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"Castle's a terrorist. You believe that?"
"I think that if you beat a dog long enough, it goes crazy. Doesn't matter how good it was before. After that happens, the dog that you knew is never coming back."
Dinah Madani and Billy Russo[src]

Virtue of the Vicious is the tenth episode of the first season of the television series The Punisher.


An attack on a high-profile politician is examined (and re-examined) through different perspectives. Madani faces a painful truth.


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Wilson shooting Lange through the door

Lewis Wilson knocks on Isaac Lange's door, and when he looks out the peephole, Lewis shoots him through it. Taking Isaac's uniform, he tries to set his birds free but they refuse to move.

Detective Brett Mahoney interviews Billy Russo, Senator Stan Ori, Karen Page, and Dinah Madani about the events at the Royal Hospitality several hours earlier. Lewis had used the Anvil employee's credentials to gain access to the building and attack Senator Ori while he was being interviewed by Karen.

Karen Page arriving for her interview with Senator Ori

Six Hours Earlier: Frank calls Billy to inform him that Lewis is targeting Senator Ori, who Billy is currently providing protection for. He asks Billy to evacuate the senator and leave Lewis for him to deal with. Karen arrives for her interview with Senator Ori.

As they start the interview, Lewis breaches the hotel security, eliminating Anvil security as he proceeds to the Senator's hotel suite. He disables the elevator then blows through the suite doors with explosives.

Senator Ori and Karen Page have differing recollections of the attack. Ori believes that Lewis and Frank Castle were working together, and he heroically picked up a gun to return fire and then went for help. Karen was adamant that Lewis worked alone and Frank was there to protect her. She also says that Ori pushed Karen into Lewis' arms to escape. Lewis then takes Karen hostage to escape while wearing a bomb vest, heading to the elevator he prepared earlier. When Lewis is clear of the floor, the surviving Anvil guards target Frank.

Russo contacting Anvil security after hotel alarms go off

Prior to the incident, Dinah talked to Rafael Hernandez and revealed that the office was bugged. She explained the entire sequence of events surrounding the decoy tactical plan and Sam Stein's death. Hernandez gives her the files on the dead mercenaries and she finds out that they were all affiliated with Anvil. Heading to the hotel, she confronts Billy. Billy is defensive, which raises Dinah's suspicions. The hotel alarms go off as Lewis begins his attack; Billy heads to the senator's floor while Dinah goes to the stairwell.

Billy Russo takes careful aim at Frank Castle

In the stairwell, Dinah and Frank have a standoff while he tries to go after Karen. Billy arrives and shoots at Frank; Dinah shifts her attention to Billy and comes to the realization that Billy led the mercenaries and killed Sam. The New York City Police Department arrive and restrain Billy and Dinah. Frank fights back and uses a fire hose reel to escape.

Lewis and Karen enter the basement kitchen, followed by Frank. Frank tries to talk him down, and uses the story about how he helped Curtis as a signal to Karen to grab the white wire on Lewis' deadman's switch. She yanks the wire out to disarm the bomb, then uses the gun in her bag to shoot him in the foot. Frank then locks him in a storage room. Lewis rewires the bomb and blows himself up.

To allow Frank to escape, Karen willing lets herself be used as a human shield to get him to an elevator. Inside, Frank uses the emergency hatch to escape into the shaft, reaching the roof to escape via a zip-line.


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  • The title of the episode is a reference to Oscar Wilde's quote: "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.".


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