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"I have been a voice with no body. A body, but not human. And now... a memory made real. Who knows what I might be next?"
―Vision to Wanda Maximoff[src]

Vision was a recreation of the synthezoid of the same name, created by Wanda Maximoff using Chaos Magic during her meltdown in Westview over the loss of the original Vision, who was her lover, which reset the town to a sitcom-style ambience. For a couple of days, Vision lived peacefully with Maximoff and conceived twin sons with her, but soon discovered that Westview was not what it seemed. Vision became aware of the brainwashed citizens, the Hex, Maximoff's past and actions, as well as the life of the original Vision with the help of Darcy Lewis. He aided his family by fighting White Vision in the Battle of Westview before restoring his memories, and in the immediate aftermath, Vision and Maximoff bade farewell to each other as the latter dispelled the Hex, erasing Vision and his children.



Wanda Maximoff's Grief

"Not everyone has the kind of power that could bring their soulmate back online. Excuse me, back to life."
"No, I can't do that. That's not why I'm here."
"Okay, but I can't allow you to take three billion dollars worth of vibranium, just to put it in the ground."
Tyler Hayward and Wanda Maximoff[src]

In 2023, the remaining Avengers reversed the Snap, resurrecting trillions including Wanda Maximoff. However, Vision, Maximoff's lover, remained dead, having not been killed by the Snap but rather Thanos directly. Shortly after, Maximoff would go to the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters, requesting that she be given Vision's body to give him a funeral and bury him. There, Maximoff met with Tyler Hayward, the organization's director, who would show her that S.W.O.R.D. had dismantled Vision, explaining that he was the most powerful sentient weapon ever made and that they could not give him away when he was so valuable.[10]

Created with Chaos Magic

"Wanda, welcome home."
―Vision to Wanda Maximoff[src]

Vision being created by Wanda Maximoff

Following her meeting with Tyler Hayward, Wanda Maximoff drove to Westview, arriving at the plot where the couple's home was to have been built. The combined grief of losing her parents, brother and partner proved too much for Maximoff, who would suddenly release a massive amount of magical energy known as Chaos Magic, which completely rewrote their surroundings, building their home, rebuilding Westview in a 1950s-theme, and creating a new version of Vision. Vision, unaware of his or his original self's history, greeted Maximoff.[10]

Westview Anomaly

Arrival into Westview

Vision and Wanda Maximoff enter Westview

Vision and Wanda Maximoff began their new life in the suburban town of Westview, New Jersey as the stars of the sitcom "WandaVision". Vision retained no memories from when he was alive, and was only aware that he was Maximoff's husband. Vision was also unaware of the fact that his sitcom life was the result of a grieving Maximoff altering reality within Westview, holding thousands of civilians along with himself hostage.[5]

First Day at Work

Upon starting work at Computational Services Inc. Headquarters, Vision's coworker Norm had marveled at how fast Vision worked, as he joked that he was like a walking computer, which Vision denied. Vision's inability to understand the significance of what that day was, would be resolved when he remembered that he was hosting his boss, Mr. Hart, and his wife, Mrs. Hart for dinner. Mr. Hart, who was looking forward to the evening, explained the importance of the dinner, pointing to former employee, Phil Jones, who was leaving because the dinner he hosted was not to Mr. Hart's liking, which had made Vision considerably more nervous.[2]

Dinner with the Harts

Vision singing for Mrs. Hart and Arthur Hart

Later that night, Once Vision had brought their guests back to the Vision Residence for dinner, Wanda Maximoff snuck up behind Arthur Hart, mistaking him for Vision, and attempted to play guess who with him. Upon seeing this, Vision scrambled to explain that Maximoff was from Sokovia, and lied that this was the customary Sokovian way of greeting guests. The Harts carried on without much hassle accepted the explanation.

Vision then spoke with his boss about his work at Computational Services Inc., and again attempted to get more information about what their company actually did. However, a sudden crash in the kitchen was heard, which was loud enough that Mrs. Hart chose to offer her help to Maximoff, although Vision was just able to stop her. As Mrs. Hart made another attempt to help in the kitchen, Vision distracts her by singing “Yakety Yak”, catching everyone off guard.

