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"The Nitramene still emits low levels of vita radiation."
"Yeah, we occasionally use them in our experiments to stabilize the–"
"I know what they do."
Anton Vanko and Peggy Carter[src]

Vita Radiation is electromagnetic radiation with a specific wavelength that has stabilizing properties. It was used to activate the properties of the Super Soldier Serum in Steve Rogers and is present in Nitramene.


"We begin with a series of micro injections into the subject's major muscle groups. The serum infusion will cause immediate cellular change. And then to stimulate growth, the subject will be saturated with Vita-rays."
Abraham Erskine[src]

Vita radiation was used by Abraham Erskine to activate the properties of the perfected Super Soldier Serum as part of Project Rebirth.

During his transformation into the first super soldier, Steve Rogers screamed in pain as his body absorbed a vita radiation level of seventy percent. Peggy Carter and Erskine wanted to stop the project; however, Rogers begged them not to cease, saying that he could take it. Howard Stark proceeded to increase the output to a hundred percent, causing the chamber to glow so brightly that Chester Phillips and other observers covered their eyes.[1]

Nitramene, a chemical created by Howard Stark, emits vita radiation.[2]

Vita radiation can be detected by a Vita-Ray Detector.[3]

Alternate Universes

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Vita radiation does not last long on people, but objects, such as watches and civilian clothing, hold the radiation longer.[3]