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"Do not mistake my appetite for apathy!"
―Volstagg to Fandral[src]

Volstagg was an Asgardian warrior and a member of the Warriors Three. He was a good friend of Thor, Sif, and fellow members Hogun and Fandral. Alongside all his fellow warriors, Volstagg took part in a poorly considered strike against all the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, which soon resulted in Odin deciding to directly punish Thor by banishing him to the Earth without his powers. When Loki then took the throne of Asgard during Thor's banishment, Volstagg and his allies played a key role saving Thor from the Destroyer before bringing him back to Asgard where he successfully stopped Loki from stealing the throne of Asgard and restoring the peace.

Once they had quelled the Marauders rebellion, Volstagg and his allies believed they had brought peace to the Nine Realms before they were forced to join the War against the Dark Elf Malekith. As Thor and Odin's views had clashed, Volstagg assisted his friend in finding his own way to defeat the Dark Elves, before being tasked with removing the Aether along with Lady Sif. However, Volstagg's long service to Asgard came to its end upon Hela's arrival through the Bifrost Bridge, where she then slaughtered both Fandral and Volstagg before then attempting to rule over all of Asgard.


Warriors Three

Following Thor

"Volstagg, who introduced you to delicacies so succulent you thought you'd died and gone to Valhalla?"
"You did."
Thor and Volstagg[src]

Volstagg was a seasoned and highly respected Asgardian adventurer and a good friend of the Asgardian princes, Thor and Loki. Thor eventually got Volstagg to meet his other two friends, Hogun and Fandral. The three soon became good friends and formed the Warriors Three, protecting the people of Asgard from whatever threat came their way. Volstagg also became good friends with fellow warrior Lady Sif, who would often join them on their adventures.[1] Volstagg also visited Earth along with his friends in the 11th century.[3]

Virtue Challenge

Volstagg heard from one of Brunok's friends that there was a Virtue Challenge going on. So he gathered up Fandral and Hogun to make there way to the Treasureyard of the Wolves. There, they found the Bone of the Wolves' Treasureyard, but Volstagg took a second one for his collection.

Upon arriving at the second challenge, the Hawk's Egg, Volstagg watched from below as the other two tried to get the egg. Hogun suddenly fell which sent the egg hurdling towards Volstagg. He boasted about how he was very good at catching, but missed the egg and it landed on his head, cracking.

Thor, Loki, and Sif soon arrived for the same challenge. Suddenly, Asgardian Wolves attack. Volstagg realized it was because he took a second bone, so he threw it back into the woods which made the wolves follow. They then went to the third challenge in the mine. Volstagg tried to get more Nuggets of Gold, but was scolded by Thor after what happened last time. Brunok, Siegrold, and Hilda then arrived and saw that Loki had found the Cup of Glory, causing everyone to want it. To try to get the Cup, Thor collapsed the mine by summoning lightning on top of it, but Volstagg saved everyone by holding it up. This allowed them to get out of the mine.

Later, Brunok's father, Haldier arrived to take the Cup, but he was stopped by Thor. The group gave him a talk of wisdom before sending everyone on their ways.[4]

War with the Frost Giants

"Thor, this is madness."
"Madness? What sort of madness?"
Loki and Volstagg[src]

Volstagg preparing his beard for the ceremony

Volstagg attended the ceremony of Thor's coronation to support his friend, along with most of Asgard's citizens and, before the ceremony began, Volstagg looked at his reflection to ensure his beard looked good enough. Volstagg then noticed several Asgardians walking by his with plates of food. Although he was not fast enough to take food from the plates, Volstagg managed to find a grape hidden within his beard, much to his delight as he swiftly ate the grape.

