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"The Rawlinses are practically royalty. They're the power behind the throne. They're old, old Virginia money. Plantations, shipping and industry, arms."

Virginia is a state located on the northeastern region of the United States of America.



Roger Dooley requested a cryptographer from Arlington Hall in order to decrypt an encoded message that was received through Sasha Demidov's Remote Typewriter. The cryptographer was unable to decipher the message, and wanted to return to Arlington Hall with the message, but Peggy Carter managed to easily decipher it upon realizing that the original message had been written in Russian.[1]

Birth of Jasper Sitwell

Norfolk is the birthplace of Jasper Sitwell, who went on to become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and a HYDRA operative.

Sitwell's files reflected his birthplace, such as the file used by Brock Rumlow to highlight that Sitwell was the only field officer aboard the Lemurian Star during the hijacking of the ship made by Georges Batroc.[2]

Gamma Incident

Scientists Bruce Banner and Betty Ross from Culver University were recruited by the United States Armed Forces to develop a top-secret research project called the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project.

The project, initially thought to be researching radiation resistance, had the purpose of duplicating the results of the Project Rebirth developed during World War II, triggering the whole process with the use of Gamma Radiation. General Thaddeus Ross, father of Betty Ross, was the military overseer of the whole project.

Bruce Banner experiment.jpg

Banner, being confident that their research was worthy enough to take the risk, decided to test a combination of their replica of the Super Soldier Serum and high doses of Gamma Radiation. However, the amount of radiation caused instead a violent non-permanent transformation into a giant, green-skinned, muscle-bound humanoid who went to become known as Hulk, a transformation that would be triggered by anger and emotional stress. Hulk, driven by fits of extreme rage, destroyed the laboratory and injured both Thaddeus and Betty Ross.[3]

General Ross, with a broken arm as a result of Banner's first transformation, met Banner again at the local hospital three days after the accident, offering him to take him to a military laboratory in Maryland while trying to visit Betty Ross. Banner, refusing Ross' conditions and blaming himself for all the people hurt during the incident, runoff, evading the troops sent by General Ross in order to chase him.[4]

Banner become a fugitive of the United States Armed Forces and left the town and her lover, Betty Ross, behind.[3]

Battle of Gulmira

Members of the CIA stationed at their Headquarters in Langley made a call to the United States Air Force command center at Edwards Air Force Base to check the identity of the responsible for the attack against the Ten Rings in Gulmira, before the Air Force took command of the situation and sent two F-22 Raptors with orders to take out the target, without knowing its identity as Tony Stark.[5]

Downing of the Aerodynamic Marvel

General Turner, one of the officers in charge of assigning missions to Tony Stark during his earliest days as Iron Man, called Stark to ask him to retrieve a piece of surveillance technology in Congo.

In reality, Turner lied about the incident, as the attack shot down a prototype vehicle designed by Justin Hammer, leaving its pilot alone in unfriendly territory.

Turner's real objective was to make Stark kill the Congolese Army members in the area without blaming the United States Armed Forces, masquerading as an act of self-defense during the mission.

However, Stark was able to see past his lies and rescued the pilot without bloodshed, infuriating Turner and the Joint Chiefs.[6]

Hunt for The Hulk

Pentagon, Arlington

General Thaddeus Ross coordinated the hunt of Bruce Banner from his office at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The banner was able to elude capture for some years, even although the United States Armed Forces located some of the safe houses used by Banner.

Ross monitored the efforts from the Pentagon, establishing an investigation report with files about his sightings, different pieces of evidence found, and continues control of Banner's known accomplices, particularly, Betty Ross and Leonard Samson, and trying to figure Banner's intentions.

Major Kathleen Sparr informed General Ross of a severe case of Gamma poisoning by a man in Milwaukee, who suffered it after drinking from a bottle that got impregnated with Banner's blood while he suffered a cut in the bottling factory he was working on Brazil. Ross quickly deduced that Banner was hiding at the location of the bottling factory, and he should be the only Caucasian working there. Both Ross and Sparr left the Pentagon in order to assemble a military unit to capture Banner.

