"You've shown me everyone is replaceable. And that woman, she'll have to replace you."
―Viro to Leo Fitz[src]

Viro was the owner of a spaceship which transported a Xandarian Snails farm on different planets. He was killed when Leo Fitz and Enoch tricked him in opening the wrong airlock of his ship in order to save Viro's engineering crew.


Recruiting Leo Fitz

"When you crewed up on Sivos, you told me this was your first home."
―Viro to Leo Fitz[src]
On the planet Sivos, Viro recruited Leo Fitz, who was actually looking for a place to hide after his spaceship was attacked and pretended to be Sivian. However, once the Lazy Comet was in space and headed towards Naro-Atzia, Viro discovered that Fitz was actually a Human. Viro had Fitz and Enoch, who Fitz had hidden on the ship, captured by his men and threatened to have them killed.

Viro, who figured out that they were running away from another enemy, let Fitz and Enoch a second chance when Fitz told him that he was the only one who could repair the persistent damage his spacecraft had sustained. Later, however, Viro told Fitz that since he was extremely efficient, he would only keep Fitz and Enoch working for him for free while he would get rid of his other engineers to spare their wages.[2]


"Viro could not be reasoned with. You were right in preparing for the most violent outcome."
Enoch to Leo Fitz[src]
Viro rounded his crew and forced them to go into the airlock Leo Fitz had just repaired, intending to drop them into space. On the way, they were confronted by Fitz, armed with a heavy wrench, but Viro mocked his attempt to stop him, judging that Fitz would not be able to put up a good fight. Viro was left unimpressed when Fitz decided to join the other engineers in the airlock in an attempt to have him spare all of them since he was valuable to him. Nevertheless, Viro stated that no one was irreplaceable.

Shutting down the airlock, Viro commented on how the woman Fitz was eager to find would have to replace him as well. He then activated the airlock's opening to kill all those who were locked inside. However, it turned out that Fitz had already considered this undesired outcome and had actually switched the commands, causing Viro to accidentally open another airlock on Viro's side. As a result, Viro and his guards were sucked into space and died.[2]


"We'll work for free!"
"Finally, a persuasive argument."
Leo Fitz and Viro[src]
Viro was a cruel and greedy individual who cared about nothing but his own interest and personal gain. Upon figuring out that he could spare a lot of money by making Leo Fitz and Enoch work for him as slaves as they were more efficient than the rest of the crew he paid, he was ready to have all his engineers killed instead of waiting to be able to fire them. He showed little concern about the people he could lose, stating that no one was irreplaceable in the end.




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