Volstagg sharing a brief laugh with Fandral

Volstagg then joined the other Warriors Three alongside Lady Sif as they awaited Thor's arrival. Volstagg complained about still being hungry, which Fandral teased him about, with Volstagg then jokingly threatening to hit Fandral as a result of his mockery. Volstagg then listened with amusement as Fandral teased Hogun by insisting that he consider smiling at least once for the event while Lady Sif then challenged him to keep his mouth shut during the ceremony.[3]

Volstagg stands with the Warriors Three

During the ceremony, three Frost Giants broke inside Odin's Vault to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters. Luckily, they are stopped and killed by the Destroyer before they could escape: However, by this time, they had already killed several Guards. As a result of the attack, Odin decided not to retaliate against King Laufey or make Thor King of Asgard. Thor became so enraged by the interruption to becoming king that he stormed into the dining hall and overthrew a table.

Volstagg is recruited to go into battle by Thor

The Warriors Three and Sif came in to discover the destruction and found Loki trying to comfort his brother. Thor recommended that they attack the Frost Giants in revenge for their invasion and discover how they had gotten into Asgard, reminding each of his friends of their many adventures together. Volstagg was the first of Thor's own friends who readily agreed to accompany him to Jotunheim to exact retribution for the Jotuns' aggression against their people.[1]

Attack on Jotunheim

Volstagg prepares to travel towards Jotunheim

"If your return threatens the safety of Asgard, my gate will remain shut and you will be left to perish on the cold waste of Jotunheim."
"Couldn't you just keep the bridge open for us?"
Heimdall and Volstagg[src]

Volstagg and the Warriors Three, together with Thor, Lady Sif, and Loki, decided to journey towards Jotunheim where Thor intended to challenge Laufey, the Jotuns' ruler, over the incident in Asgard. The team went to see Asgard's Gate-Keeper Heimdall, although Loki attempted to fool Heimdall, the wise gate-keeper told them he knew of their plan and would allow them to go so they could discover how the Frost Giants had made their way in Asgard.

Volstagg searches for Laufey's Frost Giants

Upon arriving into Jotunheim, Hogun then immediately expressed his concern that they should have never come, while Thor led them on. While Thor and Sif discussed where all their enemies were, Volstagg kept a close watch to ensure that their group were not ambushed. Eventually, they found and confronted Laufey, who, revealing that he had strength in numbers and mindful of an ancient truce between the two peoples, dismissed the Asgardian group from his realm.

Volstagg battles against the Frost Giants

As Laufey warned that Asgard was full of traitors, Loki attempted to convince Thor that they were outnumbered while Volstagg readied himself for a fight. As they turned to leave, however, Thor was baited by the heckling of a nearby Jotun named Hailstrum, plunging them all into mortal combat as Volstagg used his battleaxe to cut down the Frost Giants as they charged into battle against them, attempting to use their vast numbers to overpower the Asgardian warriors.

Volstagg and Hogun go to rescue Fandral

During the battle, one of the Frost Giants grabbed Volstagg's onto unarmored arm, causing serious burns as Volstagg warned the other warriors not to allow the Frost Giants to touch them. As the Frost Giants' forces had begun to overwhelm them, Fandral was grievously injured in the fight as both Volstagg and Hogun had to help carry him clear, demanding that Thor escape with them as they turned and ran for their lives while Thor continued fighting the Frost Giants.

Volstagg is rescued by the arrival of Odin

As the Warriors ran from the battle, with Volstagg carrying Fandral on his back, Laufey sent a Frost Beast after them, which eventually cornered them only for Thor to come to their aid and slay the Beast. While the Frost Giants cornered them, however, the Asgardians were saved by the timely arrival of Odin on Sleipnir, who intervened and tried to make peace with Laufey, only to fail as he them quickly drew them back to Asgard where they would be safe for now.[1]

Thor's Banishment

Volstagg discusses Thor's recent banishment

"If I may, beg the indulgence of Your Majesty, to perhaps reconsider..."
"We're done!"
―Volstagg and Loki[src]

They used the Bifrost Bridge to return home and Volstagg carried Fandral to the healing room. As punishment for causing a second war between Asgard and Jotunheim, Odin banished Thor to Earth without his powers or hammer. While Volstagg and Fandral had their injuries treated, they discussed Thor's banishment, with Fandral noting that at least Thor was only banished and not dead, while Volstagg questioned how Odin could have discovered their plans.