Ross and Blonsky reunited in the Pentagon after the unsuccessful capture of Banner, with Blonsky reaffirming his compromise to the mission, advising Ross to choose men ready to fight Hulk without fear.

General Ross decided to disclose Blonsky the exact nature of Banner's work, an attempt to recreate the results of Project Rebirth in order to create "super-soldiers", and that Banner was unaware of Ross motivations to finance the project, as he thought he was investigating to improve radiation resistance. Ross offered Blonsky a chance to undergo an experimental procedure, administrating a dose of the Super Soldier Serum to improve his physical capabilities in order to battle Hulk next time he was located.[3]

Battle at Culver University

Culver University, Willowdale

Bruce Banner eventually returned to Willowdale years after his first transformation, to retrieve all data regarding the project in an attempt to cure himself of his conditions. Banner first tried to enter Culver University, but heavy security measures have been implemented since his departure, so he had to devise a new plan. While walking through the campus, he could not help approaching the Biological Sciences Building, and check on Betty Ross, watching her without being sighted, and realizing she started a new relationship with Leonard Samson.

Banner sought refuge at a pizza restaurant owned by an old friend Stanley Lieber, who always knew that Banner was not the criminal General Thaddeus Ross made everyone believe. Banner disguised himself as a pizza delivery boy to infiltrate Culver University, tricking a Security Guard to gain access to his former laboratory, experiencing flashbacks of the incident. However, all data about the project had been erased, and contacted the man who was helping him through his research of a cure, codenamed "Mr. Blue," to inform him of the setback.

Betty Ross and Leonard Samson went to Lieber's pizza restaurant that same night to have dinner, and Banner, thinking Lieber was alone, almost entered the dining hall when he returned to the restaurant. Realizing that Betty saw him for an instant, Banner hid in the nearby alley, hoping that Betty believed it was her imagination. Lieber revealed the truth watching Betty emotionally overwhelmed, and she went after Banner, finding him under the rain, embracing him and begging him not to leave anymore.

Both returned to Betty's house when she revealed that she held a copy of the investigation, without knowing that her father, General Thaddeus Ross, wanted to analyze Banner's body and reproduce the experiment to transform it into a weapon. In order to protect Betty from danger, Banner decided to leave Willowdale the next day. However, Leonard Samson informed General Ross of Banner's presence, and a heavy operation was put together to capture Banner.

Banner realized that they were being observed, and tried to run from a large group of soldiers led by an enhanced Emil Blonsky and commanded by General Ross himself. Banner took advantage of his knowledge of the university and hid to swallow the USB containing the data about the project, in order to protect it if he was captured. Betty tried to convince his father to leave Banner alone, but as they were speaking, Banner was trapped inside an elevated hallway, where the soldiers tried to render him unconscious using gas grenades. Instead, the stress of the situation triggered his transformation into Hulk.[3] Under Nick Fury's request, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Natasha Romanoff was undercover in Culver University trying to keep an eye on Banner, and she arrived in time to witness Banner's transformation.[7]

The Hulk at Culver University

General Ross let his daughter witness Hulk to convince her of the importance of his capture, and a ferocious battle between Hulk and the United States Armed Forces began. Hulk was able to neutralize the heavily armed soldiers and vehicles, resisting their attacks without being harmed. Students Jack McGee and Jim Wilson arrived at the location and witnessed Hulk's rampage, recording what they could on a cellphone. Blonsky was ordered to act, approaching Hulk confident that his enhancements with a Super Soldier Serum would help him confront the green giant. Hulk used two pieces of debris to shield himself of the grenades shot by Blonsky.

