perpetrate one last big heist and asked the Tinkerer to upgrade his exo-suit. As a result, the exo-suit got new turbines as well as the ability to create a high-altitude vacuum seal Vulture would need in order to steal from the Stark Cargo Plane.


Vulture waits for his signal to begin the heist

Having discovered Spider-Man's true identity, and knowing that he would try to arrest him, Vulture waited for the superhero to come into his headquarters. Vulture then played for time while he activated his exo-suit, which took off and destroyed all the pillars of the building, causing a massive collapse which buried Spider-Man beneath rubble while Vulture escaped thanks to his exo-suit and left to wait for the Stark Cargo Plane to take off from the Avengers Tower.


Vulture and Spider-Man fight in mid-air

Once he was notified of the takeoff, Vulture flew right to the plane, unaware that the little resistance he felt was due to Spider-Man who had survived the collapse and was still chasing him. Vulture arrived onto the plane's hull and used his new vacuum seal to safely open a breach into it with Matter Phase Shifters. He then momentarily left his wings in place while he hijacked the plane. However, Vulture soon realized that Spider-Man was also there and reclaimed his wings.

Vulture and Spider-Man engaged in an airborne duel on the plane, with the exo-suit's talons and feather blades causing great damage on the plane's hull. Refusing to leave empty-handed, Vulture used his wings to cut through the hull and steal at least one crate of weapons. However, the plane crashed before Vulture could evacuate, which seriously damaged the wings.

SMH Trailer2 53

Vulture manages to subdue Spider-Man

Despite the crash, the exo-suit was still functional and Vulture, enraged by Spider-Man's continued endeavors to interfere with his business, violently attacked the superhero. Vulture grabbed him with his talons and took him in the air to drop him, but Spider-Man broke free of the grip and attempted to fight back. However, Vulture grabbed him again and violently and repeatedly slammed him on the ground. As he prepared to execute Spider-Man, Vulture noticed a crate of weapons and decided to take it instead of killing the half-unconscious Spider-Man.

Radioactive Exo-Suit (Vulture - Coney Island)

Vulture's wingsuit overloads and explodes

However, the exo-suit's turbines had been heavily damaged and went in overload as Vulture attempted to escape. Despite Spider-Man trying to warn him of the danger, Vulture took off, but the exo-suit soon malfunctioned, causing him to crash on the beach, destroying the wings. Nevertheless, Spider-Man was able to clear the exo-suit's remnants over Vulture to save him.[1]


FullSizeRender - Copy (12)

Vulture cuts through Synthetic Webbing

  • Mechanical Wings: Vulture's Exo-Suit has a special pair of retractable wings which enables him to fly with ease. The wings have specialized motors which provide thrust. They do not need to be manually controlled by Vulture, allowing him to use hand-held weapons while in flight. The wings can also be used in combat as blades, which are sharp enough to cut through a cargo plane with little trouble. Vulture has two version of the mechanical wings: One with turbines directly attached on the middle area of the wings, while the other is the more bird-like mechanical wings with turbines separately attached on the harness.
    • Flight: The pair of powerful turbines within both versions of the suit's winged harness enable flight at high speeds and provides Vulture with considerable agility despite the suit's large wingspan.
    • Feather Blades: Feathers-like edges of the wings can double as incredibly sharp blades which are capable of destroying entire concrete pillars. First version of the wings' feather blades can fold and cut through objects in a scissor-like fashion, whereas the second version, though less capable to perform the same feat, able to act as pincers to grab and lift objects effortlessly.
    • Decoy Drone: The second version of Vulture's wings has a decoy drone stored in its back compartment. The decoy drone was used to throw the cargo plane's ground control off Vulture's scent in the radar.
    • High Altitude Vacuum Seal: The second version of the wings has an add-on function which give it ability to form a high-altitude vacuum seal by bringing them close together.
    • Remote Control: The wings can be controlled remotely by Vulture. They were activated remotely to destroy the supporting beams of a warehouse during one of Vulture's confrontations with Spider-Man.
  • Exo-Suit: The primary purpose of the Exo-Suit is for Vulture to support the weight of the large, winged steel harness but also enhances his strength in the process.
    • Enhanced Strength: The exo-suit gives Vulture the strength to overpower both humans and superhumans alike.
    • Enhanced Durability: The metallic portion of the exo-suit provides Vulture with some degree of resistance to damage.
    • Feet Talons: The Exo-Suit has a pair of mechanical talons which allow for lifting heavy loads while in flight.
  • Helmet: The Exo-Suit has a modified helmet similar to ones worn by fighter pilots. This is to give his head a certain degree of protection, along with hiding his identity.


"I need a little time to get her airborne."
Vulture to Spider-Man[src]
  • Chitauri Technology: The alien technology within the suit is known to become volatile and malfunction when exposed to high levels of radiation or electrical power, including the kind emitted by arc reactor cores.


  • In the comics, Vulture created his artificial magnetic wings that were capable of flying without any noise to commit robberies and remain undetected.
  • In an early concept of Vulture, the Exo-Suit was a modified prototype version of the EXO-7 Falcon.

Behind the Scenes[]


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