Eventually, the Harts began to grow impatient, and just as Mr. Hart began to scold Vision for the lack of food, Maximoff quickly laid out their dinner, and they all sat down to eat the breakfast for dinner. Mrs. Hart asked Maximoff and Vision about their story, entailing where they moved from to come to Westview, and how long they had been married, but neither of them were able to answer any of her questions.

This awkward interaction soon led to Mr. Hart growing angry at the couple for not having an answer for them, until he begun choking on his food. This caused the reality to break, so Maximoff told Vision to help Mr. Hart, and everything went back to normal. Once the Harts left, Vision and Maximoff reflected on the dinner, and decided to make it the day of their anniversary, with Maximoff making them wedding rings.[2]

Late Night Noises

Vision looking outside for any dangers

Vision and Wanda Maximoff were awoken in the night by strange noises, which turned out to just be the trees hitting the window of the Vision Residence. The loud sound startled Vision, so he checked the window to see what caused it, while he had assured Maximoff there was nothing to worry about, before the sound scared him back into his bed. Maximoff eventually discovered that the cause of the sound was a tree branch hitting the side of their house due to the wind. Because Maximoff had then altered their beds to now be joined together, she and Vision took the opportunity to make love.[3]

Neighborhood Watch

Vision found the Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Local Library in Westview. Once Vision had sat down with the members, they explained to him that it was a member's only event, and attempted to exclude him. However, Vision hung around longer, asking a slew of questions about their policies. When offered a danish, Vision let it slip that he did not eat food, but quickly covered his mistake. He did, however, accept a stick of gum, after the group allowed him to join them. As he awkwardly chewed, John Collins patted him on the back, causing Vision to swallow the gum, which unintentionally caused some major issues for his inner workings.[3]

Disastrous Magic Show

Vision and Wanda Maximoff do their show

As Vision struggled to handle the gum that was stuck in his body, he became late for the Magic Show that he and Wanda Maximoff were due to perform at, causing Maximoff to panic. Upon arriving, Vision finally staggered up to the stage, seemingly intoxicated. Maximoff took the stage and introduces Vision, who stumbled on his way out. He bumbled his way through a magic routine, using his powers to shock and amaze the audience.

Attempting to keep them from being discovered, Maximoff used her own powers to create practical explanations for his tricks as the audience bursts into laughter.[3] However, while the gum in his system was causing him issues, Vision was also being put under the spell of Agatha Harkness, who was sat in the audience and causing more chaos for him throughout the performance[7]

During their big finale, they made Geraldine appear in the cabinet, which was supposed to be used to make Maximoff disappear. Maximoff discovered the gum in Vision's system and corrected the problem. The now sober Vision tossed the gum away, and the couple attempted to sneak away. However, before they could leaveDottie Jones spotted them, and demands they stop. While Maximoff and Vision expected to be scolded, Jones instead presented them with an award for the best comedy performance, much to their surprise and delight.[3]

Family Life

Wanda Maximoff's Reset

Vision and Wanda Maximoff watch a man

Back at the Vision Residence, Vision and Wanda Maximoff had then celebrated their performance, and their day of fitting in with the other residents of Westview. As Maximoff started to head towards the kitchen, Vision called her back. As she turned around, it was revealed that she was pregnant. Maximoff asked if this is really happening, however, they were quickly interrupted by a sound outside. They headed out to find a man climbing out of the sewer in a beekeeper's outfit, surrounded by bees. When the man turned to face them, Maximoff simply uttered "no," and their reality began to rewind, bringing things back to the point of Maximoff asking if her pregnancy is really happening. This time, instead of hearing the sound, Vision assured her it was really happening and the two kissed. Maximoff noticed Vision's face was now in color, and marveled as she and the environment around her became colorized.[3]

Planning for a Baby

Vision practicing changing a doll's diaper

The next day, Doctor Stan Nielson was called up to check on Maximoff, who detailed that she was about four months pregnant. Maximoff was completely delighted by all this, but Vision was concerned, due to the odd nature of her pregnancy, including her going further in stages. With the pregnancy occurring at a fast rate, Maximoff used her powers to build a room for the baby, while she and Vision debated the name, with Maximoff favoring Tommy, and Vision preferring Billy. Vision calculated that the baby should be born three days from then. Vision practicing changing a doll's diaper while Maximoff times him.[4]

