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"We're tracking him with a weapon capable of killing him. After we deal with the Hulk, we can use the weapon on other targets."
―Vulcan Leader[src]

The Vulcan Leader was one of the leaders of the Enclave.


The Vulcan Leader commanded the Vulcan Sector, the Enclave's Mechanical Design Division.

The Vulcan Sector developed giant Kyklops robots. They sent them after Rick Jones, but they were destroyed by the Hulk. The Kyklops initiated its self-destruct function, but the Hulk managed to get himself and Jones out of danger in time. The Vulcan Leader declared to the other Enclave leaders that while the defeat of Kyklops was improbable, they were prepared to deploy more. The Minerva Leader declared the robots useless and suggested using the energy siphoning machines that the Minerva Sector had developed. The Vulcan Sector sent another Kyklops after Jones when he stole data from them, but this one was also destroyed by the Hulk.

The Jupiter Leader saw the Hulk as a serious problem and set about putting a stop to his constant interference in the Enclave's plans. The Vulcan Leader informed him that they were tracking the Hulk with a weapon capable of killing him that they would then use on other targets, which the Jupiter Leader was very pleased to hear. They placed the Lightning Satellite into geosynchronous orbit over Manhattan and attempted to kill the Hulk with it, but he destroyed its control dish. This caused it to fall out of orbit and crash into Central Park, and the Hulk prevented the Enclave from recovering the wreckage.

Once the Hulk prevented the Enclave from stealing the armor Stark Industries had developed for the Hulkbusters, one of the Hulkbusters sought his help in taking down the Vulcan Sector's F-POD, which they accomplished successfully.


A meeting of the leaders of the Enclave

The Enclave leaders met once again, with the Ceres Leader commenting that while she would have loved to gloat over the Vulcan Leader's defeat, none of the others had done better. The Jupiter Leader declared that they could not defeat the Hulk with proxies and that they needed to take a more active and personal role. The Minerva Leader found this idea distasteful but agreed with him nonetheless, suggesting that if they were lucky the United States Armed Forces might do their work for them.

Following his defeat of the Abomination, the Hulk hunted down and destroyed the remaining Enclave bases. When his own base was destroyed, the Vulcan Leader faced the Hulk in single combat, wielding an Enclave Hammer which allowed him to attack the Hulk with orbital lasers. Despite this, he was still no match for the Hulk and was defeated by him.[1]





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