Volstagg questions Loki's true motivations

Just as Volstagg was questioning how the Einherjar guard had known of all their plans before telling Odin, Loki then revealed that it was he who had informed the Einherjar guard of their scheme, which was directly resulted in Thor's banishment. While Volstagg confronted him over this, Loki argued that Thor was too reckless to be their King. Once Loki had left, Sif and the Warriors Three discussed whether or not he was a spy for Laufey which had unnerved them all.

Volstagg kneels before the new King Loki

Seeking to return Thor onto Asgard, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif went to speak to Odin; however, when they arrived, they discovered Loki had taken the throne as his father had fallen into the Odinsleep. When they demanded to instead speak with Frigga about the matter, Loki informed them that she had refused to leave Odin's bedside and therefore demanded that they could bring their urgent matter to him, announcing himself as King and demanding they bow to him.

Volstagg attempts to make Loki reconsider

Accepting their new king with suspicion, they requested that he end Thor's banishment which Loki refused as he claimed to be unable to contradict his father's final orders as King, making their group more suspicious while Loki claimed that the Asgardians still needed some continuity before they were to return to War against Jotunheim. When Volstagg had tried to politely get Loki to reconsider his decision, Loki refused and ordered them to leave, much to their frustration.[1]

Disobeying the King

Volstagg eating while considering his options

"Is it just me or does Earth look a little different to you now?"
"It has been a thousand years."
"Changes happen so fast. I mean, you leave for a millennium and look at the state of the place."
―Volstagg and Sif[src]

Concerned over what Loki's true motivations for taking up the throne of Asgard, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif discussed what should be done next, with Volstagg then being accused by Fandral of not caring enough about their situation and having more of a focus on food. Hogun suggested that the next step would have to be to disobey their king's demands and bring Thor find Thor on Earth, despite knowing this would likely be viewed as treason by King Loki.

Volstagg makes an agreement with Heimdall

As they discussed this, Volstagg then warned that Heimdall might be listening to their conversation, just as an Einherjar guard entered the room and informed them that Heimdall was demanding to see them, with Volstagg nervously noting that they were doomed. Much to their surprise, however, Heimdall was also opposing King Loki's rule over Asgard and therefore allowed them to use the Bifrost Bridge to go to Earth and rescue Thor, hoping to overthrow Loki as a result.

Volstagg is finally reunited back with Thor

They arrived at Thor's last known location within Puente Antiguo and searched for their lost friend. As they walked through the town, they attracted odd looks from the locals due to their armor and weapons.[1] At one stage, Volstagg helped a girl find her ball before knocking out two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were spying on them.[3] Eventually, they found Thor with his new friends Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis and Erik Selvig, as they all delighted to see one another again.

Volstagg informs Thor of the current situation

Although he had expressed his delight and seeing his dearest friends once again, Thor told them that they should not have come for him. When Volstagg informed Thor that they were there to take him home, Thor told him that Loki had claimed that Odin was dead, meaning that he could not return to Asgard as they had desired. However, Sif revealed to Thor that his father was still alive and they realized that Loki had lied to them all, before Thor agreed to come home.[1]

Battle of Puente Antiguo

Volstagg discusses the battle plan with Thor

"And then, with a mighty bellow, I flew into the giant metal beast and laid it low."
"Is that another way of saying you fell on your huge ass?"
"As a matter of fact, falling down was a tactic."
―Volstagg and Fandral[src]

While they were still in Puente Antiguo, they faced an unexpected threat when Loki dispatched the Destroyer to kill Thor and all of his friends. Although Volstagg delighted in the idea that he and Thor could fight side by side once more, Thor revealed that he was powerless and could only help to get the innocent civilians of the town to safety while Sif and the Warriors Three battled the attacker.

Volstagg furiously fights agaisnt the Destroyer

While Thor and his friends evacuated the Humans, Volstagg attacked the Destroyer by having Hogun and Fandral throw him towards it as he swung his Axe; however, he was knocked backwards into a car. While it was distracted, preparing to blast Volstagg, the Destroyer was stabbed by Sif with her double-edged sword through its throat. Volstagg was relieved to have not been destroyed, but this barely slowed the Destroyer down, however, and the battle continued.