Blonsky was able to evade the attacks and lured his opponent to a pair of Stark Sonic Cannons, that almost subdued him. Hulk was moved by Betty's pleas and overcame the sonic attacks. Blonsky approached Hulk again, taunting him despite Ross' direct orders, and Hulk defeated him with a single kick that crushed most of Blonsky's bones. A helicopter opened fire over Hulk while Betty was approaching him, and Hulk protected her from harm, throwing his remaining debris to bring down the helicopter, shielding her again from the ensuing explosion that rendered her unconscious.

Hulk escaped with her to the Smoky Mountain National Forest. Ross confiscated all the data and evidence he could find in his daughter's house and thanked Samson for informing him of Banner's presence. Samson showed remorse of his actions, as Banner only tried to protect Betty, even after his transformation, and noticed that Ross was lying when he affirmed that Betty's safety was his main concern.

The following day, Culver University filled with news reporters from different channels to report the incident, showing Jack McGee's footage in the news. Ross returned to the Pentagon and was briefed by Major Sparr about a change in Blonsky's condition, prompting him to check it himself: Blonsky healed himself miraculously. The effects of the Super Soldier Serum administered to Blonsky led Ross to organize a major manhunt of Banner and Betty Ross, enlisting the help of the FBI, local police departments and S.H.I.E.L.D., as now Banner was not fleeing, he was looking for help. Banner's last communication with Mr. Blue allowed to track his direction and identity to that of Samuel Sterns a professor from the department of cellular biology at Grayburn College in New York City, ordering a blockade of the access to New York.[3]

Bank Theft

Benjamin Pollack and his girlfriend Claire Weiss planned a series of thefts using a Chitauri Gun that fell from the sky inside their laboratory in New York City and that Pollack managed to repair. One of those thefts took place in the city of Richmond, Virginia, seven days after the Battle of New York, where they managed to steal the money and access the vault of the bank blasting the door with the weapon. As with the other thefts, Pollack and Weiss abandoned the town after the successful theft.[8]

Project Insight

Targets at the Pentagon

In 2014, the Pentagon in Arlington was one of the intended targets of Project Insight, as many of the members of the Pentagon were deemed a threat for HYDRA's plans. The Insight satellites marked numerous individuals as candidates in the Pentagon. Fortunately, the Pentagon was not shot as Hydra was stopped in time.[2]

Recruitment of Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter in Langley

In 2014, Sharon Carter, one of the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, joined the CIA after the dissolution of the agency. Carter was first stationed at Langley, where she trained to be one of the CIA's field operatives.[2]

Classified Files


Isabelle Hartley, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent recruited as a mercenary by recently appointed S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson, established a meeting with fellow former agent Roger Browning, in order to buy a Clearance Level Ten file on the original 0-8-4, the Obelisk, one of the items contained in the storage facility where Browning was assigned, the file about the Obelisk.

Hartley went to the reunion with fellow mercenaries Lance Hunter and Idaho, while Coulson also sent agents Melinda May, Skye, and Antoine Triplett to overview the exchange. Skye surveyed the operation, receiving orders from May not to engage until the deal was finished and the package with the item was visible.

Browning showed Hartley both the file, displaying an image of the original box where the Strategic Scientific Reserve contained the item and his former S.H.I.E.L.D. badge to authenticate the information. Hartley noticed that Browning seemed indifferent to their identity, but Browning said that the only thing he was concerned was that they were the highest bidders, so their motivations did not concern him anymore.

May and Triplett checked that Browning was only selling intel, not the actual item, so when Idaho presented the briefcase with the money Browning expected as a payment, Hunter asked why should they be paying so much for just an image of a box he did not even have. Browning revealed that the United States Government obtained the item and stored it in a facility with thousands of other S.H.I.E.L.D. items and equipment.

Browning revealed the importance of the items, as the facility where he worked had thousands of boxes looking exactly like the one he was selling, but that was the only one with a Clearance Level Ten file dedicated to it, so knowing Hartley's reputation, he knew they would be able to retrieve the item. Browning was not comfortable with changing the terms of the deal, but Hartley noticed that it was Browning who changed the terms, as they had agreed to bring just two guards, and there was another man approaching them.