Unexpected Early Birth

Their preparations are subsequently interrupted when Maximoff experiences false labor. Unfortunately, the experience causes her to lose control of her powers again as all of the appliances start to go crazy. Due to the indoor downpour, Maximoff and Vision hide under the table from the indoor rain. After a few seconds, it stops and Maximoff uses her powers to blow dry their home. She once again feels the labor pains and Vision runs off to find Dr. Nielson using his super speed. Vision arrives at the doctor’s home, throws him on his back, and speeds away. Vision and Dr. Nielson come in a moment later, and Vision meets his son. With Geraldine and the doctor in the other room, Vision transforms into his natural synthezoid state and holds the baby, calling him Tommy. As the couple share a smile, Maximoff begins to go into labor again and Vision realizes that another baby, Billy, is coming.[4]

Looking after the Twins

Vision and Wanda Maximoff with the twins

Later, all four adults are in the living room with Vision and Dr. Nielson holding Tommy and Billy. Vision walks Dr. Nielson out, who mentions his planned vacation to Bermuda will not be happening after all. Dr. Nielson explains that he thinks he will not be taking his trip because small towns can be hard to escape. A puzzled Vision then finds Agnes and Herb gossiping in the yard. Intrigued, he approaches them to find out what they're discussing. Agnes asks if Geraldine is inside with Maximoff. Herb and Agnes explain to Vision that Geraldine is new to town and has no family, husband or even a home. Vision clearly finds that strange. When he returned inside, he asked about the current whereabouts of Geraldine. Maximoff told him that she returned home, but when she turned around, she was startled by Vision, who appeared as his corpse, causing her to look away in horror, but when she looked back, everything was normal again. Vision told Maximoff that they didn't have to stay in Westview, but she refuted it, saying it was their home, and that she had everything under control.[4][9]

Uncovering Norm

Vision continues questioning his reality

"Calm yourself Norm, I can't understand what you're trying to tell me."
"You have to stop her!"
"Stop who?"
"She's in my head. None of it is my own. It hurts. It hurts so much. Just make her stop."
―Vision and Abilash Tandon[src]

Vision was hard at work installing computers at Computational Services Inc. Headquarters, with Norm commenting that Vision knew quite a lot about them. Suddenly, each of the new computers received an email regarding S.W.O.R.D. and the Westview Anomaly in which all of Vision's colleagues began slowly reading in unison. Realizing something was wrong, Vision decided to reach into Norm's mind and speak to the man behind his persona. He discovered that someone was speaking to Norm constantly inside his head, giving him constant pain and that he had a family he could not reach.[5]

Confronting Wanda

Vision furiously confronts Wanda Maximoff

"What is outside of Westview?"
"You don't want to know, I promise you."
"You don't get to make that choice for me, Wanda!"
"You've never talked to me like this before."
"Before what? Before WHAT?! I don't remember my life before Westview, I don't know who I am! I'm scared!"
―Vision and Wanda Maximoff[src]

Later that night, Vision spoke to Wanda Maximoff about the occurrence, deducing that it was her who was speaking to Norm and every other Westview citizen. Maximoff tried to both avoid the subject and deny his accusations, but that only led to Vision being angry with her and questioning what was outside of Westview.

Vision is introduced to "Pietro Maximoff"

Maximoff was taken aback by this as Vision had never spoken to her in this manner before, while Vision was frustrated about what she was saying as his life in Westview he claimed was the only life he ever knew, which ultimately scared him. Maximoff attempted to assure him of who he was, but Vision was not certain she was telling him everything. His attempts of understanding the situation were ultimately interrupted by the sudden of Wanda's long lost brother, "Pietro Maximoff", as Vision watched their reunion.[5]

Exploring Westview

Vision and Wanda Maximoff wear costumes

"I am Vision. I do want to help. But what's an Avenger?"
"What? Why don't you know? Am I dead?"
"No, no. Why would you think that?"
"Because you are."
―Vision and Agnes[src]

As Halloween rolled around to Westview, Vision dressed up as a "Mexican wrestler", and decided to join the Neighborhood Watch on patrol instead of going Trick-or-Treating with Wanda Maximoff and the boys, which upset Maximoff further. Having both of them still not recovered from the previous night's argument, saying that he had to be there for their boys first Halloween. In the end, "Pietro Maximoff" agreed to go with Maximoff in Vision's place and the latter went on his way.