Volstagg is attacked again by the Destroyer

They proved to be no match for the construct, and it battered them without much effort, firing its beams of pure energy at the Asgardians as they were soon separated and Volstagg ended up being thrown inside Isabela's Diner. Just as Volstagg had gotten back onto his feet, however, the Destroyer caught sight of him once again and fired yet another beam of energy at him, launching Volstagg across the street and seriously injuring him as the other came to his aid.

Volstagg witnesses Thor's apparent death

Eventually, Thor ordered them to leave, assuring them that he had a plan on how to handle the Destroyer while Volstagg was carried away by Fandral and Hogun. However, instead of charging into battle, Thor calmly walked over to the Destroyer without any weapons to defend himself and spoke directly to Loki, allowing the Destroyer to kill him in exchange for it leaving the innocent people alone, Volstagg then watched helplessly as his friend died in Jane Foster's arms.

Volstagg prepares to return home to Asgard

However, Thor's self-sacrifice had in fact proved him to be worthy of his former power as Mjølnir launched into his hands and restored his power back, allowing him to finally defeat The Destroyer as Volstagg and the others watched on. The team returned back to Asgard and discovered Loki had nearly killed Heimdall with the Casket of Ancient Winters, while the Warriors took Heimdall to the Healing Room, Thor went to confront his brother and remove him from the throne.

Volstagg entertains his friends with his stories

Thor and Loki battled across Asgard, leading to the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge and Loki's apparent death when he fell into a black hole. With Odin having awoken from his Odinsleep and reclaimed the throne of Asgard, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif gathered together at a banquet to celebrate the return of Thor and the return to peace. Volstagg entertained the guests with the tales of his battles with the Frost Giants and the Destroyer, delighting in the reactions.[1]

Protecting the Realms

Battle of Vanaheim

Volstagg fights during the Battle of Vanaheim

"The most vile criminals the Nine Realms have ever produced. To our left savage beasts with fangs like knives! To our right, soldiers of fortune, their blades dripping with blood!"

Volstagg, along with Lady Sif and the rest of the Warriors Three, was a member of Odin's retinue when Thor brought Loki back to Asgard after trying to conquer Earth.[5] In the wake of the destruction of the Rainbow Bridge, Volstagg had witnessed the Marauders attacking the Nine Realms due to the Asgardians now being unable to travel.[2] Volstagg then stood with the Warriors and Einherjar as Thor gave a speech before they went to battle the Marauders.[5]

Volstagg battles against the Marauders' army

In their final battle against the Marauders in Vanaheim, Volstagg was valiantly fighting against all of their latest foes alongside Lady Sif as well as Hogun and Fandral. Volstagg managed to furiously hold back the Marauders, using his own Battle Axe as his main weapon until he briefly became overwhelmed. Volstagg however was saved as Thor arrived and used Mjølnir to knock back Volstagg's attacker, allowing him to get back to his feet and rejoin the ongoing battle.

Volstagg watches over captured Marauders

At the conclusion of the battle, Thor was challenged to single combat by the Kronan Marauder who Thor proceeded to completely destroy with a single blow with Mjølnir, ending the battle as the Marauders lay down their weapons. With the battle over, all the surviving Marauders were captured and taken back to the Asgardian Dungeons personally by the Warriors Three. Volstagg and Sif took charge of the transport of the Marauders, as Volstagg watched while eating an apple.[2]


Volstagg tells the stories of their adventures

"Now, I don't mind telling you, I feared for Thor's life. But with steely courage, intrepid spirit and an axe, victory was ours!"
"Truly a tale for the ages."
―Volstagg and Thor[src]

Volstagg returned to Asgard to celebrate the victory with his friends and family. Alongside Fandral, Thor and Lady Sif, Volstagg went to a local inn to drink and brought his children along, telling them of all of their recent adventures and their successful victory during the War of the Nine Realms.[2] Taking great delight in the Asgardians reactions, Volstagg had begun greatly exaggerating his stories, claiming that their enemies were soldiers of fortune, armed with fanged beasts.