That man turned out to be Carl Creel, a gifted individual sent by HYDRA in order to obtain the file that Browning was trying to sell. Creel quickly disabled Browning's guards and killed Browning by breaking his neck. Hartley, Hunter and Idaho quickly shooted at Creel, but he was able to punch Hunter, retrieve the file and jump through a twenty-five feet high window to escape.

As Hartley stood up from the place she took cover, one of Browning's guards was about to kill her, but Skye, appearing behind the guard, quickly disabled him with an I.C.E.R. Hartley was surprised to see May and her team, while Triplett ran to check the window that Creel used to escape.

Hartley asked why May and the others were shadowing her and her team, as it was supposed to be an undercover operation, though Skye said they were just their backup. Hartley contacted Coulson at the Playground to inform him about the outcome of the mission and ask for orders. Coulson simply ordered them to go dark, so the agents and mercenaries left the city and returned to the Playground.[9]

Government Storage Warehouse

Establishment of the Storage Warehouse

The United States Armed Forces established a special Storage Warehouse custodied by a Joint Task Force under Glenn Talbot's command. The Armed Forces seized thousands of assets and equipment from S.H.I.E.L.D. when HYDRA revealed its continued existence within the agency's ranks and stored them in the warehouse.[9]

Public Announcement

Glenn Talbot announced the dismantlement of S.H.I.E.L.D. during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, even assuring that both S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA had been defeated, and all personnel and weaponry belonging to them had been contained in the same storage facility with S.H.I.E.L.D. technology.

HYDRA used this information to guess the location of the Obelisk, and sent Carl Creel to attack Talbot in order to learn about its location.[9]

Capture of Carl Creel

Carl Creel imprisoned

Carl Creel was arrested and transferred to the Storage Warehouse following his attack against General Glenn Talbot, intending to force him the reveal the location of the Obelisk. However, as S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to intercept a message for Creel detailing the mission, Creel was captured by the United States Armed Forces and taken into military custody to the storage warehouse, the same facility he wanted to infiltrate.

Creel quickly absorbed the properties of the reinforced glass that formed the walls of his cell, becoming both durable and transparent. While chatting about General Glenn Talbot's vanishing following Creel's attack, the privates tasked with guarding Creel's cell realized he had escaped, as the cell looked empty. The two of them opened the cell with Creel still inside, who quickly attacked them in order to escape.[9]

Infiltration into the Government Storage Warehouse

Melinda May, Skye, Antoine Triplett, Isabelle Hartley, Lance Hunter, and Idaho arrived at the gates of the Government Storage Warehouse tasked with two different missions, retrieve the Obelisk and obtain a Quinjet.

The group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived disguised as the escort of General Jones, the identity Triplett assumed in order to pass the security at the gates. Private Tilden, the soldier tasked with checking the visitors from the register, denied their entrance as the register did not show Jones' arrival.

In order to buy time so Skye could hack the register using Talbot's access code, Phil Coulson called Tilden mimicking Talbot's voice in order to use Talbot's authority to order the private to let the party enter the facility. Tilden apologized and tried to excuse himself saying that they were not in the register.

Skye managed to hack the register, introducing Triplett's image as General Jones, granting them access to the compound, so Tilden informed Coulson, still thinking he was Talbot, that the situation had been solved, and he let the agents enter the facility.

Government Warehouse.png

The six agents entered the main warehouse and while Idaho stayed behind in their vehicle in case they had to quickly escape, the other five agents split to locate the Obelisk. Hartley realized that Roger Browning's words of it being a needle in a haystack were not an exaggeration, as there were hundreds of boxes similar to the one that contained the Obelisk.

Carl Creel was also inside the warehouse, disguising himself as concrete, in order to retrieve the Obelisk. Hartley was able to locate the box labeled with the 0-8-4 code and informed to the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents through of the discovery.

Obelisk 1.png

However, just as she opened the box, Hartley was ambushed by Creel, and though she managed to evade his attack, her retaliation did not harm Creel's concrete skin. Hartley grabbed the Obelisk, trying to use it as a weapon against Creel, but the Obelisk affected her and her hand started to petrify.