Vision exploring the outskirts of Westview

However, the whole Neighborhood Watch was merely a bluff for Vision's true intentions, which were to continue investigating his suspicions of Westview. This led him to discover that some of the town's population either moved in a repeated motion or did not move at all. Perplexed by this, Vision decided to fly upward and get a better lay of the area, noticing that the town made a lot of noise on the side furthest away from him but no sound from the side he was on. Vision discovered a lone car at an intersection furthest from town which he found out contained Agnes, who told him that she took a wrong turn and got lost in the town she grew up in. Vision decided to speak with the real Agnes the same way he did with Norm.

Vision questioning the confused Agnes

Agnes realized that Vision was one of the Avengers and asked if he was here to help. Vision asked Agnes what an Avenger was as he had never heard of the title. Agnes herself was confused that he did not know and wondered if she had died. Vision assuring her that she had not asked her why she would think such a thing, to which she replied with telling Vision that he was dead. She later told him that no one could leave Westview and Wanda would not let anyone think about it. She then proceeded to cackle maniacally and Vision put her back in her previous state. Agnes drove off, leaving Vision confused.[6]

Attempting to Escape

Vision attempting to escape Westview

"Why aren't you helping him? Stop! He's coming apart!"
Darcy Lewis to S.W.O.R.D.[src]

Vision decided to walk further away from Westview, and discovered the hexagonal barrier separating the town from the rest of the world. Deducing that this was the way out, Vision decided to push through the barrier and find out what was outside. With some difficulty, Vision passed through the barrier, but it began to pull him back into Westview, ripping pieces of him off as he resisted being sucked in.

Vision being saved by Wanda Maximoff

Seeing S.W.O.R.D. agents watching him, Vision pleaded that they help the people trapped inside Westview, collapsing to the ground as he spoke. Darcy Lewis, who was observing, begged the S.W.O.R.D agents help Vision, but they handcuffed her to a car. Vision locked eyes with Lewis before he succumbed to his injuries, lying motionless on the ground. Wanda, being told of Vision's pain by Billy Maximoff, expanded the Westview barrier, repairing Vision's body once he was inside and absorbing Darcy Lewis and numerous other S.W.O.R.D agents into the Hex.[6]

Fight for Family

Reunion with Darcy Lewis

Vision getting reunited with Darcy Lewis

"I had no idea how much Wanda had endured before coming to Westview, how much we both had, I guess. Though I can't remember it. For me, it feels like it happened to someone else, you know?"

Fully repaired, Vision awoke in the middle of the S.W.O.R.D. Response Base, which the Hex had turned into a circus. He walked around the circus, confused, until finding Darcy Lewis, who the Hex had turned into a circus escape artist. Vision tried to talk to Lewis, but she was under the control of Wanda Maximoff and did not remember him. Vision pointed out a nearby mime, distracting Lewis long enough for him to free her of Wanda's control. After Lewis regained her composure, the two of them stole a van and left the circus.

Vision learning his past from Darcy Lewis

A confused Vision questioned Lewis, and though she could not tell him if his children were safe or explain the existence of "Pietro Maximoff", she informed Vision of his past, including his death at the hands of Wanda to prevent Thanos getting the Mind Stone. The two of them drove to Westview to find Wanda, but their van was repeatedly impeded by various obstacles, which Vision theorised were being created by Wanda to stop him returning to their home. In an interview on the WandaVision program, Vision remarked about his and Wanda's pasts, before asking himself what he was doing there and saying he had to get back home to his wife. Vision then phased through the van, leaving Lewis behind and flying back to his home.[7]

Battle of Westview

Vision comes to rescue Wanda Maximoff

Vision returned back to the Vision Residence in time to save Wanda Maximoff from the White Vision, who had been reactivated and programmed to eliminate Maximoff by S.W.O.R.D.. Maximoff apologized to Vision for having lied to him for the whole time, but Vision, understanding her grief and reasons, forgave her, and went off to fight White Vision.