Volstagg celebrating their recent victory

As Volstagg continued talking, he noted how the Warriors Three, also noting Hogun's part during the battle, they were all eventually able to overcome all the armies of Marauders in Vanaheim as they had finally claimed victory.[6] Once Volstagg finished his drink, he threw his glass over his shoulder and demanded another, causing everyone around him to roar with laughter. Seemingly distracted, however, Thor left the celebrations and said his goodnights to all of his friends.

Volstagg and Fandral capture more Marauders

With some small bands of Marauders still remaining at large across the Nine Realms, Fandral and Volstagg were tasked with collecting them and locking them up in the Asgardian Dungeons. Once they had collected the small unit of Marauders who had been on the run, which also included Algrim who had disguised himself, the pair then returned to Himinbjorg through the Bifrost Bridge and took the rebels into the Dungeons with the other prisoners.[2]

Return of the Dark Elves

Volstagg battles the escaped prisoners

"It's as if they resent being imprisoned."
"There's no pleasing some creatures."
Fandral and Volstagg[src]

As it turned out, Algrim one of the Marauder prisoners who had been brought into the Asgardian Dungeons to begin his sentence, was in reality the lieutenant of Malekith. Algrim used his position within the Dungeons to lead a Prison Break, breaking free and releasing all the other prisoners while the Dark Elves began attacking Asgard. In response, Volstagg and Fandral came to quell the riot before it could get out of hand.

Volstagg hears the arrival of the Dark Elves

Volstagg and Fandral fought the escapees alongside the Einherjar, with Fandral jokingly questioning if the rebels were resenting being imprisoned by them. The pair eventually gained help with the battle upon Thor's arrival who helped overpower the Marauders, still not realizing the escape was a distraction. While the warriors fought the rioters, Malekith had broken inside the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf in order to kidnap Jane Foster, the Aether's host, who was kept there.

Volstagg and Fandral attend Frigga's funeral

Although Volstagg and Fandral were able to quell the riot within the Dungeons before Malekith and his soldiers were forced to retreat back to the safety of the Ark, during the chaos of the ensuing battle, Odin's beloved wife Frigga was killed by the Dark Elves. Volstagg and the Asgardians then attended Frigga's funeral to show respect to their late queen, with Volstagg standing by Fandral as Frigga's body became one with the Nine Realms in her final send off.[2]

Retaliation Planning

Volstagg and Fandral discuss battle plans

"Assuming you can get Loki's help, and you can free this mortal, what good would it do? We’d all be dead the minute we step one foot outside the palace."
"That, my friend, is where we won’t be leaving by foot."
―Volstagg and Thor[src]

The following day, Volstagg and Fandral had informed Odin that the Shields of Asgard were still not repaired and Asgard was defenseless if Malekith attacked again. Thor arrived to discuss his own battle plans with Odin in private, intending to take the battle to Malekith by bringing the Aether to him and killing him there; however, Odin refused to accept this plan and vowed to kill every Dark Elf.

Volstagg attends a strategy meeting with Thor

Fearing that Odin was blinded by his grief and enraged following the recent death of Frigga at the hands of the Dark Elves, Volstagg had agreed to meet with Thor in secret to discuss his plan to sneak away from Asgard with Jane Foster to get onto Svartalfheim where they would confront Malekith. At the meeting with Fandral, Heimdall and Lady Sif, Volstagg listened closely while Thor then discussed his plan to escape from Asgard without being discovered by Odin.

