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"So what's a single gal like you doing rattling around this big house?"
Agatha Harkness to Wanda Maximoff[src]

The Vision Residence was the house built by Wanda Maximoff in the town of Westview.


Land Purchased by Vision

Plot of land in Westview

Vision purchased a plot of land in Westview, New Jersey, intending to move in with Wanda Maximoff to spend the rest of their lives together. In the property deed, he left a handwritten note that read: "To grow old in".[1]

Westview Anomaly


The house is created by Wanda Maximoff

In 2023, Wanda Maximoff retrieved the property deed and drove to the plot, finding only the bare foundations of a house. Opening the deed, she discovered the note, before collapsing to the ground in anguish and releasing an enormous amount of chaos magic. From the burst, the Residence was constructed, while another massive release of energy formed the Hex, which enthralled Westview’s residents and produced a new Vision.[1]

Dinner Party

"What's going on here, Vision? You blow a fuse?"
"Pardon me while I just go and fetch the lady of the house."
"Arthur Hart" and Vision[src]

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Magical Talent Show

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Creating Tommy and Billy Maximoff

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Raising Tommy and Billy Maximoff

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Ralph Bohner’s Arrival

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Reality Bending

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Battle of Westview

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The house disappears along with the Hex

"We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason..."
"We'll say hello again."
"So long, darling."
Vision and Wanda Maximoff[src]

Wanda Maximoff listened to the pleas of several Westview residents, once they were released from her enthrallment by Agatha Harkness, and started to remove the Hex, along with Vision, their children, and the house. Maximoff returned to the house and said goodbye to her children and Vision, as they and the house disappeared around her. Without the reality overwrite, a plot of land with bare foundations was left.[2]

Alternate Universe Versions


Happy Family

In an alternate universe, designated as Earth-838, Wanda Maximoff moved to Westview, New Jersey and took residence in the house that Vision had bought for them. There she had two children, Tommy and Billy. They also got themselves a pet hamster named Max. Maximoff enjoyed baking in the kitchen with her sons. They put their hands in the batter and she told them to go wash their hands while laughing.[3]

Arrival of Scarlet Witch

Another night, Wanda Maximoff prepared to get ice-cream for Tommy and Billy when she sensed a presence and became alarmed when the lights in her dining room flickered as well as a photograph of her move and the water in a glass move like waves. As she went to the sink, she saw in the window, her alternate self and deduced what was happening, that her alternate self was dreamwalking. However, she was powerless to stop her alternate self.

Her alternate self then went into the living room after being called by her boys. She became emotional at seeing them and watched as they performed a song for her. As she knelt to embrace them, the dreamwalking was interrupted.

Maximoff, now back to herself, enjoyed ice cream with her boys and fell asleep on the couch with them. As Maximoff was asleep, her alternate self returned and dreamwalked into her again. She then left her children asleep and flew off into the sky from her house.[3]

Meeting Scarlet Witch

Later, as Tommy and Billy watched a movie, a portal opened up in the house revealing the prime reality's Scarlet Witch and America Chavez. Alarmed by this, the boys ran away and called out for help. Wanda Maximoff ran down the stairs to comfort them, only to get thrown through the railing into the dining room against the wall by Scarlet Witch, who then went to embrace Tommy and Billy. However, after seeing that they were scared of her and getting her mind back from under the Darkhold’s possession, she knelt on the ground and cried. Maximoff got back up and approached her, forgiving her and telling her that her kids would be loved. Chavez then transported herself and Scarlet Witch away.[3]



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