The two Visions engaged in a fight, spiraling through the skies above Westview. During the fight, White Vision revealed his programming objective to be to destroy both the Westview Anomaly reality Vision, and Maximoff. As the Hex reality Vision was a part of this reality, as the Hex began being destroyed by Maximoff, so was the Hex reality Vision. This allowed for the White Vision to gain the upper hand for a moment, using his energy power to knock the other Vision from the sky. The Hex Vision landed beside Maximoff as he was slowly ripped apart.

Vision begins to be erased from existence

Torn between the greater good and her family, Scarlet Witch stopped breaking down the Hex and instead chose to fight S.W.O.R.D. and Agatha Harkness. Behind her and her family, the White Vision landed, intent on destroying them. The Hex Vision, now restored to full strength lead the White Vision into the town Library, where they entered another standoff. They engaged in another fight, however it was only brief as the Hex Vision managed to grab White Vision in a headlock, giving him the time to attempt to reason against the original Vision's new programming, telling him that he was not the true Vision and was instead only a conditional Vision. This caused the White Vision to take a moment and contemplate. They began to discuss the Ship of Theseus, and the idea that, if the ship were to rot away, and the planks be replaced, would it still be regarded as the true Ship of Theseus, prompting the two Visions to discuss on their existence.

Vision discusses with White Vision about their identities

They came to an understanding that what made either of them the true Vision was based on their memories and past experience. The Hex's Vision pressed the control on the forehead of White Vision, allowing for the past data of experience to be accessed. White Vision realized this, and uttered the words, "I am Vision", before flying away into the sky.[8]

One Last Embrace

Vision says the last goodbye to Wanda Maximoff

"We have said goodbye before, so it stands to reason..."
"We'll say hello again."
"So long, darling."
―Vision and Wanda Maximoff[src]

With Agatha Harkness defeated and S.W.O.R.D. standing down, Vision, together with Wanda Maximoff and their kids, returned home to await their imminent deletion as the Westview Anomaly was closing. Vision and Maximoff tucked their children in their beds, withholding the information of their demise, and wished them good night before heading downstairs. As they saw the Hex closing in, Vision admitted to be uncertain of what is to come after, but was assured by Maximoff that she would see him again, as they kissed. As they held each other, the Hex finally closed and Vision disappeared along with the illusion cast on the town for good.[8]


Vision retains much of the personality that his original self had, albeit changed slightly to fit better with the sitcom aesthetic of the "sitcom world" of Wanda Maximoff. He is typically polite and calm to everyone, though he often became nervous when he was at risk of being exposed as a synthezoid (as in the sitcom, he was always disguised as human when around others). As a result of his existence as a duplicate of Vision, he has no memories of his original self's life. When confronting Maximoff about her holding an entire town hostage, he was not calm, yelling and screaming at her. As a result of his non-human existence, he struggles with acting normal, often being awkward around others. Despite this version of Vision being unable to remember his past outside the anomaly as well as his time as an Avenger, he is still deeply compassionate and worries for the well being and safety of the people trapped within the anomaly, going so far as to break out of the hex to find help which caused him tremendous pain, his body being ripped apart and almost killing him. However, when the truth is finally revealed to him, he stands with Wanda regardless and forgives her.

Powers and Abilities


"You, Vision... are the piece of the Mind Stone that lives in me. You are a body of wires and blood and bone that I created."
Wanda Maximoff to Vision[src]
  • Synthezoid Physiology/Mind Stone Enhancement: Like his original self, Vision is a sapient construct, a perfect hybrid between organic and inorganic material. His entire body is a mix between a synthetic simulacrum of organic tissue and vibranium, all of which are enhanced by the cosmic powers of the recreated Mind Stone to function as a living body. The combination of the vibranium and the cosmic energy from the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead not only gives him life, but also grants Vision a wide plethora of incredible powers. However, unlike his original self since he was created as a part of Wanda's reality warping abilities, he would cease to exist outside her spell.
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Vision restraining White Vision