Creel, seeing the reaction it caused on Hartley, hesitated about taking the Obelisk, and was forced to escape as Hunter arrived to help Hartley. May and Skye also arrived at Hartley's location, who informed with fear that she couldn't let the object go. At the same moment, an alarm started to blare inside the warehouse.

Skye witnessed the same symbols Coulson ordered her to investigate, therefore connecting the Obelisk to the extraterrestrial corpse that served as a source of the drug used to heal John Garrett, that triggered his need for carving the symbols.

Hartley warned Hunter not to touch the Obelisk and stay away from them, who quickly asked for help to get Hartley up and escape, as he thought they already had what they came for. However, May informed him they did not have everything they came for. Skye called Coulson for orders, informing him that Hartley obtained the item but it was attacking her and she needed medical attention, but their orders were not to abort the mission and proceed as planned.

Hartley wanted to fulfill their orders despite her condition, but Hunter disobeyed and took her to the gate of the warehouse, telling Skye they could stay and die if they wanted, but he was going to make sure that Hartley did not die. Hunter and Hartley entered the vehicle where Idaho had been waiting, and they quickly escaped from the facility to get Hartley medical attention.

Soldiers quickly arrived and opened heavy gunfire against the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who retaliated using I.C.E.R.s to incapacitate the soldiers without killing them, and covering their escape with a smoke grenade.

Quinjet Cloaking - Shadows.png

May, Skye and Triplett exited the warehouse to the area where S.H.I.E.L.D.'s confiscated vehicles were stored, including S.H.I.E.L.D. SUVs, S.H.I.E.L.D. Jump Jets, S.H.I.E.L.D. Motorcycles and even Quinjets. While May escaped in one of the motorcycles to catch Hartley and make sure the Obelisk did not end in the wrong hands, Skye and Triplett took possession of a Quinjet, as Coulson ordered them to retrieve one in order to obtain a cloaked aircraft and reverse engineer its technology for the Bus.

While escaping from the Government Storage Warehouse, Hartley asked Hunter to cut her arm, as she knew that she would not survive until they got to a hospital if the Obelisk was still attached to her body, calming Hunter as she would get a robotic arm to replace her lost one.

Hartley begged Hunter to cut the arm, as she did not want to die, though their vehicle was ambushed once again by Creel, who absorbed the properties of the pavement and caused an accident that killed Idaho and Hartley. Creel approached the vehicle, with Hunter, the only survivor, pretending he was dead too to avoid Creel's attack.

Creel absorbed the properties of the rubber from the vehicle's wheels and took the Obelisk from Hartley's amputated arm, escaping from the area on foot.[9]

Chase of Carl Creel

Lance Hunter tried to exit the vehicle he was traveling on following an accident caused by Carl Creel that killed Isabelle Hartley and Idaho.

Hunter, hearing a motorcycle approaching, took his weapon to defend himself, but its driver turned out to be Melinda May, who approached the vehicle to check the status of the agents inside. Hunter informed her that Creel caused the accident and escaped on foot, and that both Hartley and Idaho died.

May tried to help Hunter escape, but the door was jammed and his leg was trapped, as they heard soldiers from the Government Storage Warehouse approaching, Hunter prompted May to pursue Creel and retrieve the Obelisk to avenge his friends. May handed Hunter a Mouse Hole to open the door of the vehicle, and went to pursue Creel after wishing Hunter good luck.

Hunter started to cut the pieces of the vehicle that trapped his leg and then cut the door to escape. However, as he exited the vehicle, a full squad of soldiers arrested Hunter.

May informed Phil Coulson at the Playground about the outcome of the mission, who wondered Hunter's reasons to escape. May acknowledged that Hunter was only trying to save Hartley, but she ended up dying. Coulson regretted that two agents ended up dying and another was captured during their mission, something that should never have happened.