Volstagg discusses Loki's plans with Thor

When Thor revealed that his attention was to use Loki's knowledge of hidden passages to transport them all off Asgard, Volstagg was utterly horrified, assuring Thor that his brother would undoubtedly betray him. Volstagg questioned how, even if they were successfully in getting Loki out of the Asgardian Dungeons and free Foster, how they would get away from Asgard without the Einherjar discovering and killing them, although Thor had still remained confident.[2]

Freeing Loki

Volstagg personally threatening Loki's life

"If you even think about betraying him..."
"You'll kill me? Evidently, there will be a line."
―Volstagg and Loki[src]

As their plan had soon gone ahead, Thor freed Loki from his own cell inside the Asgardian Dungeons; before Volstagg had greeted the pair as well as Jane Foster outside of the crashed Dark Elf Harrow which Thor intended to use to escape. As they boarded the ship to head to Svartalfheim, Volstagg stopped Loki in his tracks and assured him that if he even considered betraying Thor at any point, he would personally kill him.

Volstagg keeps the Einherjar guards at bay

Loki however was unbothered by Volstagg's death threat, admitting that Lady Sif had already threatened him, walking away to rejoin his brother while Volstagg armed himself with his Battle Axe, ready to defend the Harrow to ensure Thor was able to get away. As a squad of the Einherjar charged forward to take Thor and Loki into custody, Volstagg still held them off as best he could, using his Axe against his fellow Asgardian warriors without causing any fatal injuries.

Volstagg laughs as Thor escapes from Asgard

While Thor struggled with the controls, Volstagg fought the Einherjar in order to give them time to escape. Eventually, Volstagg became overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the guards and was pinned to the floor. However, he was successful and laughed as Thor escaped with his companions. While Volstagg, Fandral and Sif were arrested for their treason, they were released as Thor's plan was successful, leading to Malekith's demise and the capture of the Aether.[2]

Transfer of the Aether

Volstagg delivers the Aether to the Collector

"But if I may ask, why not keep it secure, in your own vault?"
"The Tesseract is already on Asgard. It is not wise to keep two Infinity Stones so close together."
Collector and Volstagg[src]

Following all of the recent events of the Convergence as well as the defeat of the Dark Elves, Volstagg and Lady Sif were then both sent into Knowhere to give the Aether to the Collector for safekeeping. Upon their arrival, Volstagg and Sif were then taken onto the Collector by Carina where he was waiting inside the Collector's Museum. Greeting them, the Collector expressed his delight at having two nobel Asgardians come all the way to Knowhere to speak with him.

Volstagg explains the intention to the Collector

Upon handing over the Aether to him, they were then asked by the Collector why they did not store it in Odin's Vault, to which Volstagg explained that since the Tesseract was already located on Asgard, it would be deemed unwise to keep two Infinity Stones in the same place at the same time. Once they had been assured that the Aether would be kept as safe as possible within his Collection, Volstagg and Sif left the Collector's Museum and returned to Asgard.[7]


Killed by Hela

Volstagg as guard of the Bifrost Bridge

"Who are you? What have you done with Thor?"
―Volstagg to Hela[src]

Following the successful war against the Dark Elves, Volstagg was unaware that Loki had begun impersonating Odin. One of his orders banished Heimdall from his role as guardian of the Bifrost Bridge, and Skurge was appointed to the position. After Skurge proved less than reliable, and Loki's deceit was revealed, Volstagg was appointed the new guardian.

Volstagg confronts Hela upon arrival

When the Goddess of Death, Hela, returned to Asgard, she arrived at the Bifrost. Volstagg and Fandral were supervising Skurge's clean-up of Himinbjorg, due to the remains of a Fire Dragon which had been decapitated through the bridge. When Hela arrived though the Bifrost, Volstagg demanded to know who she was, and what she had done with Thor. Hela swiftly flung a Necrosword into Volstagg's chest, and then did the same to Fandral. After announcing her name, she used another Necro sword to impale them both, killing Fandral and Volstagg in quick succession.[8]


"I hope this goes quickly, I'm famished."
"Are you attached to that pretty face of yours? Because one more word and you won't be!"
"My, we are hungry aren't we."
―Volstagg and Fandral[src]

Volstagg was very bright and carefree. He was a loyal and good friend to Thor, willing to commit treason for him when journeying to Jotunheim and holding off the Einherjar to prevent them from capturing Thor and Loki. Volstagg was a very strong-willed and brave warrior, as seen when he silently appeared to almost accept his death at the hands of the Destroyer. He loved eating, drinking and celebrating, along with spending time with his family. However, he retained a sense of duty, as he very responsibly took ardent care of Hofund and the Bifrost prior to his death.