      As a synthezoid composed of vibranium, Vision possesses superhuman strength. He has shown to be par with White Vision in terms of physical strength. He was able to save Maximoff by crushing White Vision to the ground while flying and send him flying to caravan with a single push.
    • Superhuman Durability: The vibranium composition of Vision's body allows him to withstand immense force with no visible damage to his exterior, as demonstrated when he escaped the Westview Anomaly to warn S.W.O.R.D.. As a Chaos Magic recreation, however, he was unable to persist for long outside the Anomaly without being drawn back in piece by piece.
    • Superhuman Speed: Vision could move or run at super sonic speeds. He was able to chase White Vision at very fast speeds around Westview while they battled.
    • Superhuman Agility: Vision was able to dodge White Vision's laser blasts while moving in mid air.
    • Superhuman Stamina: As an synthezoid, Vision did not sleep nor eat, being highly capable of maintaining his activities continuously for unlimited periods of time.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Vision had a very good reaction time, being able to turn intangible right before White Vision's laser blasts hit him as well as turning intangible just before White Vision punched him.
    • Flight: Vision is capable of flying at very high speeds. He used this to battle White Vision as well as trying to fly up to Wanda Maximoff, who blocked him with her Chaos Magic.
      • Levitation: Vision could also lift off the ground without actually having to fly.
    • Body Manipulation: Vision is able to manipulate his body at will in order to give him an upper hand in the fight. This power is caused by both the Mind Stone and being a Synthezoid. He was able to completely rewrite his appearance to disguise himself as human when in the presence of others. Through the power of the recreated Mind Stone, Vision can willfully generate synthetic material. He uses this power to create clothing.
      • Intangibility:

        Vision phases through White Vision's fist

        Vision's control over his density, weight and mass give him the ability to phase through solid objects. As he does so, an aura of greenish-yellow light envelopes the part of his body that is phased through matter. When phasing, Vision can increase his density again to interact with other objects, such as when he phased through Arthur Hart's neck and grabbed the food Hart had been choking on. With this ability, Vision has shown the ability to walk through doors and walls. During the Battle of Westview, Vision used this ability to fight against White Vision. He phased through White Vision's punch and then made himself tangible which trapped the punch in his wrist, allowing him to throw his counterpart.
    • Energy Blast: Vision is capable of drawing raw power from the Mind Stone to fire beams of intense cosmic energy from his forehead.
    • Computer Interaction:

      Vision restoring White Vision's memories

      Due to his empowerment by the Mind Stone, and being a literal piece of technology, Vision exerted control over technology, switching computers on and off with only a touch. He was also able to access the original Vision's databanks in order to eradicate S.W.O.R.D.'s programming and restore his memories.
    • Mental Manipulation: Vision was able to awaken the repressed personalities of those trapped under the influence of the Westview Anomaly, as well as place them back in a controlled state, through touch. He touched Norm's temple which allowed him to free Norm of Wanda Maximoff's spell before realizing he was in pain and reverted it back.


"You are familiar with the thought experiment the Ship of Theseus in the field of identity metaphysics?"
―Vision and White Vision[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Being an artificial intelligence, Vision learns very quickly and can download data directly to his mind. As an employee of Computational Services Inc., productivity went up 300% in making computational forms since he joined the company. He outsmarted his original self's prime directive to kill him by utilizing identity metaphysics to confound him.
  • Expert Combatant:

    Vision fighting against White Vision

    During the Battle of Westview, Vision managed to fight on par with White Vision. He appears to use the same techniques as his original self, as he used a chokehold on White Vision like his deceased form used on Hawkeye.


  • Vision Residence: In his time on the WandaVision programme, Vision, his wife Wanda, and his children Billy and Tommy lived in this house. As a result of Wanda Maximoff rewriting reality, the house would often change appearances, taking on attributes of Maximoff's favourite sitcoms.
  • Computational Services Inc. Headquarters: Vision worked at the Westview based company throughout the time he lived there. Because of his capabilities as a synthezoid, he increased productivity by 300%. Like the rest of the employees, Vision hosted a dinner for his boss at his house, though disastrous, considered Vision for a promotion by the end of it.[2] Some time later, the office was equipped with computers, allowing Vision to intercept a report from an unknown party, furthering his suspicions regarding the town.[5]






  • Vision's stage name "Illusion" in Don't Touch That Dial is a reference to Ilya Zarkov, a Leonia resident with superpowers that he hides under the guise of being the stage magician "Illusion", alongside his wife Glynis.
  • In All-New Halloween Spooktacular!, Vision wears a costume with colors similar to his comics attire, but with boxer shorts and sneakers instead of trunks and boots.

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