Vincent was one of the members who worked at the Momentum Labs. He was killed by Ghost Rider.


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Momentum Labs conceived the idea of constructing a Quantum Particle Generator, a machine that was designed to generate matter from practically nothing. The machine was successfully completed, but a freak explosion caused by the Darkhold's magics obliterated the lab. Vincent and three of his colleagues, Hugo, Frederick, and Lucy Bauer were caught in the blast, and the magical fallout transformed them into grotesque, spiritual entities.[1] They were subsequently placed within cubicle containment devices and placed in storage for several years.[2]


Lucy eventually found and freed her colleague. The group began to argue amongst each other, saying that Bauer should not have used the Darkhold. Vincent tries to argue, but he cannot speak intelligibly no matter how loudly he yells.Bauer said that the book could help and fix them, and that after doing that, they would kill 'him' and anyone who got in their way. The group (excluding Frederick) left Momentum Labs to begin their search for the Darkhold.[2]

Finding Eli Morrow

Vincent's death

While looking for Eli Morrow, Vincent and Hugo encountered Mack and Robbie. Robbie wrapped a chain around Vincent, imbued with hellfire and incinerated him.[3]


Vincent was transformed into a ghost-like being by Eli Morrow, granting him supernatural powers.

  • Infection: With a single touch or whisper, Vincent had the ability to infect a person's mind, inducing nightmarish hallucinations that would gradually drive the victim to paranoia and homicidal rage. Eventually, the resulting constant state of fight or flight would cause cardiac arrest, killing the victim.
  • Intangibility: Vincent was known to have the power to phase through walls unimpeded.
  • Invisibility: Vincent could render himself invisible and occasionally uses his ability to surprise and scare any of his targets.





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