Coulson informed May that 911 received notice of a stolen vehicle in ahead of her position, with Creel being the most likely thief. Coulson ordered her not to engage if she found Creel, as she was in a civilian area without backup.

May found Creel in a stolen pickup and approached him from behind. She tried to convince Coulson she could shot and kill Creel without being noticed, but he had to insist and assert his authority as Director to make May not to kill him, as Coulson wanted to know who were Creel's superiors.[10]


Director of Covert Operations for the CIA William Rawlins gave a speech to the newest recruits of the organization in the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Rawlins telling the recruits that their job within the CIA was to identify and contain any dangers coming to the United States of America, promising that life would not be easy. Rawlins then introduced himself and welcomed all of the recruits into the CIA.

William Rawlins speaking with the CIA recruits

For long service to the CIA, Rawlins was presented with a medal, given to him by Deputy Director Marion James. James commended him for outstanding service in the field while sustaining a serious personal injury. However, James reminded Rawlins that he did not get to keep the medal due to the secrecy of their organization but he could have their admiration as she complimented him on taking out several high-value targets.

Later, Rawlins visited James inside her office where he noted that he had heard a rumor that she would soon be leaving her current position to become Director of the CIA, as the previous director was now heading for a career in the United States Congress. Rawlins noted it was about time she had the job offer before James invited Rawlins to come on board as her new Deputy Director when she took the job, noting that she needed a man who could get things done and make the hard decisions.

Fearing that Homeland Security would uncover his involvement in Operation Cerberus and ruin his chances for the position of deputy director, Rawlins took it upon himself to assassinate all the remaining members of Cerberus Squad. As he watched the mission unfold on his computer screen from his office, Rawlins sent a small unit of Anvil soldiers to ambush and assassinate Gunner Henderson in Kentucky.[11]

Framework Network

With the knowledge of the Darkhold, Holden Radcliffe and Aida began perfecting the Framework. Upon completion, the code had become so powerful that it had to be processed on devices from all around the world. Part of the data was transmitted on a military base in Norfolk, Virginia.[12]

FBI Unit in Quantico

In 2023, three weeks following the Blip, the FBI unit stationed in Quantico came to help Agent Jimmy Woo deal with the aftermath of the Westview Anomaly in Westview, New Jersey.[13]

Flag Smashers’ Campaign

In 2024, John Walker and Lemar Hoskins were tasked by the Global Repatriation Council with hunting down the Flag Smashers, so they requested the CIA for assistance. However, when Hoskins contacted the CIA at their Langley headquarters and asked them for intel about the Flag Smashers' whereabouts, he did not get any useful information.[14]

Alternate Universe

Assassination of Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner dies outside Culver University

In an alternate universe, Natasha Romanoff went to Culver University to speak with Betty Ross. Romanoff asked Ross to help her find out what killed Tony Stark. While inside Ross' lab, Romanoff sensed Bruce Banner's presence and told him she was there to protect him from the mystery assassin. While they were on the bridge heading out of the campus, Thaddeus Ross and his men arrived. Romanoff told them who she was and told them they weren't a threat and called Nick Fury to update him. Shortly after, Hank Pym flew into Banner's veins and placed a Pym Particle Disk inside Banner's heart to enlarge it. Banner, thinking Ross's men shot him, turned into the Hulk and went on a rampage, forcing Romanoff to jump off the bridge. Romanoff found Betty and told her not to intervene, just as Banner became enlarged and burst in a cloud of green smoke, much to everyone's shock and confusion.[15]

Murder of Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff is attacked in Manassas

That night, Romanoff travelled to Manassas and went to the Manassas Public Library to investigate more about the assassin. She discovered that a woman who had died two years prior had accessed her files and found out that the woman was named Hope. After hearing a buzzing sound behind her, Romanoff got up to defend herself, only to be attacked by a shrunken Pym. As she struggled in the fight, she called Fury and left a voicemail telling him that it was all about Hope, before getting beaten to death by Pym.[15]


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