Powers and Abilities


  • Asgardian Physiology: As an Asgardian, Volstagg possessed all of the various superhuman attributes common among his people, including superhuman strength, durability, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, healing, and was extremely long-lived. He was part of the Warriors Three, a highly trained group.
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Volstagg overpowering a Frost Giant

      Like all Asgardians, Volstagg possessed great superhuman strength which he used to swing a heavy battleaxe with minimal effort, and hold his own against Frost Giants and Marauders, in addition to easily lifting a car with one hand. When trying to get the Cup of Glory, Thor made a mine collapse. Volstagg was able to hold the roof up with his raw strength, saving everyone.
    • Superhuman Durability: Volstagg's body was durable enough to withstand a punch from a Frost Giant and being smacked into a car by the Destroyer without any signs of injury. He was even able to withstand blows from the highly trained Einherjar. However, he was injured by a Frost Giant's freezing touch.
    • Superhuman Speed: Volstagg could run and move at great superhuman speed even with his big stature. He managed to outrun a Frost Beast while carrying an injured Fandral on his back.
    • Superhuman Agility: Volstagg naturally possessed great agility, equilibrium and flexibility. This allowed him to effortlessly move around during a fight, despite his big stature.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Volstagg's could perform at max energy for way longer than humans. His endurance allowed him to exercise his maximum capacity for an extremely long period of time without tiring at all. This helped a lot while he fought his enemies.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Volstagg could react and dodge objects traveling at high speeds allowing him to dodge punches by Frost Giants and Dark Elves.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Volstagg possessed a far greater healing ability. He was able to heal from a frostbite caused by a Frost Giant within days. His metabolism was so great, he managed to consume four wild boars, six pheasants, a side of beef, and two casks of ale without effort, according to Fandral, following Thor's banishment and Loki's coup.
    • Longevity: Volstagg, like all other Asgardians, was not truly immortal. It was possible to kill an Asgardian and other beings in the Nine Realms. More accurately, Asgardians were extremely long-lived beings, Volstagg aged considerably slow pace, being able to live for thousands of years. Even though he was more than a thousand years old, Volstagg still looked like a middle-aged man by Earth standards.


  • Master Combatant:

    Volstagg fights multiple Einherjar at once

    Along with the rest of the Warriors Three, Volstagg was a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having received extensive training in unarmed combat as well as having centuries of combat experience, making him one of the most powerful and best warriors in Asgard. He had fought in multiple battles against highly trained combatants such as Frost Giants, Marauders, and Einherjar with relative ease.
  • Axe Mastery: Volstagg was highly skilled at using his axe in combat, with centuries of training and experience in wielding it. He was able to use it to kill multiple Frost Giants with relative ease. His axe is his primary weapon in battle and his fighting style revolves around his weapon.
  • Bilingualism: Volstagg was fluent in his native Asgardian, as well as English.



Other Equipment

  • Asgardian Armor
    • First Set: Volstagg’s first armor was made of a brown and gold tunic and pants. Over his chest he wore a two part metal vest. The top part had various swirling designs and the bottom was made of overlapping gold plates that made room for Volstagg’s considerable stomach. He wore simple brown boots.
    • Second Set: Volstagg’s second armor was made of overlapping, bronze, plates. He wears black side-shoulder pads with gold accents. His sleeves are chainmail with leather arm-bracers at the end. He wears a chainmail and leather skirt over brown leather pants and boots.


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  • In Thor: The Dark World, Volstagg celebrates with his family after returning home from a battle in Vanaheim. One of the children present resembles his daughter Gunnhild.
  • In recent comics, using Ultimate Thor's hammer, Volstagg has become another Thor, dubbing himself as "The War Thor".

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